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Friday, October 30, 2015

New adventures

Looking forward about this... And i happily said, yes!
Yeah, bring it on.
I will face the fear, i will face the society.
And it's for my own good.

: )



I tried this rollerblading yesterday night after my cycling at Taman tasik Titiwangsa.
Just said... why not i tried, kan.
Memang scary at first.
Tightening my shoes... sempat think again and again.
But lastly, i dare myself to do it.

So far,
That was pretty hurt when you felt.
Trust me...
But very addicting to do more.
: )

I tought it's look same as what i did when ice skating time... but this more adventure!
Ice skating, when you fall,
You fall on that hard ice.
Rollerblading... i felt on road which that hurt at my knee.
Luckily I'm not falling backwards.
If not, say bye-bye to my spine.

'Lil scar not bother me anyway...

Maybe i will attempt to do next time.
I can rollerblading!
More skills to achieve.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

This is what i feel now


I'm joining this hospital not because to expects to get unlimited platinum black card credit.
But as i heard... that this is the top hospital among Malaysia.
This is what i heard.
So as to dare myself, i try their interview and i'm hired.
I leave my lovely previous hospital and joining here.
For introduction everything seems legit.
The hospital similarity as a hotel.
Beautiful and all sound interesting... as the speaker said.
Excited to see what my department look like actually.

So, on the next day... i have the opportunities explore there.
Not bad.
As day and month passes, 
Mingle around with the staff, surgeon... i still can handle it.
Even the truth all that them have lots of drama, but i love every one.

So, when i type this... it's been a year already and i seen the problem stated to appear.
Among the colleague, doctors and managers.
Like everyone seems unfair to you.
Between those, what make i more disappointed is the managers role.
Like i feel better i don't have one. 
I think the CEO and all those leaders should take time to listen to their employee.
That the main department, nursing especially that the main source of their business!

Management failed!
Like my previous hospital.

Not sure about the future.
May some reason why i quit my job are i don't leave the hospital, but i leave the managers.
: )

This is what i mean.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Other woman and you


Quotes above is a very good one.
Fans of it.
... I called this as inspiration.
Like when i see my idol, start to follow her, update everything about her... just to be like her.
Inside and outside.
And continued of this, 
I deeply think that... 
Until when i want to follow her.
Why not i be the one that others follow?

Super dubber big dream.
May be will take around three to four years, but better try than never...  right.
So, bring it on.
Welcoming those society.
And make my life spinning 360 degree.

You know... society.
With weird manners and minded.

But that's a real treasure.
Where i will how hard life is.
Experience teach me best.

Oh Allah,
Let me take this baby step,
Keep me guided and right way.
Tranquilize me.
And bring the peace upon me.
: ) 

Thursday, October 22, 2015



Yesterday, my sister WhatsApp me about my neighbor condition.
He's ill and admitted.
And this morning, she WhatsApp me again to tell that my neighbor already pass away...
Al Alfatihah.

He's a very good man.
He also my father's BFF.
As my sister massage, my father had visiting him on last monday.
Touching here and there to wake up him.
But the condition is very bad.
He don't want talked to my father.
And my father looked very sad.

Even I'm not really close to him.
But I respect him.
... When i was at school, he and his family helping us a lot.
Be guarantor for my father and vice versa.
Such a good man.

After my subuh, i take time to recite Yassin.
Pray my best for him.
And ready to work.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bus: Bad experience.

This post is not to condemn anyone.
But my right and also as reminder to others.
Sorry if you don't like.

Yesterday after finishing my work... i took a taxi and go to the nearest LRT. 
And then changed to KTM to go to TBS.
From there, i bought a ticket bus to JB.
I choose 02:30pm Konsurtrium, since that the earliest time i can get. 

Remain about 15minutes more, i rushing go to pray and toilet.
Sharp 02:30 pm, i go down at departure area. 
And luckily my bus not arrive yet.
So, i took a seat and rambling around with my internet line.
WhatsApp my sister... call my parents.

Time passing by, after 30minutes... they announced that my bus are delayed.
So as I'm not lunch yet, i go to small stall over there and bought some bread.
After 30minutes, means is one hour already and still delayed.
What the fish!

I go to girl who uniformly look like staff TBS, to get an explanation.
But to my surprised they don't reply me back.
Passing over my problem to another friends who seems don't care about it.
Take a sweet time with their gang.
I'm very disappointed.

May Allah bless them.

After 15minutes, 03:45 pm, then and then another Konsurtrium bus arrived and my group can joined them.
Because of same destination.
Next problem is struggling with them to get a seat.
What you expect when you are the second line team.
Whatever's i still get single seat.

So, after i received no apologies from TBS staff and behalf bus site.
I just okayyy.
But then what make my blood boiled and give them disgusting look after i seen that small tv show a Chinese story and it's 18sx.
What's wrong with this people?!
Are you horny or stupid?

