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I guess I'm pretty cool person because everything is strange. Life. People. And yeah, I don't know what planet I'm on. 

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

No update


Minggu ni and coming november month, i'm quite busy. Super tight schedule duh.
No time for updating my blog like everyday... sorry guys.
Can't help it.
And i have no time for dating also.
Sorry mate.

I have to do an oncall on PH Diwali and next weekend's.
Weekdays cam biasa full of duty job,
And akhirat collector programs.
Ini termasuklah jugak with my everyday Sunday morning charity class.
With new dua orang Belanda akan mai lagi... practice there for next three month. Hope everything with going well.

Minta maaf juga pada some invitation gotong royong on Friday and social community project from local university on the next day.
Can't join you all.
Really cannot duh.
Maybe next time.

And don't know if can come to my friends wedding ceremony at end of this month or not.
Really feel bad for him.
Because same date i boarding to my other friends house duh.
Kami plan nih dari awal lagi.
Can't decide now.

Luckily my youngest sister at Johor with my parents spent all her schools holiday.
So, i no need to worries about the kiddos.
Let her pulak yang demam jaga budak-budak nih.

Ok. Gotta go.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Islamic practice: Summaiyya and Khalil

Once in a beautiful land lived a girl named Summaiyya who was married to a man called Khalil. They were both very pious and strived to make Islam a central aspect of their lives. Soon after their marriage, Summaiyya felt bored staying at home; she wanted to do something for the Ummah. She loved to read and write, and would read a Hadith each day to her husband. Summaiya loved her husband deeply and treated him with kindness. She obeyed him, and, in return, her husband loved her very much.

One night after dinner, she asked Khalil if it would be possible for her to work. Khalil did not say anything. The next day however, after Fajr, she noted that he did not go into work. He had locked himself in a room without telling Summaiyya what he was doing and was making a lot of noise.
After Maghrib prayer, her husband asked her to get ready. While driving he asked her what kind of books she liked to read. She told him she liked to read Islamic books relating to literature, arts, and history. Soon after, Khalil stopped his car at an Islamic bookstore and asked her to pick out some books for him. She asked him what was going on but he would not tell her anything. 

Next, they went to Barnes and Nobles bookstore and got many different kinds of books. Sumaiyya also picked out some Middle Eastern, Indian, and Chinese cookbooks.

That evening they had dinner together at their favorite Afghan Restaurant, Zaynab’s, and afterwards went to the masjid to pray Isha Salat. When they returned home Khalil carried all the books they had bought earlier on in the day to his room. He asked her to go to sleep but Summaiya could hardly sleep! She was wondering what was going on and was tempted to go to the room and see but had eventually fallen asleep. At around 4am Khalil woke her up for Tahajjud prayer. Afterwards, he asked her to close her eyes and took her to the room he had been in all day, and asked her to open them. She opened her eyes and was surprised to see a beautiful small library. Her husband had made her an office at home! He had even bought her a laptop and set everything up, ready to use!

Khalil turned to her and said, "O my dear wife, I love you for the sake of Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala. I am responsible for you and I want to protect you always. You have asked me for permission to work and I respect you for that, however, I want you relax at home while I go out to work. I want to give you happiness and everything you could ask for. I hope you like my gift to you. I do not want you to work for any other man but me. Still, if you feel that you want to work outside the home, then I will not stop you. It would however make me upset."

"Men are the protectors and maintainers [qawwaamoon] of women, because Allah has given the one more [strength] than the other, and because they support them from their means..." (Qur'an 4:34)

Sumaiyya smiled and jokingly said that he can work for her. She thanked him for the office and agreed to stay at home. Every day when Khalil came home, he would find his wife engrossed in books taking in the knowledge and wisdom that they gave her. As the months went by, she started to give him advice from what she had learned and which was to prove beneficial for his company. Khalil also taught her about his business, and even allowed her some responsibility with some of the projects at work. He in turn paid her generously for the little work he gave her everyday and spent lots of time with her so that she would not feel alone.

This arrangement worked successfully for both husband and wife, and in time, they had four beautiful children.

One day, Khalil had a car accident. He was rushed to the hospital having suffered a knee injury. The doctors said that he would not be able to walk for at least six months or so. Sumaiyya did everything she could to take good care of her husband and the home. After a month, she felt there was a shortage of money in their bank account. She first looked for some jobs online and found a teaching position at an Islamic school. Then she wisely explained to her husband about the financial crisis they were going through and asked him if she could contribute to the household needs. After a little while, her husband agreed.

