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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Biskut Cheese


Cheese biscuit...
One of my fav dessert in the world.
Simple and so delicious.
As before, my friends will do it for me.
And i just tinggal untuk 'ngap'...

I think why not i did it by myself?
Challenge accepted.
Shopping free at Sam's groceries to get a Tatura cream cheese.

English version
1/2  tin of sweetened creamer
250 gram of cream cheese
1 packet of Cracker Original
1 small box of fresh milk
150 gram of nestum.

Step by step:
1-Combined the cream cheese and sweetened creamer.
2-Beat it until fluffy.
3-On the other side, dip the Cracker biscuit with fresh milk.
4-And arrange nicely on brass/loyang/Tupperware.
5-Cover the biscuit with cheese cream, make one layer.
6-Next, spread the nestum on it.
7-Repeat step 3, 4, 5 as you wish.
8-Put in fridge and ready to serve.

Cheese Milk

Tabur Nestum

Resipi Crakers Cheese

Malay version
1/2 susu krimer pekat manis.
250 gram krim keju
1 paket Cracker Original
1 kotak kecil susu segar
150 gram nestum.

1-Campurkan susu pekat bersama krim keju.
2-Pukul hingga kembang.
3-Rendam biskut Cracker dengan susu segar, jangan sampai kembang sangat.
4-Susun rapat dalam loyang.
5-Buat satu lapisan keju di atasnya sehingga menutupi keseluruhan biskut.
6-Taburkan nestum di atas lapisan keju.
7-Ulang langkah 3, 4, 5 mengikut ketebalan yang dikehendaki.
8-Sejukkan dalam peti ais dan sedia untuk dihidangkan.

And thumbs up!
Really heaven and so cheesy.
Love so much.
Next berbuka puasa can eat again.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Trust issue


When i'm dealing with a very complicated relationship.
(as my previous post)
I can summarize all of it... related to a trust issue.
All of it.

Along with our life,
Trust issue are like phone and internet.
You know what i mean?
Too hard to avoid but has to comply it.
Because always, it's so routine.

You can live alone as you wish.
In the jungle.
Acting like Tarzan.
in the same have to socialize,
May be not human to human.
How about others animal you haunting, plant you ete, natural surrounding.
It all about you trust...
Then, you survive.

Let's we reply this cycle of trust issue in our life.
If you still denying what i'm thinking.
First, Allah.

When i became fetus,
Allah put on soul because He in trust me, for being an excellent muslimah on this earth.
And 'till now i trying keep that to an awesome level.
Day by day,
Nothing change in Allah's trust.
But me, up and down.
O, Shame on you!

When you born,
You trust to your parents to take care of you.
And they trust you too...
Be a good son/daughter, built an Islamic family.
Together we helping each other.

Growing up, you socialize.
Make friends, high school, work, and married.
Involving the communities.
Did you realize, how risky the trust issue now?
Each pace you face...
Came with a lie, stab-back, and until the maximum limit.

You happy as everything going well,
You cry or felt down when it's crushing up.
That's a cycle of life.
Only the cool person know where and when to put trust to.
Life goals.

when you're walking but your shoes are on point.
: )

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

When you get dumped


I don't have many friends, you see.
And i'm okay with that.
Because i know, i may not their perfect friend but i'm trying to make sure i always been there by their side when needed.
At least as a good listener.
Or giving my shoulder.
Quality more important than quantity!

Around this few weeks.
I'm dealing with a complicated relationship.
When .... My friends get dumped.
And she don't like it.
I even more hate it.

The first incident, when she get dumped.
She was crying like hell.
Because she love that man so much.
Denial what i advice to her, she just want that man.
Who seem 'coward' to give any explanation.

In her grieving, I just hope she not did something stupid,... suicide i mean.
Yeah, take precaution before something bad happen.
And after days by days she can accept everything.
And she transform herself.
Wearing hijab, prying. and read alQuran.

But, not even a week, she being dumped again.
By a same man.
And this time, more worsen... she admitted.
How hurt she was!
She wasn't crying because she was sad, or because of heartbroken she was. She cried, because she felt like an idiot.

And i'm sorry for not being beside her when this second incident.
I'm out of town.
But on the next day, i'm back.
The first word when she see me, "Why are you late?"
And i'm feel so bad.
Sorry again, dear.
I promised this not gonna happen again.

