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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cause I'm no superman

Hasil carian imej untuk weheartit strong


In my 21st post, I wrote down how super tired i'm.
After that, I had night fever.
And days dizziness.
Plus on off nausea.
But i still work, because i think i strong enough.
It's continued by diarrhea for three days.
Thank you January.
Such an awesome memories.

"And when I'm ill, it is (God) who cures me. Surah Ash-shu'aara ayat 26:80" 

On next day of CNY, I'm oncall.
My diarrhea still on.
So that morning... I go to A&E. Seen a doctor and took some blood test.
In waiting for blood results, I go back to my department and did a lap. case.
I tried to push myself, even have to sat doing cases. 
Sorry guys.

After finished, quickly walked down to A&E and discuss about my results.
The doc said have some viral, but he will treat me as AGE case.
He want to give me MC... i said I'm oncall. No one will cover me.
Only can huhahuha together
So, he said, anything bad, direct come to A&E.
I promise him.

Took my meds at pharmacy and when I come back to my department.
Assist for Caesar case.
After that barulah i can ate a plain bread, and telan my meds.
And also little nap.
Because bit dizziness.

Pray today I'm more better.
But still on meds.
Need to be careful with what i took. No oil, milk and any such bon appetite foods.
Drunk lots of water...
Not over work, luckily tomorrow off.
Can i get enough rest.

Thanks who cares and understand me.
Sepanjang most of my on off illness.
Put candy in time needed for keep the dizziness away.
Make me super bitter tea. Even i felt nausea when i took it.
And, those who pray for me.
Thanks again.

And sorry if makes you all felt i something yang menyusahkan.

Because some my friends said, why I helping others when i can't help myself?
I cover someone else work, double my job.
Susahkan diri.
I just can smile.
I know, maybe it's a wrong move to them.
But, I know why Allah choose me this way in this situation.
I only want to help, plan the best but,
He's the great planner.

It's nothing to me. Not a big problem. In his big world.
Not because how good i'm. It's just how good i want to be.
How good i want my mind to train and think in a positive ways.

A week will in precaution as i can.
Hope everything run smoothly.
= )

Monday, January 30, 2017

It's hard to trust a man, doc.


Masih teringat lagi, masa tu my doctor tumpangkan naik kereta sama on the way after kerja.
Follow by another doctor.
And i'm sat at the back just be a good passenger.
Lots of topic we discuss.
About no makes sense of hospital charges, related to decrease of cases, and new technology in medical too.
Rasa matured ya amat bila cakap pasal itu semua.
Layan je la.

And one moment, they asked me about my personal part.
Jodoh things.
Time tu actually rasa macam nak bukak tingkap.
And terjun ke luar.
I don't care if we are still on the busy road.

"Why not you find your own abang, adibah?"

After few deep breaths, i replied.
It's hard to trust a man, doc.
Pretty hard.

And they both nods and silence for few minutes.

Not said i traumatized dengan semua lelaki.
I grew with three weird brothers and a good father.
My relationship with them are good.
Because i trust mereka in my life.
Siblings goal.

But now, if you dare me to put a trust, a perfect trust to a man yang akan pegang title my husband.
It's a pretty high risk.
Tak kiralah dia kelak included as my annoying friends list or new strangers.
Trust is impossibly be easy.
Am i right?

But my doc said, why not i open my heart and give myself an opportunities.
Kenal hati budi among them, and choose the best.
I not replied back.

Because my doc don't understand me.
Like i said before, It's hard to trust a man.
If you said about peluang.
I can give all the man a thousand even billions of peluang to makes my life better and happy.
But at the end, when we wants to take a next steps.
I will questioning myself, can i put a trust to him likes i trust my four favorite person in this world?
Which i donno i even can trust myself too in this things
It's not gonna be easy as 1, 2, 3 duh.

Then i know.
The real solution to my problem is to find a man i can trust on.
That's it.
Trust i give for routinely small matter or in my big decision.

That i want when he received it, he appreciate it.
Likes a pure innocent magically touch in everything.
Because i don't forever live in fairy tale land.
I want us to be real.