Sumaiyya would work all day at the school and would then come home to take care of her children and Khalil. She would make dua for Khalil and her children every day. Very soon, her burden eased when Khalil regained his health and was able to return to work. Now that her husband had recovered from the accident, Sumaiyya was able to leave her job and stay at home to look after the children. Khalil was grateful for what she had done and thanked her for being such a wonderful and supporting wife.

The Prophet (Sall Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) made every individual in the Islamic Society responsible for those under his or her authority in such a way that no-one, man or woman, may evade responsibility (Ideal Muslimah, 190).

He (Sall Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said:
"Each of you is a shepherd, and each is responsible for those under his care. A ruler is a shepherd; a man is the shepherd of his family; a woman is the shepherd of her husband's house and children. For each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for those under his care." (Bukhari and Muslim)

The Prophet (Sall Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) indeed spoke the truth when he said:
"This world is nothing but temporary conveniences, and the greatest joy in this world is a righteous woman." (Muslim 10/56)
Allah's Messenger (Sall Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said:
"O people! Fear Allah concerning women, Verily, you have taken them on the security of Allah and have made their persons lawful unto you by Words of Allah! It is incumbent upon them to honor their conjugal rights and, not to commit acts of impropriety which, if they do, you have authority to chastise them, yet not severely. If your wives refrain from impropriety and are faithful to you, clothe and feed them suitably." (Ar Raheeq Al Makhtum Page 541)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016



Dalam satu dua kawan yang korang kenal pasti akan ada yang mudah sentap.
If korang nak tahu,
Ayat sentap nih aku belajar daripada tempat kerja aku sekarang ni lah.
Sentap merujuk more kepada orang yang senang merajuk and suka simpan dalam.
Cliche sangat.

At my department, there all know whose that dude.
Pelik tak pelik la kan.
Lelaki sekarang hilang dah macho diorang.
And, so far aku actually good pada tempias tu semua.
Maybe sebab aku lebih suka buat hal sendirik.

And last week, i donno how i can terjebak dalam drama sentap menyentap nih.
But i did.
And a small war happens.
Dude, kau period ke apa oi.
Bagi aku if dia nak sentap to me... for what i did...
You're super wrong.

I already said, what's gonna happen to that box.
And everyone will aspect the same thing.
And just because of it nak sentap.
You're dealing with wrong person.

Then, when i treat you like a team.
You not listening pada apa aku cakap.
And you blaming me.
I still can tahan. I will not sentap back...
But der, my action is louder than words.

Kau masuk bilik tu, aku boleh keluar ikut pintu lain.
And, don't worry...
I will give you my silent treatment.
And, whatever you want said to me.
I can said back...
'Aku tak nak cakap dengan kau, kita gaduh'
Then jangan nak gedik-gedik baru datang kat aku.
Sayonara lahhh....

This type of people, aku tak akan layan their not so matured diagnosis.
Aku tak akan pujuk.
Remember this.
If i know that my mistake, i will say sorry.
But if the small things celah gigi nak sentap.
Easy dude, where are your kemachoan?
Sorok bawah ketiak ker.

Life is amazing, make it real.
Control your sentap menyentap.
Not everyone is perfect. You also included.
Decreased your ego.
Smile more and less the drama.
Barulah tak ada orang kutuk belakang.

You can do it!
= )

Monday, October 24, 2016



Sekarang kat Malaysia, semua rata-rata dah open minded about Jubah.
And online marketing about jubah pon not bad.
Banyak pilihan dah.
And i like this kind of style.
Simple, longgar,
So islamic and reasonable to any event.
Nak gi kenduri ker formal ker tak formal, nak gi jenjalan pon okeh...

Good idea actually, that masukkanin list, a must bring thing bila travel.
Mane tau time tu la crush or admire lalu.
Or mak mertua tetiba soh bertandang ke rumah,

I wore this jubah thing like everyday.
But now, i have to ride my motorbike... and seems impossible to continue this good habit.
Sedih gak la.
Tak pernah try lagi so far...jubah and motorbike?
Kang ado kain lekat kat rantai kang.
Dah melukut aku tepi jalan nanti.
One fine day maybe.

