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Saturday, May 30, 2015


Inna lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’un (Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return)

I like to think of grieving as feeling sorry for yourself. A dead person does not suffer - but those left behind will miss them. Some part of grieving is feeling sorry for others who will miss the deceased. 

I might be tough, but I don't see a thing wrong with crying 'cause it an individual thing.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Friends-Imran and Mira wedding.


Last week, me and my friends from previous hospital attended a wonderful wedding ceremony... di Pokok Sena, Kedah!
Not mistaken, last time kenangan antara aku and negeri Kedah adalah bila practical di Hospital Kulim.
About 4 years ago...
How fast time passing by.

Kami bermalam di Perak, rumah cik Ain that Friday night...
Thanks to you and your lovely family.
Midnight sampai.
So just gosok baju for tomorrow and take a nap.

Esok Sabtu pagi after Subuh kami gerak ke Kedah.
Took three hour untuk sampai Pokok Sena.
And on the way, sempat singgah jejalan di Pasar pagi di sana.... : )

What i like the most from the wedding there are diorang separated between male and female tempat makan. Thumbs up!
The foods so good.
And i also terpesona how beautiful the bride dresses are.
The pelamin, as usual... amazing.
Door gift sangat berbaloi.
I used that small towel right away for lap my peluh. Sorry guys, but i love it.


And i can met my ex-colleague here!
Bit awkward but after a seconds, can we just duduk on lantai and do a chit chat.
Ignore all formality.
Who cares.

After witness for their wedding, we're go untuk menunaikan solat Zohor. 
And kami singgah sini.
Masjid al bukhary, Kedah.
Gorgeous mosque,,,  big and amazing islamic art.
Plus, i sempat tangkap pix with baby Haikal.
But i donna who's the mother was, but my friend do.
Cute baby with flawless skin.
Like other baby.

Next, we go to menara alor setar... going up there.
Pekan Rabu.
And lastly, pantai Merdeka.
You should try their mee udang. RM13.00 per plate.
With three big fresh prawn.

Next day, we're sempat mandi manda di Lata Kinjang, Perak.
Well, duh.
So speechless.
Clear water and arus deras. Mostly, i like because it's so clean there and terjaga.
One day, we hope can come back soon.

And we arrived KL, after 9.00pm...
Tired but best journey ever.
Thanks all.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Melayu perlu bijak mengatur kewangan


Last two days, kawan aku ada mengadu/luah perasaan about dia punya financial problem.
And if aku tak silap, past a month ago...
Ada lagi sorang story pasal tak cukup gaji.
And lastly, tak sampai ujung bulan. Makan megi.
Hate it, but can i know where's your money goes?
Did you spent it wisely?
This type of group adalah paling bahaya and...
Dengan GST bagai lagi sekarang.
Donno what to say.

So at that time, aku hanya boleh melahirkan rasa sympathy.
Itu belom digeledah diorang punya account saving, emergency fund... retirement saving?
Or yes, you are in trouble dear.

Aku masa tuh just can give advice how to organize money secara bijak lagi terbilang.
I nak share dengan you all pon sesegan gitu.... 'cause sedar diri ini masih makan gaji.
Think big, dream big, believe big, and the result will be big.

For now, aku mahu kita didedahkan dengan segala financial book/talk/events.
Sangat bagus.
If kalian adalah FB freaks, silalah add mana-mana finance page.
Agak-agak sambil tunggu reply comment/whatsapp... boleh singgah baca mana-mana post diorang.
Tak susah pon.

And aku juga mahu you all punya satu plan book.
List down everything you have.
Declare your assets.
Like this...
Net worth assessment.
Got it?

Up here is roughly how i do my net worth assessment.
If nak copy paste, dipersilakan.
This is the first step.
Tak apa slowly.
Take it easy.

Overall, after dah tau anda punya total net worth positive or negative... Dah boleh buat plan lain.
Nak kurangkan mana terlebih.
Pastu try keep saving for future.
Amat diterapkan tidak kira single, married, or divorce okeh.

Peace no war!