And about balasan balik, i don't really need his own trust for me.
Just my trust for him is a good enough.
It's just my psycho dynamic things.
If dia nak fair square with me in this situation. It's great!
Two is better than one.

Alright, see you in the next trust?
= )

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Lelaki bertatu


Don't worry guys.
My choice is not this guy. The tattoo things.
Mau kena kejar dengan parang kang by my ayah if pilihannya dia.
How come my daughter in law is so brutal!
Hahaha, can't imagine.

Dia adalah chef. Our first met masa kami buat charity project.
Time tu, memang tak perasan ada makanan free by some group yang join situ.
Sebab syiok sangat ajar budak-budak nih membaca. Plus, semangat diorang nak belajar and terus belajar.
Khusyuk gila ar. Lagi triple excitement nak ajar mereka.

So, when a lunch time tiba... budak-budak nih ajak makan sama.
I actually sangat lapar but still can boleh tahan.
Even my breakfast only biscuit.
Sebab nanti balik rumah ingat akan singgah kedai ke apa.
Rezeki diorang, malas nak cuit sama.

Then, my partner ajak makan sama.
And she took it behalf on me. So makan jela. 

Nasi lemak full package with a fried chicken.

And time tengah makan sambil layan budak-budak ni.
Rasa macam lain jer, and when I follow my instinct.
Rupanya someone took my picture!
Got you bro.
Main kasar nampak.
And faster, dia turn around and take pictures budak lain. Like whatttt....

After few kegagalan yang seterusnya, sebab bila dia macam nak take picture, I give a death glare.
Dia pon fed up.
Hahhaha... good boy.

Then when i clean up some plate, dia pon tolong kemas apa yang patut juga.
And we bump to each other.
Ingat cute?

Tak menjadikan suasana lebih awkward, I kept my cool face.
Tanya soalan simple.
And then, time nilah I realize he got a big black tattoo at his neck area. Some dragon art I think.
Tak berani nak telek lama sangat.
Kang nanti show no respect.
Even sebenarnya respect tuh dah melayang-layang bawak angin.
Rasa mau bagi ceramah jer adalah.
Boleh tak agak-agaknya.

Next, i said thanks and continued my mengajar part. Sebab budak-budak nih lagi bertambah terujanya.
Hello.. did those nasi lemak have lots of sugar added?
Layan je la.

When tengah mendengar diorang membaca, my eyes captured him tengah berkemas.
Masa tu, i just replied with my straight smile.
Siapa kata tak ikhlas.

I hope i won't meet him again. Better.
Just missed his very delicious nasi lemak, but i'm ok.

Cer la jodoh tu, Allah bagi lelaki yang jenis lembut sikit. Tak ada tattoo semua of course.
Baru sedap mata memandang.
And bertambah senang nak buli.
And if gini, dia nak snap picture dalam diam or ajak selfie sama ke. Count me in.
Semua cute mimic faces i can given FOC.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Birthday mereka yang gila


Yesterday, before balik... my department planned untuk celebrates birthday tiga orang sekaligus.
Paket kecil tepung semua dah ready in hand masing-masing.
I not take it and brave enough to do it to another person.
Because I don't want them to do it to me. 
I will kill each of you.
And campak kat tengah laut.

So, after few attempts gagal nak kenakan mereka.
My senior terpaksa guna ayat, urgent meeting before Chinese new year?

After few words, the birthday boys being surprised with a small slice of cake. And we sang a song together.
Nampak baik kan.
But the real "baik" is when the tepung party started.
I ran first!
My shirt and my tudung are so precious guys.

The best part is when the boys are so cool. Sempat ambil picture sama with all those tepung di muka.
Those a.k.a foundations make you all bertambah handsome bro.
And tak ada yang ambil hati with it.

But what i said next is not... what i like.
Rasa nak bunuh mereka semua.
There are attacking me!
I admit I'm the one yang panggil mereka for that faked meeting.
Tapi I'm not included in member team yang tabur tepung guys.
Setitik pon tak.
But why must me?

I tried to run fast and screaming likes kena kejar dengan tiga orang perogol bersiri.
Scary gila perasaan tu.
And until sampai kena roll on the floor lah untuk shield my face with my hand.
Not fair duh.
My blue black color tudung habis kena tepung. Bruhhhh...
Hate it.