And baru-baru nih with influences from my friend, i bought new jubah.
Lara dress, ash color and from benang hijau brand.
I admire how the simple and cute it is.
Rare nude color of course.
Dan because it's jubah la kan... nak komen apa lagi.
Will go for it when Deepawali this coming weekend.
Raya la, kena pakai baju baru.
Even kena kerja sebenarnya, tak la dapat teman adik aku balik india...
Mesti dia jiwa kacau if baca statement aku nih.

Anyway, newbies yang baru nak jinak-jinak dengan jubah. Dipersilakan.
Nothing bad with it.
If you can tegakkan apa agama kamu ajar, fight for it.
Macam aku, dah biasa pakai jubah.
Bila pakai jeans sometimes nih rasa tak selesa sebab dah biasa pakai baju longgar-longgar.
Good ar kan.
So... selamat berjubah la yer.
Ok, tak mau taip panjang berjela.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jeruk Epal Hijau


Aku dan jeruk?
Dulu tak delah so like bff forever.
Sebab kurang sikit benda masam-masam nih.
Macam mana aku tak minat tom yam sebab dia masam.
Macam tu la to the rest of foods yang ada kaitan masam -masam nih.
Tak kiralah korang masak sweet, sour sekali pon.

Since dah kena duk sendiri nih,
Aku dan makanan masam boleh la di adjust.
Nih kawan aku ajar, sebab dia aku rasa hari-hari kalau boleh sumbat jer dengan tom yam tuh.
Pelik betol aku.
So, aku lelama nih terikut la sekali.
Then sekarang... ok sikit lah.

Pastu diorang ajar korang makan jeruk plak.
Memang addicted, lagi-lagi jeruk asam boi.
Tapi tau la... orang yang jual nih, nak bagi benda tu long lasting...
Letak cuka la and so on.
So, nak mengelakkan nih.
Sebab sayang wooo sama perut and usus semua.
Aku pon try buat sendirik jeruk.

This is jeruk epal hijau.
Aku belajar daripada my kakak masa gih Cameroon maser tuh.
This kind of homemade jeruk, aku boleh accept.
Pengganti pelam, and
Senang jer nak buat sebenarnya.
Korang nak soh aku buat hari-hari pon aku sanggup.
Kakak aku cakap, ni cam buat experiment time darjah enam dulu.
Rindu plak kat cikgu aku tuh.

Memula. Sediakan air garam dalam satu bekas,
So bila korang lepas kupas kulit epal hijau, nak maintain dia punya kaler daripada jadik coklat.
Letak la dalm larutan nih.
Ada yang lain, tak kupas kulit epal nih pon boleh.
Ikut suka korang lah.

Then, dah siap kupas and potong ikut wedges yang korang suka.
Korang amek satu bekas kedap udara.
Letak garam sikit. gula lagilah sikit jer.
Satu sudu teh kiraannya.
Then masukkan epal hijau yang dah siap tuh.
Tutup ketat-ketat and goncang.
Pastu letak dalm peti ais.

Time nak makan, kuarkanlah.
Korang nak travel... macam kami travel gih Cameroon.
Sesuai gak bawak benda nih.
If dia tak sejuk.
Tapi kesegaran dia still maintain.
Itu aku punya pendapat lah.

Senang kan.
Anak sedara aku pon geti buat.
Selain epal hijau, boleh jugak buat guna buah kedondong.
Or anything yang korang rasa nak makan.
Ok bye!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Cerita rantai aku


Hah, nampak tak tuh?
That's my rantai.
The only rantai i have.
Benda ni memang sentimental value to me.
Aku tak boleh nak share, nak cerita nih bit personal sebenarnya.
Hanya few yang tahu the true story behind it.
Even some of my sibling pon tak tahu.

Aku baru siap repair rantai nih minggu lepas,
Yang patah kat connection dia.
Repair kat Wah Chan Ampang Point.
After deducted new one dengan old one punya connector.
Kena charge semua dalam Rm 67.00...
Campur upah semua la.
Quiet ok, sebab the one yang dia ganti bit tebal.
And good service.
Ok lah.
Lagi pon emas memang mahal kan...

Benda tu patah sebab tertarik kat baju sekali.
Nasib tak hilang.
Kalau hilang boleh gila kot.
Dah la aku dah masuk nih... dua kali hilangkan loket dia.
Sampai sekarang aku tak letak loket.
Sebab nak carik loket yang sama... tak jumpa.
Dia old school punya loket.
Pray, one day aku akan jumpa.