To me,
real men never stop trying to show a girl how much she means to him, even after he's got her.
Most importantly, he will never make you cry.
And cry and cry again.
For other than good reason.
Allah for sure.

To that.... man-So you think you can walk into a hurt girls' life, sweep her off her feet and keep her dumped.
You're wrong.
She's not even your toy.
I give you a words....don't you dare-not even for a second-think that you can hurt her again.
At this starting line.
I may not too brave to sue, beat severely, or paid any series killer doing a revenge.
But she have Allah, her family, brothers, friends and me.
Who will stand at her back.

To my friends,
To be honest with you, I don't have the words to make you feel better,
But i do have the arms to give you a hug,
Ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about,
And i have a heart...
The heart that's arching to see you smile again.

Lastly, please my frinds...
Stop being the right women for the wrong man.
You can get better than him.
You're not victim of your own mind.
Continue pray...Allah will help you.
Trust Him.

Forgiving someone is easy,
As you plan before... but I know being able to trust him again is a totally different story.
Keep remember, you're strong than you think!
May Allah bless us.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Shoes & Sweater


So my annual leave for a week dah finish.
Tomorrow gonna start keja macam biasa.
Dalam bulan pose.
Hope everything gonna be alright.
Ayat pasrah.

I donno others but i think you will thought that how weird i am.
Yelah, bulan pose...
Orang semua excited nak beli berpasang-pasang baju raya,
High heel kelip-kelip..
Then look at me.
My eyes more focus and my heart much interesting about something different.

Sweater and shoes.
What you say?

Meh, mungkin sebab aku dah beli dah pon baju raya awal-awal.
Sepasang, good enough.
Tu yang cam tak kisah dah semua tu.

So, who cares about others?
I pun picked two pairs at Bata shop, north star brand.
One red and grey shoes.
May because the price, RM29.90 per pair.
So, tu yang aku grab dua sekali.
: )

Other than simple T-shirt, plain blouse...
I also known as sweater collector.
Baju sejuk/baju panas or
Sweatshirt-baju panas daripada cotton.
Whatever it is,
I just like it so much.

And i choose a sweater from Sam.
One only... tak boleh lebih.
I love the colour, grey at the sleeve and blue for body cover.

I start addicted at this thing since last year.
I love how simple, not curvy and not attracted it is.
Just imagine... a girl wear red shoes, long black skirt, and oversize sweater.
Nothing interesting right.
Life goals.

Now, i have six sweater.
Black Puma, Peach Scarlet, Two from Sam (included this one), and two more unknown.
Unknown, beli time kat times Square.
Types, ada V neck cardigan style, Hoodie and zip hoodie.

This sweater, again i more pada non hoodie.
So, your tudung not look messy around.
If ada hoodie, malas-malas i masukkan dalam jek tudung tuh.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Ya Allah, I miss Rasullullah S.A.W


There are moments in life when you miss someone so much,
that you just want to pick them up from your mind,
and hug them.
For real.

O Prophet Muhammad,
Your amazing, your life is wonderful.
Everything about you is magnificent,
You only one.
Your death was a significant point in Islamic history with affected the hearts of many both in his time,
and our time.

The death of Prophet Muhammad was the greatest grief that all Muslims have ever had to endure.
Even i'm living in this era, the effect are still the same.
: (
He was the only one of God's messengers,
who sent to deliver the massage of Allah to all of humanity rather than one group of people. 

No man in the history of the world has had as great an impact as Muhammad (SAW) , 
and no Muslim has lived since his lifetime who has not kept him in their mind and heart. 
Masyaallah. I miss you.
Today, 1.6 billion Muslims in every corner of the world pray for him at least five times a day, 
and this great population of believers all started with one man.