If I knew they will attacked me, i joined the tabur tepung team.
Or kept those full of tepung pack in my pocket for acara balas membalas time you all attacks tuh.
Biar get the war begins.
Tengok siapa lagi teruk kena salut tepung.
Pastu siapa kalah, pecahkan telur sebijik atas kepala and someone please took a picture and posted in their own Facebook.

Anyway, happy birthday to tiga orang tuh.
Most closed male staff adalah mereka tu, sorang baru beberapa hari jadik bapak budak, sorang baru beberapa hari angkat akad, lagi sorang tu baru beberapa hari ni rajin datang kerja awai.
Hahahaa... Birthday mereka yang gila.
Sebab tu sama-sama January duh.

Quotes yang tak ada kena mengena. Tapi post jugak sebab tak tahu nak letak pictures apa.
Tak sanggup nak cemar duli my blog letak gambar mereka.
Bukan model pon gak, jauh sekali.

Obviously. They are like brothers to me.
We kutuk mengutuk, share makan-makan part, jokes around the corridor, and cover oncall pon sesama. Sebab sama level.
Even I'm the one yang selalu mengalah. 
Choi. Tak kisah pon. 
Understood situation orang berumah tangga nih. Sweet-sweet geli. 
Yang penting nanti, when i get married, korang jadik my bridesmaids!


Friday, January 27, 2017

Salah percaturan


Masa tu, I'm oncall.
So, masa tengahri after visited my friend kat ward... and lunch.
And terus get ready to prepare all those set for the next day cases.
My colleague yang post call datang lepak sama.
And dia bagitau how busy they are malam tu. Until 2:00 am baru tidur.

Then, we make a deal.
Tengok siapa paling busy....
Confident gila ah. Cakap yang kami tak akan ada kes langsung.
Keep cool kata orang tuh.

That day, we only have small eyes case. Itu pon petang.
So 'till night memang free.
After dinner, mandi and pukul 10:00 malam...semua dah tarik selimut.

Tengah sedap tidur, we got a call at 12:00 am, a neurosurgeon nak buat case.
Emergency! Craniotomy. Hematoma.
Like what....
Saka siapakah ini?

And the case finished at 4:00 am.
Siap-siap semua pukul 5:00 baru tidur balik.
Part paling best... 06:00 am, you have to wake up because 07:30 we all have a cesarean case.
My body cannot take it. I need my blanket again.

Besoknya, my colleague yang buat deal meet me.
How geram kat dia, until i chase him like crazy. I want to pukul him until puas.
How came dia punya mulut masin.
Kena gelak je la dengan dia.
Huh. Stress.
Tak mau sambung stress, gelak sama-sama la.
Stupido. Such a wrong bet duh.
Salah percaturan.

Anyway, tak marah or what, itu kan namanya life saving.
Ikhlas buat semua tu, rezeki Allah bagi kita tolong orang.
After this, me and him akan together oncall.
I hope we never make any bet to each other!
Tak nak bangun malam lagi dah.
Rela buat kes continuous sampai pagi daripada kena bangun tengah malam.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Am i sick?


This post typing under full of consciousness.
'Lil psychos.
Or too much of assuming.
Maybe twenty percent facts, duh.
For real of what happened to my body right now...

So scared.
Am I sick?
Am I really sick?
Or I just over reacting. Hope so.

Few days ago, I posted about how super tired I am.
That i just wanna be in my bed all day long and do nothing.
Not even to take a break and go to kitchen and get something to eat.
Not so hungry duh.
Not complaining.
What my goals are I just wanna lie down and rest my mind.

In between case also, I'm not in boost.
Sometimes one case makes me acted like i'm doing 24 hour services.
I don't excited like before.
I think i need a vacation. Maybe.

Another post, I also wrote about how easily i bruised.
And it's continue 'till today.
Sometimes when i woke up in the next morning and do my routine then I realize i have those blackish blue spot.
Bit pain but it considerable.
I no idea where i get it. 
Usually at my hand and my legs.
Did i bump into something so frequently?