I just pray that second driver will changed it or turn it off.
What if we had an accident, and die.
That the last thing you see?
The hell is your last destination bro.

I just open my mp3 and close my eyes and heard zikir... praise Allah and Prophet Muhammad.
These are my bad experience with the bus things.
Really and really bad.

May you can questioning why not i choose flights over this.
Sorry, as you know me and read my previous blog .
My first flight is go to Mecca.
That i swear to myself and the Creator.

To the staff TBS, i know how professional your image. With blazer and so on.
But if your manners and treat your clients like this.
You still not impressed me.
And that announcement system, please do something about it. 
Look like you heard a hard rock trailer.
Not clear and mumbling around.

To the bus driver and co pilot.
You're the worst.
Look like Malay but I don't think you are Islam.
Just feel bit relieved because i can used that USB connector at beside seat.
Keep me save my power bank battery.
I'm as a passenger have the right, duh.
Please improve your quality.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sell dunya for akhirah


When i wore more than a cap at my working place.
Some of non muslim, which my leader, have an argument about it.
Like i did something juveniles to them.

Sorry to say...
I'm very disappointed.
Felt they against my religion, Islam.
Start to think that did i still live on Malaysia?
Who are free country and majority of us are Islam.
What the fish!

I still give they chance to understand me. 
If they still cannot accept my right.
Then why i should i be here.

I'm not gonna begging,
Either cry nor felt down.
Maybe it's a time for me to take my own way.
Which can accept me practice Islam.
: )

Friday, October 09, 2015

Secret admire


Nothing more awkward than the moments you know, you have a secret admire.
Like LOL.
Someone has a crush on... me?
I don't think so.
Maybe somewhere something not right.

When my friends told me this.
... I donno what expression should i show.
Or should i be panic?

Best feeling?
Nah...i felt unsecured..

FYI... I'm the one not eager to talk anything related to 'L' words.
To that man, 
Don't waste your time for admiring me. I'm is nothing. 
If you're gentlemen enough. 
You know what should you do.

I hope he doesn't one of a scary secret admire...
Those who are stalker much that being harmful to me and everyone i love.
If so i will kick him out.
: )

Thursday, October 08, 2015



Every beginning of my day.
I always hope and pray for the best... or at least, please be nice to me.
Sound crazy, but why do i care
'Cause who wants a bad day?

Lucky me, my work option is not as i called something bored.
It's depends on case i facing of.
And also people i attach to.
No offense.

My unexpectedly best moments can be here,
Which i'm 50:50 sure.
But can be a worst moments.
As i previously said, depends on case i facing of.

Blah. Blah. Blah.
As i through my other routine...

And at the end of my day.
When i already pull my blanket.
To sleep.
And nothing special happens.
I said to myself,
Be patient.
Be patient and always be patient.
This best moments happen at unexpectedly time, and place.
And your heart can widely smile again.
: )

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Move on


I may can be categories as the people who don't like to complain much.
Either at my home or workplace especially.
Because i don't like it become a problem to me or others.
Giving me that pity looks.
And mostly created a drama scene.
Sorry... i'm not a good actress.

Billion thanks to my emak for teaching me this manners.
My superwomen.
She inspired me.
And because of this i be that strong and independent person from day to day.

Directly i said, 
I'm fully don't like those who complaining for every things he/she do.
What the fish!
Complaining. Everything.
Believe it or not. 
I already met this type of people.
Like balloon i will respect them.

Complaining to me is a bad words.
And negative attraction.
... Like you not sincerely do that.
Such a wasting time.
No pahala. No blessing from Allah. And added as another problem.

Yeah, i also agree when others said...
If i'm not complaining... you're stupid.
A stupid slave.
Oh kay.
Pretty rude.

Let me tell you a short story.
That between you with a Creator.
I called that as introduction of a slave life.
He command you to pray five times a day.
I called that as slave routine.
He wants you to do a good things and left bad things.
I called that as slave manners.
He reward you a heaven later.
I called that as slave hope...

We already a slave.
Remember that.
But we are not a slave to other human.
That what already happened here and right now to this world

I don't know whether you got what i mean or not.
I just let your wonderful matured minds to inter-prate it.

For those who under categories... i like complaining.
One suggestion i giving you.
Can you just told what you feel about that works?
Like... It ist not your specialty or you uncomfortable about it  or you just don't know how to do it or you lazy to do it.

Accept it and move on!
'Cause my sincerely level is higher than everything.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Please recover fast, Anas!

I knew Anas was admitted last few days because URTI.
(Upper respiratory tract infection)
Affected by haze i guess.
When my sister sent this picture. I was like... Oh my sweet pie.
"Let him sleep. He need it. "
He looks super tired and exhausted.
I pray and wish him the best.
Please recover fast, Anas!