And being here without you is like i'm walking up to
Only half a blue sky
Kinda there but not quite,
I'm walking around with just one shoe
I'm half a heart without you.
I'm a man at best.
With half an arrow in my chest.
-one direction, half a heart-

I've questioned for so long,
tell me how could this be?
How could we love someone whom our eye have never seen
If he is truly dear to you.
Follow him,
and in Paradise you will be him.
-Maher Zain song, Muhammad-

And i found this at Nadia Syamilla's blog:

Ya Rasulullah :')
How many sleepless night that you went through just to sujud to Allah S.W.T to ask forgiveness for us? :')
Ya Rasulullah, how much hurt that you went through just to spread Allah's messages to us? :')
Ya Rasulullah, why did you called us "Ummati Ummati Ummati" (even you did not meet us) during the time you had pain the most during your death ?
Ya Rasulullah, why did you faint after heard from Malaikah Jibrail a.s. that your ummah will occupied the most of the last stage of Jahannam (Neraka)?
Ya Rasulullah why did you waste your tears so much just because of us?
Ya Rasulullah, why you had done so much to us, yet we still did not following your sunnah ? :'(
Ya Rasulullah Salla Allahu Alayhi Wassalam ... I Miss You.

I know you love us so much :'( 
Thats why you sacrifice so much :'(
You are the choosen one Ya Muhammad Ya Rasulullah. Only your name can be put on the same line as Allah S.W.T <3
How much Allah loves you :')
How much beautiful, wonderful, amazing, handsome, awesome, grateful, truthful, loving, caring, understanding you are!

You have Al Quran as your akhlak :') Rasulullah seorang terpuji <3
Subhana Allah!
Allahumma Solli Ala Muhammad Wa Ala Ali Muhammad !

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Partner in crime

It'a all about my partner in crime. Emy.

Just remember...
If we get caught.
You're deaf and i doesn't speak English.
Naturally act like five years old.
Take out our shoes, 
holding hand,
Smiling like nothing happens and go buy an ice cream.


One part yang most we did most,
if i'm her co-pilot, 
of course she's a driver.
Traffic light seems not our buddies.

After that, keep saying... seb bek plat keta 'W'.
Pastu salahkan sesama sendiri.

i believe that every people we meet changes you.
Changes how you think,
what you say,
how you act, or how you look at the world.

if a person doesn't changes something good in you...
then you missed the best part.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sweetness of chocolate


I got this.
One of my friends give it after felt guilty sebab one incident.
Even i'm just okay with it.
Nothing major.
'Cause I'm always maafkan semua orang.

I still don't open the wrapper.
Not because i'm allergies,
Not because i'm don't like it.
Not because i'm gonna eat later...

As my friends got pahala with when she given it to me.
I feel, i want more...\
I want more pahala.
For both of us.

I planning to share this with other person.
As i assume, four pieces of chocolate.
Good enough for earning more pahala.

Make it better is i'm gonna back home today.
And i will go to TBS.
What i'm gonna do... i will distribute to four lucky person on this wonderful day.
May Allah bless me.

If that person give to another person, more pahala for us!
And that's it...
How easy you can grab a pahala.
Just from a simple gift.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blogger: Fatin Liyana's wedding


Congratulation diucapkan pada most beautiful and wonderful blogger i respect most, Mrs Fatin Liyana.
Tahniah for both of you and your family.
I actually donna that she's married today.
What a suprise!

Petang tadi, while i'm packing for balik kampung tomorrow.
In mean time... curik-curik scrool FB.
Then, barulah tahu...

She is very good person.
I love how humble and down to earth she is.
And islamic life she through.
Such an inspiring motivation to me.

Now, she berpasangan with a very good looking man.
Takdir Allah.
A good person, for a good people.
: )

Nice theme.
I love your dressing.
Good choice of photographer.

I doakan both of you happily ever after until Jannah and always in Allah blessing.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A week before ramadhan 2015.

"Ramadan (also known as Ramadhan or Ramzan) is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. It is a time when Muslims around the world focus on prayer, fasting, giving to charity, and religious devotion"


Now we only has a week before ramadhan coming. Alhamdulillah...
Very grateful, moga dapat meraikan fasting time and terawih after that.
Ramadhan is always the right month for us.
And as a human, boost your ramadhan spirit to make it's so right for you.
: )

Especially situation where when we can't eat,
we lost in time.
Nothing to do... our lunch time wasted just like that.

Why not, quiet your mind and turn off everything surrounding you.
Talk to yourself about Allah and purpose of life.
Remind ourself may take five minutes, guys.
Plus minus,
Fill it with dua...

Quran jangan dilupa.
Learn arabic words if sempat.
Masyaalh...terisi masanya.