Redness part, it's normal thing to me.
I can get everywhere, anytime, any moments. I'm ok duh.
Just when it's reach a limit, I cannot take it. Where the time comes,
When i have redness, i felt warm and hot uncontrollably, and pain increasing.
Then, i need those ice pack, and forced myself to sleep.
Because i know, it will spreading and make it more worsen.
Which i didn't like it.
At first i thought it's some allergic. But how come i can allergies too so many thing, right.

And now, I realized my gum seems actively bleeds.
When i brush my teeth, it's ok.
I think they will out when they like duh. Hailo.
It's bleed even when I'm doing cases.
Not comfortable actually, but I tried to pretend I'm ok.
If i have to spit it out, then i know my gums still bleeds and i need those gauze to apply pressure.

When I'm talking to someone too, it's show.. And they said, hey your gums are bleed.
Then i know.
Faster gurgled and apply pressure, then they ok.
I think my dental appointment is still on schedule.

About my intake. One time i have no appetite. 
I barely comfortable with some bread only in a full week.
Even when i get free foods, i just ate what i felt too and the rest, i give others.
Or i just give them all.
Or my lunch box also i give my colleague if i don't feel to eat.
If it's continue, i just make a decision to fasting.
I felt better this way.

Not missed, i have nauseous for no reason.
Is it because i ate nothing or i ate too much?
If i felt this way, I quickly get my candy. That's why i have big jar of candy on standby.
And tried to drink lots of water.
And i felt better.

The others part of me, i also had a short memory lost.
This one is forever me.
Like two days ago, i missed my phone at shop retail when i want bought some groceries.
Luckily, one of the client returned back to the cashier. Alhamdulillah.
And i will always not take back my id card with me obviously. 
Until the cleaner have to kept it on behalf.

The most forgetting issues are when i nearly missed my big amount of money for charity project.
Alhamdulillah again. Found it.
And i also can't remember lots thing like some people name, and where i park my motorcycle somehow. Creepy right.
That's why the main reason this blog created.
I want my memories lasted more longer.

For all this, i think i have to do a blood test.
Which i really want!
I want to know what's going on to my body. But sadly, i don't have time to do it this kind of things.
I know, if i cannot do it at my own hospital. I'm ok if to do it at any place.
I will pay. Ok.
But, when will i do it? I donno.
May Allah bless me. And you. 
= )

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Until i heard a word, sorry.


Beberapa hari lepas, I'm berperang with one of my colleagues.
And 'till now, we're still tak bertegur.
And i want to see how long it will lasted.
Really want to see.
And i will not up any white flag.
Not until he said, a word sorry!

If i bring up our case, I sure you all akan kata i'm at the right part.
Because he denial his duty and responsibility.
Which i heard itu bukanlah kali pertama dia pernah buat.
Such a nice role model yang dia nak tunjuk.
Even tough he's not admit apa yang dia buat, I'm still ok. Manusia.
And when he tried blame others atas apa yang terjadi.
Tarik kesalahan orang lain dalam kesalahan sendirik.
I surrender. 
I said, tak payah panjangkan cerita. I will found out everything in the system on behalf of him.
Full stop.

And as i'm the one in-charge. I want pass over about it in perfect figure.
So i will settle down everything that night.
Bersengkang mata tak apalah.
Janji balik on time sebab i have volunteered event in the next morning.
But, before i do anything, he balas balik. 
He will came and settle down sendrik.
I said, no need bukan big issues pon. Dia nak datang jugak. Up to him la kan.
Lagi Alhamdulillah.
Sebab tetiba, ada emergency case.

So, when i said... no sorry?
He said, No. Because I'm the one yang sepatutnya say sorry because i'm the one yang rude.
Which i think... his actually rudest than me.
Plus his all capital latter sign.
Ego detected, obviously.
But i calm myself, and said a word sorry.
Conversation ended with no sorry replied.
Disappointed, really.
Sangat kecewa pada apa yang berlaku antara kami.

When i talk about this situation to my on-call friends, is that my fault?
They said i'm in the right way.
Yeah, i knew it.
And when i said he will came later.
They all looks suprised. Sebab sebelum nih, dia tak pernah datang balik pada kesalahan dia yang lepas.
Then terfikir balik... kejam sanagt ke ayat conversation tadi?

