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Assalamualaikum and hello, o awesome readers!

I guess I'm pretty cool person because everything is strange. Life. People. And yeah, I don't know what planet I'm on. 

Anyway, thanks for all your support.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Life goals


Today is Sunday.
Happy weekend all.
And i do nothing.
Other than make my own chocolate jam.
Which only take about half an hour to prepare.
So, looks like i got a time for updating my blog.
... And I want talk about life goals.

I don't know if you all have any life goals in your own words.
But to me, if you don't have it.
Get some now.
And start planning.
Because setting your own life goals is one of the most life-changing you can do.
This is also very useful for those like me... who are very easily distracted and get bored.
: )

Also for answering the question of,
What do i want from my life?
In next 5,10, 20 years later.

Now, this is my life goals!

Simple right? Nine big things in my life that i need to treasure.
And I don't think i need to collaborate each of it.

Previously i think my life goals are so complicated and too much to achieve.
And most of it more to dhunya side.
May because influences of young-wild-minded.
But now.
My life goals are so simple.
Simple as a cupcake.
And i'm happy with it.

So, those who don't have any life goals.
Set it now and enjoy your life.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Taman Tasik Titiwangsa 2016


Last few days, aku and Aemy enjoying our new year dekat Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.
Opening 2016...  kami tak duduk atas roof top tengok firework malam-malam.
Kami tidur atas katil on detik 12 malam.
Of course selepas gaduh main dam ular sebelumya.

But bukannya menunjukkan kami nerd.
Kami actually have fun on the day.
Dengan menghabiskan masa sepenuhnya dengan apa segala aktiviti di Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.
We have fun at there with their activities.
A lot.
: )

The first day,
Aku pakai blue long skirt. And my activities is limited.
So just enjoying naik bot besar.
Lupa apa nama benda alah tuh.
And jejalan sekitar situ tok plan on the next day.

Overall, aku naik nih... Rasa macam naik the cruise. Tapi versi mini.
My second day, aku sudah siap sedia dengan pants.
And sepenuh energy tok dihabiskan.
So our first place. Riding horse!
Sangat murah and best ever experienced.

Next, we jump into a big ball.
One ball cost RM 15.00.
My suggestion bring along your handset. Dan siap sedia untuk bergambar.
And enjoy the sun.
Also we shoot short video inside.
Looks more chaos than ever.

After that, when keluar jer daripada benda itu.
Felt like baru balik daripada spa.
Sweating everywhere!

And next, i wish to play the big blue cycling water riding.
Tapi dia bukak sesi petang.
So we jejalan lagi and main archery.
And fair and square marks with Aemy.

Selepas itu, ingat naik main rollerblades, cycling.
Tapi tenaga sudah tiadaaa....
Makan lunch and some keropok lekor.
Sambil enjoying the ular camp.
Tak suka tapi nengok jugak.

After that...
Tapau laksa penang.
And going back home.
And Zzzzzz.....

Saturday, January 02, 2016

What I expect those who already go to Mecca?


Alhamdulillah and praise to Allah for those who already go to Mecca.
Such a luckiest person i can said.
Happy for you.
Surely that the most amazing and beautiful moments in your life!
: )

Mine, not come yet. And,
I still praying.
And saving.
And hoping.
And stay until i reach it.
'Cause going there is my top ever of bucket list.

So, in this time. Not simply wasting my time, and not do nothing... but i train myself to be more prepared.
Prepare in every perspective.
That what Islam means theory and practically.
I do day by day.
Like i'm imagine that my time will came soon.
Excited and so interesting idea actually.

Routinely, i did this... so far i realized it's change me.
How i facing society, how i dress, how i stand on my feet for what i'm doing.
And sometimes i can said i been silently stare by them.
May not in good looks.
Mine, i assume that an evil eyes.

Even i wish i replied with a look that, "Do you got a problem with me?"

For those who questioning why i'm doing this.
Let's enjoy your life before the day come.
Have some fun.

I respect that. Thanks duh for your suggestion.
I also do that.
In my own meaning.
I'm also a human.
Growing in name of society.
The entertainment is everywhere but please respect my limit.
Oh kay.

Why i'm doing this because i want to be the most perfect person i can do... when i see Him.
When my feet touch Mecca land.
When i'm visiting Him.
When i been in that moments.

Moments there,
I want my slave soul feel every part my limb move,
My sweat fall.
And the time my small tears come.
Where my heart pumping calmly and my adrenaline rush freely.
To show that that this is where i want to be.
Where my truly home.


Cause i don't miss this and regret anything later on.
My life goals!
: )

Later, after i finished and come back here.
My country.
I pray that those moments will replying in my mind like a favorite video of mine.
As reminder for me to be more better person.
So as it change me with nothing awkward for,
More nice, wisely and an idol i can be to others.

And i wish i can share the feeling among you all.
And spread the peace
Pray for me.

You can do that!

Friday, January 01, 2016

New year 2016

Happy new year 2016 guys!

Must say that I'm not the one who patiently waiting for any fireworks for celebrating this new years.
Like i did few years back.
'Cause my thought about this coming new year is too big and have no even for a blank space.
Same as what my sense said, i'm gonna be busier.
Be watch out.

So, before everything become chaos,
And i have no time for all this.
I'm the one right now that may still wake up to talk about life.
May under fireworks!
Sound more nice.

So, 2016.
What to expect not to expect?
First, i pray to be a better person in Islamic term.
Better than before. 
Be strong and survival.
And more spending time for akhirah investment-My post about this topic.
: )

Then, i pray for my umrah project.
Where you can see how i really want to go there.
My bucket list, duh.
By hook or by crook.
I must go.

Then, about all dhunya accessories duty.
Gain more knowledge, more skill and more good things.
So, happy new years!
And be happy.