And, mekasihlah bebanyak kat driver yang tolong teman tuh.
Patut Sabtu after wedding kami dah betulkan.
Tapi aku pon percayalah dia cakap tak bukak. Gi esok.
Rupa-rupanya diorang kedai emas bukak sampai kol 10 malam, kawan aku cakap.
Memang rasa time tuh nak ketuk-ketuk jer empunya badan.
Rejam sekali. Baru puas.

Sebabnya hari Ahad aku malas nak keluar.
Pikirkan rasa responsibilities yang tinggi kat rantai tuh.
Aku gagahkan lah diri ni gak.
And settle.
Lega hati.

I will take care of this things the best i can do.
I will kept it close to my beating heart.
That's like magical thing that make me strong inside out.
Because it from the favorite person in my life!
= )
And i love it so much.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kenduri kahwin


Sabtu lepas, aku actually kena gih kenduri kahwin.
My cousin.
Kami sebaya.
So, biasa bab-bab attend any event... my brother yang akan selesaikan on behalf our family.
Disebabkan dia sudah out of KL.
So, it's me.
The only one yang kena take over.

Then, mula-mula aku bagi la alasan yang aku ada berderet kes.
Reasonable kan?
Mak ayah pon paham.
Pastu on sabtu tu plak... kes cancel lah, postponed lah.
And aku memang boleh balik on time.
Rasa bersalah plak tak pergi.
Cam menipu, kan.
Pikir punya pikir, aku pon decided lah pergi.

Aku plan nak ajak kawan gegirl jer.
Ada yang tak boleh ikut lah.
Ada hal lah.
Ada tuh, ada yang confirmed. Aku siap gosok baju untuk dia.
Carikkan teman gih.
Pastu cancel last minute.
Tak marah pon, geram jer.

Then, aku no choice. Ajak la sorang kawan lelaki.
Aku bukan tak nak ajak dia.
Daripada first tadi aku ok jer ajak dia.
Tapi tahulah, ni bit family things.
I'm single. Dia pon single, available aku tak tahulah.
Nanti dia cakap apa plak kan.
Mesti dia rasa tak selesa.
And bila dia cakap. Dia ok. Aku ok jer balik.

Pas solat Zohor kami gerak.
Dia punya nervous aku rasa boleh buat bahan nak gelak guling-guling atas lantai.
Aku cakap baju T-shirt dia pakai ok jer.
Nak gak tukar yang formal.
Pastu. Tanya aku nak tunggu dalam kereta ke apa time sampai tuh.
Gila apa,
If nak soh aku makan sorang-sorang. Bek aku tak yah ajak dia.
Dari tadi aku dah gih sendirik.
Pastu siap pakai minyak rambut la.
Pakai kasut lah.
Haish, pakai selipar jepun pon aku tak kisah lah.
Pastu nak gi toilet before masuk dewan lah.
Ni aku bawak orang ker alien?

Last-last, aku tinggal jer... aku masuk sendiri.
Tengah berbual-bual dengan mak cik aku kat entrance, baru dia munculkan diri.
Then, aku tak perkenalkan kan pon.
Even mak cik aku dah kenyit-kenyit mata dia. Bagi signal.
Whatever, aku lapar!
Time amek makanan...
Rajin plak dia amik pinggan and air tambah untuk aku.
Ni kalau dapat award actor of the year. Aku bagi lapan, sembilan sepulah kat dia.
Time aku dengan dia, buli aku ada lah.

And time nak angkat kaki daripada situ, aku gi jumpa bride and groom.
Aku tengah-tengah best borak panjang. Terhenti jap.
Sebab paparazzi sibok, time tu la nak tangkap pic bagai.
Rimas kot.
Then, kami pon jumpa balik mak cik aku.
Then, mak cik aku tanya soalan yang cepumas yang korang pon tahu.
Bila turn aku plak?
Aku cakap besok.
Dia cakap, dengan kawan aku tu la.
Aku cepat-cepat bagi hadiah and amek doorgift and say sayonara.

Bahaya tuh. Sebab nanti akan ada next wedding kat Johor hujung bulan nih.
Sepupu aku yang lain.
Nih, mak ayah aku akan pergi.
Time nih, nanti mesti mak cik aku akan report kat diorang.
Aku nak jawap apa.