But whatever it is, my pass over runs smooth.

For him, kami bukanlah kenal satu dua minggu.
And I still believe everyone have their own bright kindest side, he's too.
And for some reason he should learnt manners more.
I want he have a manner, please.
Someone should told him.
And when you know it's your fault, mengaku and said a word sorry.
Ikhlas ke tak belakang kira.
Itu antara kamu dan Allah.

Bila kita mahu orang lain respect kita for our manners.
Cermin diri.
Are we goods enough. And if not, tried to change.
Jangan ingat diri tu sentiasa betul.
Manusia penuh kesalahan.

I know we're work together, and as tak terserempak mana-mana, tipulah kan.
Or even one day in the same team.
But, it's look like we're avoided each other.
Sebab if dia still nak carik gaduh, Really memang akan melayang penumbuk se-.
Better this way.
Play safe.
Until i heard a word, sorry.

Which seems like sorry is the hardest things to him.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Berita daripada Allah


Sedang meluangkan masa melihat apa yang menarik di Facebook,
Pada setiap yang terpapar di skrin telefon.
Dan, tiba-tiba.
Terjumpa suatu ayat yang sangat menarik perhatian.
Juga untuk dikongsi bersama.

Perkara ini sudah lama dipaparkan. Dan sudah lama disimpan di telefon.
Ingin segera dikongsi, namun tiada kesempatan.
Namun, hari ini berpeluang untuk berkongsi.
Semoga bermanfaat.
Semoga mendapat syafaat bersama.

Surat khabar adalah daripada ayat manusia sendiri.
Ynag mana masih belajar bertatih mencedok ilmu Allah.
Manakala Quran itu adalah kalam Allah.
Yang mengetahui apa yang berlaku pada segalanya.
Sungguh kita terlepas pandang pada semua ini.

Bacalh Quran.
Teruskalah perjuangan!

Kajilah dengan mendalam pada isi Quran.
Dengan maksud tersirat disebaliknya.
Supaya nanti kita tidak rugi.
Tidak menyesal,
Apatah lagi bila ajal datang menyemput.
Bahawasanya kita telam khatam dengan jujurnya akan semuanya.

Berubahlah daripada mendengar omongan kosong manusia pada penuhnya kalam Allah.
Ambillah masa,
Allah tetap menunggu.
Jika kita datang merangkak pada Allah.
Allah menolong kita berdiri dan berlari ke JannahNya.
Yakinlah itu.

Semoga usaha ini di berkati dan dimuliakanNya.
= )

Monday, January 23, 2017

Bergedil degil


Resepi nih dapat from my mak cik masa time raya beberapa tahun lepas dan lepasnya.
Lama dah...
Since that, try buat kat family sendirik. And diorang sangat suka kannya.
Pastu memang rajin buat lah.
Sebab sedap and mudah.
And kenyang.

So, bahan utama adalah kentang. Kentang ni buang kulit dia and potong ikut suka or wedges ke apa. And gorengkan dia.
Goreng sampai dia separa masak.
Kentang ni gak, if korang ada lebihan french fries yang rasa malas nak makan lagi. Boleh gunakan jugak. 
Valid in my resepi.

Some bawang goreng. Bawang goreng buat sendirik or yang sedia ada. Boleh jer.
Tak cerewet. 

With some ayam or daging yang dicarik-carik isinya.
Nak combined dua-dua pon boleh.
Nak pick satu je pon ok.
Ni kuantiti, ikut si pembuat and si pemakan.

Dan some daun sup, daun bawang pon boleh.
Sikit jer.
Sebab tu kebanykan orang buat bergedil bila ada masak sup ke soto.
So diorang punya daun sup biasa kan ada lebih-lebih. Masuk la dalam ini resepi.
Masuk akal kan.

Garam and bit of lada hitam.
Then gaulkan semuanya bagi rapi dan bulatkanlah kecil-kecil ke besar-besar ikut kelyuasan mulut masing-masing.

And other mangkuk, prepare telur.
Yang dipukul halus.