P/s: Your sister and brother cannot wait to fight with you.
: ) 

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Novel: Kisah yang sempurna (Prolog)


Dear my future husband,

Directly I want to say that when we meet later. Don't proposing me to be your girlfriend.
I don't want to be your girlfriend.
Massively no.
I may reject that red roses, shining ring and become all such a awful moments.
Because I just want to be the one you call as your wife.

I may to rush in this things.
By the way this difference between me and other
women, is that, all they wanted to have all those.
Me on the other hands...
I indeed who wishing and dreaming.
Just as i know my limit to Allah and lower my gaze.
And when to said no.

I pray you understand me.
That I still wishing you'll be my ‘halal’ prince charming.
Who holding onto the Quran in your right hand and the Sunnah in the left hand.
And riding your horse of Taqwa.
Tame me and save me.
On the spot.
I hear you're worth the wait, so I’ll wait.

I not aspect that you are a perfect husband in future.
'Cause I’m also not a perfect person.
But I aspect you,
Who is not the one who calls me for only romantic talk... but he who calls me five times for prayer.
As my rules...
That a man who cannot lead me in Salah,
Cannot lead me in life.

My apologize,
I don't make my wedding day a pleasant memory in this life, but source of misery in the next.
Which when you do marry me,
I hope you do it so with the intention of Jannah where you plan to hold my hand and carry me together.
Just like some said, true love doesn't end... it continues in Jannah,

And then i know you love me endlessly.

Our stories may not as others lover,
Non a grateful to share.
Since when do love stories end in weddings?
Because we only just started from here.
This second.
And you become my chills.

From all above.. they may will said,
Someone like this? I never found a man good enough for this.
Or i will never get married.
May never or who know.
I plan, Allah is the master mind.
No one can against it.

Let me tell you one secret
I am a hard person to love but when i'm in love... i love really hard,
Allah is my only one.
Prophet of Muhammad is my strength.
And my family are my prove.
One day you not only a love, a strength, a inspired to me.
But everything to me.
One fine day.

From your future wife.


So this one is from my previous blog post actually.
I donno how to write the intro-i used this. 
I'm not sure if i really that talented enough. May i looks like randomly wrote i like and don't care if anyone will read about this or not. 
Hahhaha... I don't know this novel will take how long to complete. Why just take a seat, enjoy and wait for next entries. 

My link post is here.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Be cool


In this life, 
One thing I really want myself to be reminded everytime and everyday ... that wasting time is no need.
In subjective of to prove which i was a good enough.
Like i seen those who addicted posting at FB, Instagram, Twitter for every kindness they are doing.

I'm not a God's daughter to say all this are wrong.
That between you and Allah.
Just the uncomfortable feeling for me.
Where there will 'lil encounters for ikhlas/sincere vs riak/show of...
I hope this is not a trend.

People will not get it what my truly inside soul.
Same goes to everyone.
We only contactly by physical appearance.
That's a bias.
But I believe someday someoneone will know me or you by outside and inside.
The good and bad side.
Because it's dangerous if people realize the best of us instead, ourselves being caught by shadow from the worst side.
Oh Masyaallah.
May Allah bless me and you.

For now, 
In this case...
My family is whom i guaranteed know me well.
Yeah, that's normal.
And may some of my friends also.
I think.

Profit of being a good person is worth it.
Like a treasure a gold @ pahala.
Some may smooth, some may adventurer.
So when you're a winner.
Why must we show of those gold?
For what reason?
Neither you want to be respect, get more friends or you want people take advantage of you.
Be careful dear.
Like I said previously, we only knew by physical appearance...

My last words...
Just stay good.
Be good.
And be cool.

Friday, October 02, 2015

I am free


Yesterday night, i was at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. 
Me and three more friends.
My colleagues...
I'm cycling over there for the third time.
Still awesome as always.
: )

Maked it more adventure.
You know like when at night, 'lil rainy.
No parents will took their child to playground.
Like no one there except ours.
So why not we take that opportunity and bringing back childhood memories!
And we did.
Try all those spring rider, see saw, swing seat, jungle gym, monkey bar, and slide part too.

I am free, and happy.
I play, i smile, i laugh.
Like i don't have any major problem, and fear.
Refresh back my life.

Thanks to my friends. 
You all are the best.
Especially who the one pop up with this cycling idea.
Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times. 
If one only remembers to turn on the light.

Those tranquility just make a sense.
One time, i will need away from others.
Escaping from this room, 
This city, 
This country, 
This universe, 
This life.

I know i am free.. when inside me will feel like one.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Adam is so cute!

This is Adam.
Adam Haris...  his full name.
He is shy, caring and not to much talking type of boy.
 But to me, he still cute.
Very cute one.
So innocent face and i bet in future, his face that drop gorgeous!
Very hardworking too...
So focus on, cleaning grandparents house with that big slippers.
Cute as a button!
Oh my...Too cute to take it.