Balance from beli juadah buka puasa...contohnya.
One of true and easiest thing we can do.
Sumbang untuk akhirat.
Berlipat kali ganda pahala. Lagi-lagi it's ramadhan.

Use those night of power wisely.
Because we only, once get that through ramadhan month.
Pahala kumpul banyak-banyak.
Good planning.
Everything praised to Allah.

Selamat berpuasa semua!
P/S: I done apply leave for celebrate fasting month.
A week full.
Just for you, ramadhan.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015



Show off, "riak" or kata jawanya, orang yang suka berlagak @ menunjuk-nunjuk.
May some don't like to talk about it, but yeah.
Memang reality gitu, kan.
Strangers always weird.
They like do it something i sendiri cannot understand.

Come on lah.
Are we look so stupid or cheap in your eyes?
This type of person sometime membuatkan kita 50:50 untuk get along or just whatever...dude.
Anything what makes you sleep well.

What do you get if you show off?
 More enemy or friends?
Are you happy?

"Riak" is not good.
You know it.
If people hate it,
Allah surely hate it more.

My secretly advice is, don't sampai one day...
Everything you show off,
You feel like you own the world is only a piece of your ashamed.

Because don't judge a book by it's cover.
May the people not rich/high knowledge than you...
He/She know Islamic knowledge more billion times than you!
That's only came from the humble person.
Because we know how live are.
Ini semua pinjaman Allah.

minta maaf if this post membuatkan anda rasa menyampah.
Or tak suka.
Just my twenty sen opinion.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Bangun malam.


I donno weather you all pernah read about this article or not.
It's wrote about sleeping time in islam way.
I found it when rolling up and down every post at FB wall.
So useful.
Right on face when i also experienced same things like the writer.

Last time...
I thought, am i insomnia-to-be?
Scary you know.
When membaca all these thing... i feel so amazing.

Memandangkan Ramadhan pon hampir tiba.
May be boleh continue sahur and read Quran until Subuh.
Einstein me.

The best part when you wake up early morning...
You feel so right, because everyone are sleeping.
You're alone and i will think.
It's my time.

: )

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Tutorial: For simple and short scarf


Once in a lifetime mesti kita pernah dapat a short scarf.
But very beautiful to let go...
And donno what to do.
Don't worry, i will help you.

Did you read about my previous post: Mira and imran wedding?
If yes, you can see... the purple colour scarf is what i talk about.
Same dilemma as you all.
This scarf is so short to make tudung bawal.
Apatah lagi selendang belit-belit.

But i love this colour, 
soft and amazing pastel lavender.
This is so matching with my, not yet use of baju kurung.
Sesuai sangatlah.

Time ironing baju. My friends also said the same thing. Short and licin, can you make it?
Rasa macam,
Umm...i donno. Just see tomorrow how it's goes.
As safety precaution: I also bring along backup scarf.
Sediakan payung sebelum hujan.

And Alhamdulillah,
With my simple way...
This scarf look so well with me.
Good job.

Felt comfortable. Even licin.
No offended 'cause i used only one pin and two keronsang.
Lighter and depan still long to cover.
: )

Right away, after balik.
I very honour to share it with you all.
(but baru sekarang post),
Have fun with this tutorial.

First of all, black tudung sarung inside. 
'cause this scarf bit see through. 
And put it on your head.
Balance the short and long as you feel ok.
The long one sling it on opposite site. Pin/Keronsang it.
Kemas alunan at the back,front,  up and the side a pin.


Muslimah inspiration


Above is the picture where i can't remember where i found it. But i kept it boleh dikatakan lamalah juga in my laptop.
Five-four or three years already.
May true when someone said, an inspirational things... we want to see it everyday. 
And that's why i can delete my other fav video, but don't you dare touch this picture.
Take a big note.

She's look so down to earth.
Perfect in cover the aurah/aurat.
Mostly, i like the pastel colour she wearing.  This is so me.
Simple but still stunning in my eyes.
Others? who cares.

Last time i check if i try this kind of style... it so Alhamdulillah.
Again, Alhamdulillah.
Pray me the best. 
Really excited to see myself like this.
Amin, ya Allah.