Siap untuk digoreng.
Panaskan minyak.
And salut bulat-bulat bahan-bahan tadi dengan telur dan masukkan dalam pan.
Minyak disarankan letak sikit jer. Just nak bagi lapisan telur tukar kaler jer.
Dalam dah masak.
Sebab if banyak minyak, banyaklah minyak akan diserap nanti.
Tak healthy ok.

Selain goreng dia, boleh gak bakar in oven.
Just tabur sikit minyak and bakarlah.
Lima minit in 200 degree pon ok.
Sekejap je.
Nak tukar kaler dia je.

Then boleh hidang dan makan bersama-sama.
Selamat mencuba!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Volunteered 2017: Mari mengeja!

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor
Don't just teach your children to read, teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything.
(George Carlin)...
But my answer may isn't everything right duh. Rational zone.
At least mencuba kan.
Keep fighting kids! Even you all not my real kids.
Cannot wait tengok kamu semua boleh membaca dan teruskan membaca.
Nanti boleh share minat yang sama and treasure more adventurous books.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

I'm super tired


Bulan ini sememangnya membuatkan I'm super tired.
Exhausted semua.
This kind of things makes me so sleepy because all energy are being drain out.
And all want is my bed only. Nothing else. Not even a food.
Little nap is fine.

With some laziness, lama la tak updating my blog.
Sorry guys.
Banyak stories actually nak share, but nak open laptop pon tak larat.
Tak ada masa.
Maka the best part, tertinggal gitu je.
Sorry again.

I'm terikat dengan full house of oncall.
And today I'm oncall too!
Cover for my colleague.

Then, tomorrow after pass over, merempit terus ke tempat anak yatim untuk my first volunteered programs for 2017.
So late kan.

Not forget, yang masa Chinese New Year, I'm oncall two days. Sunday and monday.
Sunday tu jadik tukang cover for my colleague.
Maka cannot lah make it untuk join mereka go to Kelantan attends our colleague wedding.
So sad.
I tried to change my oncall, but my ketua said... team not strong enough.
So alang-alang tak boleh tukar.
Buat jelah dua oncall sekaligus!

Tak merungaut pon, 
Sebab itu semua rezeki.
Alhamdulillah la kan. Boleh save money banyak sikit for this month.

Even i'm busy with my work and dhunya things... i still sempat bangun pagi and pergi untuk Subuh berjemaah.
If sempat lagi, joining untuk Magrib and Isyak berjemmah jugak.
Ni part paling i likes.
Thanks Allah.

And i already transferred my money for my parents join my sister punya programme untuk ke Cameroon Highlands.
Hope diorang boleh enjoy and have fun there.
Nak bawak diorang tak sempat.
Ni jelah yang boleh tolong.

Mereka akan bertolak early Febuary.
Any picture will update here if my Febuary schedule oncall not havoc as January.

Friday, January 20, 2017


My sister sent this picture this morning.
This picture are looking good.
Ans and Apiz tengah berebut bola... they're likes having fun in early morning.
And at the other side actually ada some nenek tengah senam.
And i said, suh Anas join mereka. Mesti diorang akan more bersemangat.
Ans and the heartbreaker smiling.
Rindu lah kamu semua!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Death, clarifies your life


After i finished seen a very nice Ted talk from Candy Chang about, before i die i want to... topics.
I just stares at my phone, and,
I looks out from my window.
And started to think deeply.
How about me?
Before my time comes, before i die,  what i want to do, to be?

That one thing i must do it without no regrets later on.
It's actually a very easy question but difficult and complicated answer.

If only one thing i can do before i die.
I think it's obviously related about my Creator...
Because i want to die in peacefully Islam ways.
Even i have a chance to do that's good thing... i will still wonder,
Do i ready inside out to face to face with Him?
That are my pahala good enough to be in His heaven?
And if i missed or less in something, will Allah help me?
Or anyone will help me?

Then, all of this issues, 
Thinking about death clarifies my life.
Because in this world you may be a billionaire, a celebrity or an icon.
But to the Angel of Death, you're just another name on the list.
Death has no time limit.
No age consider.
Death doesn't have expired date.
Death will surely comes...

Have you been prepared for death my friends?