And sebagai menggenag jasa kawan aku tuh, kami gih kenduri kawan dia plak.
Makan lagi kan.
Aku tak kisah.
So, time nih aku biar kan jer dia.
Sebab nak bagi space.
So time tengah makan. Kawan dia, si groom datang.
And ada ker patut dia perkenalkan, cakap aku nih maid dia!
Ehh mamat nih, aku bunuh and campak kat laut kang.

Sebagai balasan, time mak cik aku tanya kat Facebook datang dengan BF ker?
Aku cakap, aku rembat bangla tepi jalan. Soh teman.
Fare and square.
Anyway. Aku tak de gambar nak share.
Sebab you know me, aku tak minat bergambar.
Tapi orang yang aku bawak tu ada lah.
Aku malas nak mintak.
Nanti if aku rajin mintak, aku update. And letak pic nyer. Hokeh.

Pastu aku soh dia teman aku gih repair my rantai plak.
Ni story lagi satu.
Nih, aku sambung post ke next entry.
Korang click sendirik la.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bekal oi masak oi


Bab masak, aku tak adalah pro debom-debom.
Yang setiap kali masak, mesti hingga menjilat pinggan.
Belum tahap tu lagi.
Tapi sikit-sikit, mana simple resepi dalam google, campak-campak... boleh lah bagi kat aku.

If aku ada masa, nih penting gak.
Tak penat.
Aku akan masak.
Absolutely... in small portion and bawak bekal gih tempat kerja.
Jimat duit.
Jimat waktu rehat.

So, lately... aku change small portion part tuh.
Aku masak in big amount.
Big tak big sangat lah.
Ikut budget la kan...
Sebab bila aku bawak bekal diorang punyalah akan join sama.
Tak pon dok depan kau, tunjuk muka kesian.
Hah, share la jawapnya.

Aku tak cakap aku tak suka.
Aku suka.
Aku suka tengok orang makan apa aku masak.
Sebab nanti aku makan sikit jer, boleh aku diet lagi.

Tapi, kekadang tuh. 
Nasik yang diorang tinggalkan... ciput sangat.
Even aku masak telur dadar pon diorang ketagih aku tengok. 
Kekadang abis terus, macam piranha kat amazon saner.
Makanya, selang dua jam akan lapor balik.
Seb bek aku memang spare cekedis.
Coklat semua.

Dan, if tambah rajin lagi...
Aku masak la dessert lain-lain.
Bagi sedekah kat tempat kerja.
Kat department lain...
Kalo baik lagi, dalam perjalanan gih tempat kerja. 
Bagi kat orang sapu sampah tepi jalan pagi-pagi tuh.
Bagi-bagi rezeki Allah.

Sedap tak sedap... jangan komen lelebih.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Viral mem-viral.


It's hard untuk kita boleh lari daripada di-haunt oleh technology.
Mereka ada dimana-mana.
Double confirm.

Related sekarang tentang pengguna teknologi dan internet adalah aktiviti viral.
Viral mem-viral.
Like a virus.
Included bad and good things.
Sometimes lawak gak sebab kadang-kadang ada benda yang tak logik pon boleh jadi viral.
Stupid people.
Cari likes la tuh.

My advice,
Purify your intentions before start post something.
There can be a viral in a seconds.
And if it's only kait rapat tentang you alone.
Quite safe.
But if benda itu melibatkan someone, even seorang sahaja.
You're in dangerous side.


We're not an angle.
Always in perfect ways.
Mungkin benda di post akan mengguris, mengganggu ketidak senangan pada mana-mana pihak.
Dah become a problem.
jadi use wisely about this thing.
Jangan sampai benda nih jadi a collector of sin for us.

Pada yang tukang share.
You all pon sama gak.
Not good oh key.
Sin tu sangat senang dapat.
Even sekecil kuman.
Sin always a sin.
Careful dengan jalan yang kita pilih, dear.

BTW, viral pon ada about good things gak.
Sajer nak bagitau.
If benda tu membawa kebaikan.
Pahala dapat.
Manfaat kepada semua.