If i still same and not be like i inspiration of.
May in future, i terpaksa release what i dream of or what i like most... for be what i want to be.
Look hard, but i'm strong enough for kesenangan Akhirah.
May be.
Allah menentukan segalanya. 
: )

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Don't let them change you


Everyday after routine bangun pagi,
i hardly practicing to say Alhamdulillah.
For wake me up for continue my life and praying i can be better muslimah.
And think positive, just make your day.
: )

Sometime life more tough than you think:
Di permulaan hari, at that time you seen an acne at your face in the mirror at that morning.
Consider how can you forget to buy a shampoo yesterday.
Find out your bread is going to expired.
And just ate a slice from sebungkus penuh tuh.
When you out of the house. it's raining.
Your motocycle then cannot start pulak.

Masyaallah, ini semua ujian Allah.
He not test you more than your limit. He know everything.
So, stay be positive.

And maybe:
That morning, your face gt an acne but your skin a bit glowing.
With your smile of course!
You cover line your colleague work, for her going back early yesterday.
And she promised to treat you with her KFC's coupon.
And you give that balance bread to the security guard area your house who staying up all night.
Raining after two weeks panas terik.
Motor cannot start? Okay, let's walk. Met a people and see their ragam.

Seen everything in different point of view can make we think everything happens has a reason and again, His plans is better than ours.
And sometimes, we facing worse situation.
That time... kesabaran and keteguhan iman diuji.

Then, all you need to do is pray... doa.
Stop crying and push yourself berdepan reality.
Problem is just a problem.
Don't let them distress you.
If we raised a white flag, get someone help.
The result may be good.

Two word: stay positive guys!
Just pegang this and kepada Allah we belongs.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Muhammad Anas


May i introduce you all to my new anak buah.
Baby Muhammad Anas, born on 04 june 2015 at 01.10 am...
Third baby from my sister Yam.
After Cik Ziqa and Apiz.

I'm not yet face to face with him.
But my youngest sister do.
Not fair.

Wait till 14 june, i'll going back Johor.
And meet him.

Bagpack-Adidas 2015


Last week, my backpack yang aku pakai telah koyak. 
But aku still pakai until yesterday.
If koyak dekat tempat yang boleh disembunyikan bolehlah aku jahit... tapi no!
Tak dapat diselamatkan.
Few days aku survive, hiding it behind my black sweater.
Bag ini actually aku dapat masa hadiri confrontation dekat Melaka Inn Hotel, bulan March masa tuh.
Biasalah bag free.
Apa nak aspect lebih kan.

So, memandangkan gitu situasinya.
Semalam after kerja, barulah sedikit free... aku terus bergegas ke KL Central. 
Naik NU central shopping atas tuh...
And pon mula keluar masuk Puma, Nike, Reebok store and other bags store lain lagi di sana.

Treasure hunt a bagpack...
Why backpack?
Not a handbag?
My answer: Others maybe decided they should go ahead and leap into the world of women's handbags.
To me, my backpack just everything!
So deal with it.

About an hour survey... i choose Adidas brand.
And still had two choice to choose. 
This part yang i don't really like.
Why can't i bought both of them.

Firstly, this blue bag (up) look fine...
Price affordable. RM99.00 only.
Design simple.
But as usual i don't like the colour.

Then, i see this bag (down).
Look catchy, very earthly.
Price: RM110.00 only.
As usual...i love green.
Then, you know which one is my pilihan, right.
I hope this backpack will stay strong and long with me.
: )

Tuesday, June 02, 2015



Like i mentioned before, cycling is my fav hobby.
And then again...we go Taman Tasik Titiwangsa to do double cycling.
With my friend, Emy and her family member.
Ada twins ok.

These twins are so cute,
banyak mulut.
And excited as me.
RM10.00 per hour. One bicycle.

I donno this will be adik or kakak
They we are. Noted that same cloths me and emy wear. Are we twins to?

One hour, that's enough.
We had made three round full with this twins.
But it's a wonderful day.
These twins, if amik pix memang peace memanjang.
Deal with it.

And we met those horses there.
Twins like horse.
Berkempatan juga meet horses at kandang mereka.
Twins said, busuklah.

As always, animal lovers like me... i touch them. Belai.
They should treat them well, you know.
They also has a heart and feeling.
Hope can met you again.

My honour, sempat belikan these twins baju from F.O.S...
Pink colour.
Hope they like.
Bye twins, see you all in next smile.