May Allah bless us.
Together do the right things, because i want us to be a neighbor in Jannah.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lelaki sekarang


Let's talked about some guys thing here in my point of view.
I can said, lelaki sekarang banyak dah perubahannya.
Like 360 degree.
Too different from my expectation, duh.
In a good ways or sebaliknya... korang hadamkanlah sendiri.

If you want to compare me with two three guys in one competition.
I think, i won with no pressure.
I donno why they are doing in there. Baru nak gosok baju or basuh baju ke.
Tapi, tolonglah.
Tak payahlah nak handsome-handsome sangat, kalau muka dah memang muka pecah rumah. Pasrah jelah.
Time is clicking you know.
I always said, lambat tinggal. I hate waiting.

Yeah, when i still in my fav bread spread with peanut butter and chocolate... and a cup of milk.
They more prefer for those cereal, all types yang entah pape macam. Konon sihatlah tu.
Selang dua jam, masuk pantry balik haunt makanan.
Berdekah jer.
And no rice at lunch time.
Where the hell they will get all those energy!
From their cengkung face?
Geleng kepala.
Not my money, not my stomach. Not my issues.

Sorry. This one cannot cover.
They all memang kecoh, menyebuk and menyemak sometimes.
Annoying obviously.
Their reaction uncontrollably, and their comment lebih pedas menusuk.
Wa cakap lu...

Not gonna lie.
Some guys are rude melampau.
They likes to sendawa kuat, kentut even bersepah, and not wash own plates.
Nih I really rasa nak tendang keluar tingkap jer.
Gih duk hutan and kawan dengan all those animals there and can lives with us whenever you know meaning manners tu apa.
Geram gila.

After all, they are more open. Where it's good. Too good in some part.
And, needs more manly.
Lagi-lagi part diet melampau.
Like, seriously guys...
Wanna join Malaysian next top model ker?

Wednesday, January 04, 2017


Hujung dec masa tu, ada sorang kawan sekerja telah berhenti dengan jayanya.
Ayat dengan jayanya tu memang tak boleh blah la kan.
Tapi berjaya la dia berhenti, dapat better offer dengarya.
Congrats, bro.
Rezeki anak first.
Alhamdulillah for him.

Dia ni, nak puji lebih-lebih kang... mahu kena pelangkung dek bini dia.
Bini dia sama tempat kerja.
Tapi, dia memang baik.
And, i like him.
As my unbiological brother jer la. Gila nak lebih.

He's the one yang i can trust.
Maybe sebab kami sama-sama Johor. Orang batu dipahat katakan.
So bonding tu kuat.
Yeah, Bangsa Johor in advanced.
Kibarkanlah benderamu, Johor!
Tetiba semangat patriotic terlebih pulak.

Most i respect gila adalah cara hardworking dia kerja.
Systematic tapi bila bab ajk kebersihan dia tu, tak boleh nak tolong lah.
Kadang-kadang if my gauze terjatuh masa tengah lap-lap, sanggup cepat-cepat kutip dan acts like normal.
Tapi kantoi banyak kali.

And dia jenis tak berkira. Ni barulah team mates yang best.
Kadang-kadang if busy, dia tolong tuliskan untuk hard copy, some system and charges. Ada minat nak blaja.
Tapi nanti i recheck back la.
And paling tak terbalas budi adalah tolong cover untuk solat time. Mekasih buddy.

Dia gak jenis orang yang you can share openly bab agama. Ni yang i most admired.
Next time, kalo korang nak carik partner... carik camni.
Sebab agama tu penting.
Bila dia sayang Allah, kasih pada Nabi.
Dialah manusia yang tahu pendirian hidup. Sebab you tahu the reason why you're born.

And, dia ada bela saka.
Dia kuat makan. Tapi masih melidi.
More slimmer than me.
Not adil ok.
Dia orang yang spesis kena sumbat makanan ruji, nasik, at least two hours per meal.
Jika tak... sawan dia datang. Hahhah...
Sorry, kutuk terlebih.

Sorry i cannot stay at your last working day. Sebab i very punctual bila bab mencilok balik awai.
Terima kasih untuk segalanya.
Ilmu, dan segala apa yang diberi dan diterima.
Halalkan makan minum.
Terkasar, terguris ke apa ke. Maafkanlah.