Vise versa.
Choose sebaiknya.
Semua dah beso kan.
Takkan nak ajar lagi.
= )

Some goes to me, what i'm wrote here in my blog can be a viral also.
Is it bad or good in other eyes.
Like every post is my battle with Creator to test my deen.
But, I know... i did this only for Allah and my Islamic communities.
Because i love each of them.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

He's going to know, my version

One day, he’s going to know. He’ll know your real name and your parents’ names, your birthday; your star sign and where you were born and some of your funny childhood stories that are not so fun to share actually. He’ll know your bored brown eyes color, your scars, and your freckles, and that how you naturally every time comfortable without make up on, the way you look after spending hours getting ready, how not in good figure you had that make you far less than perfect and how you honestly don’t really care. He’ll know your bad habit when you’re tired, your mannerisms to certain people, your stroppy pout if you’re hungry, and your laugh lines when you’re happy. He will watch all your facial expressions endlessly. The way you chew big amount of cookies, sip not in lady like, walk playfully, and sleep easily like there is no tomorrow. And why you don’t like take a picture and giving that silly face at the end. He’s going to know your secret bucket list dreams, the hyper you can be, your worries texting if they related to family things, your simple analogically wedding dream, and your fears at alive cockroaches. And mostly why goose became your favorite pets. He’ll know your strengths, weakness, laziness, energy, and your moody mixed emotions. He’ll know your favorite romance books, cartoon movie, unpredictable song list, sweet chocolate candy, and nude weird combination color. He’ll know your meals order; that Lychee is the top. He’s going to know your love for mayonnaise not yogurt, how much you hated onion, tomatoes, pickles olive  and those colorful bell peppers and that you need your sandwiches prep into triangles.  He’s going to know how you feel without you telling him, that you need a space from a look in your face, and that you’re crying without shedding tears. He’s going to know all of it. Everything. You, from top to bottom and inside out. From learning, from sharing, from listening, from watching. He’s going to know every single thing there is to know, and you know what? He’s still fall in love with you for your imperfections. Even somehow you afraid the way he makes you feel because you don't want to feel anything. Trust the Creator, maybe it don't take you a big life event to realize you were with 'the one' because, we created you in pairs (Surah An Naba, verse:8). And everything will make sense.
= )


Monday, October 10, 2016

Selfie things

Hasil carian imej untuk we heart it selfie quotes


I have lots of friends who likes took their selfie.
I can said...

Boring things ever.
And it's not fun.
That's why when they want me together take a picture... my silly face i given.
Until they give up.

This people really messing around with my life.
And they knew i hate it.
Don't called me super nerdy person...
We can took many pictures, with many poses as you wish.
I can bare with these things.
I swear!
But please,
Not all things are picture time.

Just please enjoy the moments.
I need those space.
Oh key.

Really don't understand, what so interesting about posting yourself.
To show new wrinkles...
Or show off something, that you're the only happy go lucky person in this life.
Or what.
= )
Just my twenty cent comment.

Even i'm not purposely post any selfie in my Facebook or Instagram...
But here,
All pictures,
I posted in my personal blog.
My perfect social media ever!
Anything you want to know about me, here are the answer.

I know it's called personal... sorry because i don't like be a public figure.
Not my intentions.
Not also giving anyone to know what i'm doing in any seconds.
Not my types.

And others reason because why i'm not like selfie things...
I don't like to see my own face.
And that silly face i make.
I know i'm gorges enough.
So, why needs same picture?
Quite enough i can see that every morning in my rectangle mirror.

See you all in next post.

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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Maafkan aku


Minta maaf bukannya time Raya.
Or only time after kita buat salah.
But sifat maaf memaafkan sepatutnya ada anytime.
Spread the love of forgiveness.
Itu yang Allah ajar pada kita sebenarnya.
Macam manalah aku boleh missed this part...

How aku minta maaf pada Allah everytime after solat.
Pray Allah maafkan aku balik.
Macam itulah banyaknya aku, perlu terapkan untuk memaafkan sesama insan.
Even maaf sekecil kuman.
Besar pahalanya disisi Allah.

Aku percaya bahawa sedikit kemaafan mengikis sedikit demi sedikit rasa keegoan.
Ego itu masalah paling besar.
Bab nih, nanti aku citer kat lain post.
Anyhow, please...
Jangan simpan rasa dendam, rasa amarah dan kecewa sendirian.
Lepaskan dan maafkanlah.
Simpan nak buat apa, lagi bertambah parah adalah.
Kepuasan untuk para syaitan semata-mata.

Memang susah nak maafkan.
Tapi ingatlah, sekali kemaafan diucap.
Selamaya Allah redhai.

