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I guess I'm pretty cool person because everything is strange. Life. People. And yeah, I don't know what planet I'm on. 

Anyway, thanks for all your support.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Throwback, : )


How about this statement:
Late night conversations make you learn a lot about people.

: )
Agree 101%
And conversation... i remembered about my ex-hospital.
We all umur lebih kurang around 30-20 an. So our chemistry are young minded.
We like to eat, late.
Dinner after work.
Once a month i think. Or more.

Ordered tak ingat dunia.
Laugh. Kutuk mengutuk. Get out from stress and smiling more.
Like tomorrow, no need go to work.

This mak cik, ialah the master of planning. Any programme, any event.
Sob, sob...
Missed them.
One day, i want go back to that hospital... and lepaking at their pantry.
Like a boss.

And please don't forget bring along your buah tangan.
Chocolate cake?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Long Time View: My instagram.


Salam ahad.
Gegegege... weekend sudah bah.

So, my topic?
I just want to share about my Instagram account. Lol.
Actually this insta bukak quite long.
Cuma tak active.
Lagi tiada productivity nyer.

Early dec last year baru aku ada hati nak menjengah. Itu pon after my friend push me.
Give me ur insta username!?
So, barulah aku terkedek-kedek login. Fuh, luckily the password is correct.
10 points for me.

And let me see.
No post, no following.
But 132 followers.
Okay, did I miss something?

As a permulaan, aku post random pix yang make my day tahap cipan.
Time passing by,
Aku cam...
Hurm, why not aku post pix what I had in my own blog.
Precious moments tuh beb.
And here i'm.

So, be please looking forward my insta account: Angsaku/ Adibah Shahrudin.


Thursday, January 15, 2015



Hai, morning...
I'm in a good mood to update my blog awal pagi. Bravo!
And here we are. 
I want cakap-cakap about kindness.

Maybe too subjective but very good if we're one of them.

In my POV, i see this kindness thing is so easy.
No money included.
Don't worry.

My favorite action related to kindness is smile.
Plus, wishing them good morning.
Even they are just a guard at the parking lot.
Best day in boosting your day.
: )

And my favorite quote about this topic is: Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world. No matter what you look.
And FYI, related to kindness is forgiving.
You will understood it later.
Trust me.


Sunday, January 04, 2015

Sketch time


This is what happened when I seen a plain paper.
Very tempting to sketch out my creativity. Heheheee...
: )

And this actually a first page of my notebook of operation department. I think my manager don't mind about it. Isn't it?
I just use marker with bold tip. And let my hand do the job. Hurm, sound dirty...
Never mind.

Just check it out. Enjoy.

Sesat, mana arah kiblat?


even it's Sunday... i woke up early.
: )
And had chance to read a page of Quran.
And it's talk about our kiblat.
Penting kan....

So, as we know.
Ramai orang suka adventure, travelling.
But what if we lost.
Bila dah sesat nih, memang rasa exhausted. Panic. And harus diingati bahawa praying to Allah is more important, right?
You'll can check it out this good blog: Terengganu outdoor store
He/she talks about same topic as I'm.

After you read that, and still 50:50.
Normal, everyone want a fixed proven... lagi-lagi if we talk about Islam.
So, i wanted to share it with you all.
Just open surah al-Baqarah, ayah 115.
Focus on a sentence state:

And to Allah belongs the east and the west. So wherever you [might] turn, there is the Face of Allah . Indeed, Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.

(Dan Allah jualah yang memiliki timur dan barat, maka ke mana sahaja kamu arahkan diri (ke kiblat untuk mengadap Allah) maka di situlah arah yang diredhai Allah; sesungguhnya Allah Maha Luas (rahmatNya dan limpah kurniaNya), lagi sentiasa Mengetahui.)

And double translation i given here.
Hadis al-arba in anNabawi. Daripada ibnu Abbas r.a, Sesungguhnya Rasullullah SAW bersabda: "Sesungguhnya Allah memaafkan umatku sesuatu yang dilakukan kerana katha' (keliru), nisyan (lupa), dan sesuatu yang dipaksakan kepadanya" Hadis ibnu Majjah al Baihaqi.

"Kemana pun kamu menghadap, disanalah wajah Allah"
Jagalah solat, kerana itu tiang agama.
May Allah always blessing us.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Salam maulidur rasul.


And a very good morning.
Nice and blooming day, isn't it?

Sudahkah anda berselawat ke atasnya?
If no, this below picture will guide you.
: )

And i want to share a excellent video from Sheikh Hussein Yee.
You all can surfing at YouTube. type... trials of the grave.
1:24 long, but surely you'll not regret after watching this.
trust me.

Some quote that i like from this are:

"You’re sure be question by Allah of what HE given you in this earth.
Where do you spend your time?
Where do you spend your money?
All will be question by Allah.
Remember, the more you have. The more you’ll be question in the grave."

Allahu Akbar.

Salam maulidur rasul semua.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Banjir di pantai timur

Dan salam sejahtera.

Salam takziah diucapkan pada sesiapa yang ada ahli keluarga or any orang tersayang terlibat dalam bencana ini.
Feel sorry on behalf me and Malaysian people.
May Allah bless us.

The ujian is so hard.
Aku yang memandang terasa sayu, sebak apatah lagi mereka yang menggalaminya.
Banyakkan bersabar...

Ada antara mereka yang menunggu pertolongan dalam kesejukan.
Ada yang mereddah arus deras, demi menyelamatkan keluarga dan harta benda.
Tidur beralaskan lantai...dalam kelaparan. 

Selepas banjir surut,
Allah mengguji lagi dengan keadaan yang dilihat dengan mata kepala sendiri. 
Buat para ibu bapa yang masih mempunyai anak-anak kecil... 
Kemana tempat berteduh, 
tidur dimana,
makan apa?
Life is hard.

And this moment is a chance for us to get closer to Allah, isn't it? 
to express the talents He has given us.
Life is hard,
and the world is full of troubles, but the sun still shines, and Allah's blessing never fades.

Stay strong pantai timur!
You're strong muslim/muslimah.

Selamat tahun baru...2015


How fast time flies.
Please forgiving me for all those moments if pernah,
Termakan hati,
Terasa sedih,
Terambil barang,
And all bad hings about me.

Sorry dude!
May Allah bless us in past and in future

Just want to wish you all, a happy new year for whom who celebrated it.
And all the best.