Pray you the awesome happy ending life. With your wife, Diana and 'lil baby on the way.
Semoga semuanya sentiasa dalam iman setiap saat.
Be a cool father, please.
Bye. See you in next rambut pacak style!

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Merokok, ingat Allah suka?


Topik kali ini agak berat.
Agak-agak rasa tak sanggup nak berubah.
Tak rela nak merendahkan ego.
Tak payahlah teruskan.
Jangan buang masa, buang data internet.

Saya tegur secara baik, sebagai kawan yang sayangkan kawannya.
Bahawa jika kamu seorang perokok, silalah berhenti.
Bukan untuk sesiapa, tetapi untuk diri sendiri.
Letak tangan pada dada kiri, tanya iman.
Jika masih ada rasa sayangnya lagi pada Allah. Pada agama. Berhentilah.
Bukan dikurangkan.
Tapi berhenti seberhentinya.
Susah memang susah.
Paksalah diri.

Sebab kenapa kena sangat berhenti? Sebab merokok itu dilarang.
Jatuh haram jika masih diteruskan.
Kenapa haram?
Sunnah, fatwa mana hendak dibuktikan?
Bukan itu semua kawanku, tapi pada mata kasar pada celik ilmu agamanya, sudah boleh lihat jelas sebabnya.
Sebab merokok itu termasuk dalam aspek membunuh diri.
Suicidal attempt.
Kan Allah dah cakap, Allah melaknat orang yang membunuh diri.
Subhanallah. Kelak nanti kamu ingat Allah terima jasadmu?

Malah kamu lebih hina daripada orang yang membunuh diri,
Sebab tanpa sengaja, kamu menarik sekali orang sekeliling yang kamu sayang bersama-sama.
Dengan asap senjata si syaitan.
Kejam tak kejam...
Ingat Allah masih memaafkanmu?

Kamu bakar hasil peluh pada benda haram. Hasil kaisnya rezeki di jalan Allah.
Tidakkah kamu malu?
Siap belanja kawan-kawan sekali, benda haram itu.
Kamu jadikan ianya kebanggaan.
Ingat Allah bangga apa yang kamu lakukan?
Kamu salah, kawan.
Salah besar.

Allah beri kamu peluang hidup.
Paru-parumu masih menghasilkan pertukaran udara untuk kamu bernafas pagi ini.
Allah selamatkan ruang untuk kamu berubah. Dia masih mengharap kamu berubah.
Dan sebagai kawan, teguran ini titipan ikhlas dariku.
Yang juga mengharapkan kamu berubah. Detik demi detik.

Tutuplah dosa yang dikumpul hari-hari. Sudah sudahlah merosakkan diri sendiri.
Jangan diteruskan.
Ramai masih sayangkanmu.
Wahai kawanku.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Saya, awak


I think it's time for me to use a words... saya dan awak.
Even rasa geli sampai bulu ketiak masa nak sebut.
Tapi kena guna jugak.
Paksa diri.
Paksa hati.
Paksa segalanya.

Demi menukar ayat ganti diri, aku dan hengkau.
Yang sebenarnya lagi selesa guna ini. Lagi more umph kan!
Rasa close gitu.
Namun, sampai bila tak nak berubah kan?
Dayung sikit-sikit, Allah tak pernah mengeluh tunggu.
Yeah, i can do it.

Belanja satu pict sikit. Sebab nak tunjuk mata saya membesar dengan sihat. Hahhahah....LOL.

Maybe semua ini will take time.
Cannot imagine camna la diorang punya reaction.
Masa sebut nanti, diorang nak gelak guling-guling, nak terberak tercirit ke, i don't really care.
This is my decision.
This is what i want.
Please respect it.

Diorang nak balas balik dengan aku dan hengkau, still akan balas with saya dan awak...
I still who I am.
Our brotherhood will be the same bro. Jangan risau.
Cuma kali ini, kena lembut sikit. Bukan lembu, lembutttt...

Alright, saya kena stop.
Jumpa awak semua in next post.
Bye, stay cool guys.