Atau if aku atau korang tak boleh buat anytime... anywhere...bab memaafkan nih
Sebelum tidur, try maafkan semua orang.
Atas apa yang terjadi pada hari itu.
Mungkin bit tak perasan pada ayat ditutur, dan perbuatan yang dilakukan.
Some ada yang terhiris perasaan.
Or ambil hati...
Ker, kan.
So, on our side, maafkan.
Untuk mereka.
Itu antara mereka dengan Allah.

Lagi molek if minta maaf depan-depan andai tahu that one salah sendiri, ke.
Yang ini untuk mereka yang berani kerana benar.
Maafkan lah.
Forgiveness is beautiful.

Dan dikesempatan ini...
Aku juga nak minta maaf, tulus daripada bottom of my heart.
Pada anyone yang aku kenal.
Family member... even my relatives.
Sekejap atau lama.
Kawan lama atau baru tiga saat kenal.
Colleague sekarang and any ex colleague.
Andai ada any silap salah.

In anything i do sepanjang perkenalan di dunia ini.
I pray you all always forgive me.
In anytime.

To you all,
I do the same also.
No heart touching.
My forgiveness is always be there.
In every seconds.

= )

Friday, October 07, 2016

Bising dalam surau


Yesterday, i went to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan)
Nak balik kampung Johor pulak.
So, ada fifteen minute left before bus sampai.
Sempatlah gih surau dia.
Yang memang comfortable gak la...

Start ambil wuduk...
And because lupa bring along telekung sendirik.
So used diorang punyalah kan.
Telekung public apa boleh aspect?
And diorang punya sejadah.

Tengah siap sedia nak angkat takbir...
Tetiba ada one group kat my back yang talk macam kat pasar.
And kecoh.
Hate it.

Memang direct cakap tak khusyuk gila solat time tuh.
Pastu nak tegur...
Sebab ada bagi signal, berdehem sikit.
Tapi diorang makin kuat.
Memang out.

If diorang talk about all islamic things...
Or tengah mengaji ker,
I'm not really care,
But it's dhunya things. Every words memang jelas,
Please lah.

Looks semua tudung labuh... young.
Student la tuh.
Ini mencerminkan who you are.
If you are the one who not talk or start the conversation,
Please cakap kat your friends...
Together kept our mouth shut.

For them, i forgive you all.
But starting today,
I pray you all and anyone will....
Respect those yang ada intention untuk dekatkan diri pada Allah.
Respect where you are.

Kept the beauty of Islam.
Practice wisely...

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Kanak-kanak dan Islam


When i was a kid,
Aku still ingat... yang ustaz aku pernah tanya.
Siapa rasa solat itu susah?
Angkat tangan...
Tak ada siapa yang angkat tangan.
Sebab aku rasa solat tu simple gila kot.
Apa yang susahnya?

Dan ustaz tu sendiri yang angkat tangan.
Jawapan dia opposite from us.
Kami macam, WTF man...
Dia yang more ilmiah than us, cakap susah.
Kami yang lower than him lagilah no answer.
Kami semua pelik.

He not explain more, dia cakap time will tell.
Misteri gila.
Dan sekarang... after beberapa tahun barlalu, barulah aku tahu.
I understand the reason of susah behind it.
Why solat looks so easy,
But indeed in reach the perfect khusyuk solat itu memang susah.
What you're told us is true ustaz...

Tambahan dengan all kesibukan kerja.
Kadang nak on time pon tak sempat.
Tambahan pula, nak capai khusyuk in every meaning kita sebut and those movement we do.
Hayatinya memang sangat susah.
Hanya Allah sahaja yang faham.
Everyday we solat, every time tu jugaklah kita cuba perbaiki diri.
May Allah bless me and you.

Untuk didikan Islam, bagi yang ada sekolah agama.
I'm not gonna worried to much about them.
Macam sekolah-sekolah yang ada di Johor.
Morning usually we attend school biasa-biasa.
And petang we all must attend this school...
Sekolah agama.
Because only from here, we learnt Islam purely.
Gladly my emak paksa kami even memang malas macam mana pon.
And i grad sampai Darjah Khas.
Yeah to me!

Terima kasih dekat ustaz and ustazah semua.
You all berjuang pada jalan Allah.
Banyak ilmu yang aku dapat.
Memang membentuk akidah adan akhlak siapa yang attend.
Terima kasih sekali lagi pada semua.

Dan my emak dan ayah juga sent we all untuk malamnya , kelas mengaji.
Kelas mengaji is everyday.
Oh keh.
Weekdays for malam.
And petangnya for weekend.
Mak ayah pon paksa, more sekali if time weekend.
No megaji. No play!
Memang kejam.
Tapi that's what make us human today.

Sometime a force bit is needed for someone like me.

Baru-baru nih, my sister ada citer yang bebudak nih ada pergi kubur ayah mereka.
Si Ziqa, Apiz and Anas semua lah.
Then, sampai jer... semua take their own 'lil space.
Si Ziqa baca Al-Fatihah.
Si Apiz baca doa makan.
Si Anas dengan muka tak ada perasaannya.

Bila kakak aku cakap Si Apiz baca doa makan.
Aku cam,
No comment.
He still learning.

Most i proud is Si Ziqa sebab dia dah start hafal some surah.
Surah Al-Mulk also kakak aku cakap.
You're the best lah Ziqa.
She also start to pray.
And do good stuff.
She is wonderful girl ever.

Ajar bebudak tentang Islam memang nampak difficult.
Aku belum ada anak.
But, instead. Aku rasa plan mereka dekatkan diri dengan Islam...
Start from when you're pregnant.
Baca dan dengarkan your 'lil peanut some Quran.
And when their born. Azan or Iqamahkan...
And as time fly do something related them to Islam.
With correct way,
You can do it.
Take time i know.
But, if it's worth it...why not.

Selamat beramal dan don't stop for what you're doing.
Always doa pada Allah.
= )

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Cameroon Highlands


Last Saturday, memang berderet case,
Aku dah geleng kepala...
Tapi, aku try stay cool dan doa banyak-banyak that case in my list habis on time.
And Alhamdulillah...
With Allah blessing,
Nearly finished, someone replaced me.
O thank you so much my friend.
Rasa nak buat pom-pom dance.
Sebab happy tak terkira.

Tak fikir banyak, aku terus solat jamak Zohor and Asar.
Pack my bag and all things,
Aku ambil shuttle van, drop kat LRT Ampang Park.
From there, aku stop kat KL Central.
Ada half an hour before boarding, aku sempat grab KFC Snacker box.
Gila lapar.

Then, sharp 04:00 pm ques masuk ETS...
Make myself comfortable.
And ready to take a nap.
Perut dah kenyang kan.
Terabai jap three books yang aku beli tepi ETS waiting space.
Like i care.

Aku terbangun pon sebab nak update my location kat my sister.
Adik perempuan aku pon boarding same time but her from Perlis.
So, we decided to meet at ETS Tapah Road.
Aku arrived around 06:35 pm.
And her at 08:30pm.
Then we together took our dinner.
Awal tidur malam tuh sebab penat.

Tomorrow morning after Subuh, we started our journey.
And mid perjalanan, perut memasing dah kruk-kruk-kruk.
Tambah dengan jalannya yang berlingkar liuk.
Bagi yang was-was korang mabuk tak, just standby your own plastic bag.
Nasib we all stay cool dan takde yang muntah.
So, my sister took out her bread sausage roll with eggs.
Alas perut kejap and continue our plan.

First stop, i'm not sure where this place called.
But it's someone tea plantation.
Tepi-tepi lereng bukit tuh jer.
Dia punya scenery memang ohsem.
And we decided to eat our proper breakfast here.
Cer imagine... makan bihun goreng.
Depan tea plantation yang menghijau, tepi-tepi tu pokok bunga yang ada macam-macam colour and tambah sikit sinar-sinar matahari dan angin yang suam-suma kuku.

Pastu naik atas lagi, kami jumpa tea factory process.
My younger sister dah siap ques excitedly.
Tapi cancelled nak masuk sebab my older sister nak pergi tempat lain.

Next pit stop adalah another tea plantation.
Called Cameroon Valley.
Compare to previous place, i like sana lagi.
Sebab memang tak ada orang pon.
And it's free.
If sini, lots of local and foreigner.
And you have to paid RM 2.00 per head for their wristband entry.
And if korang tak nak masuk pon tak rugi actually.
Jimat tenaga nak berjalan jauh.
Kat luar tu pon ada barang souvenir boleh beli and nak snap pict lawa-lawa pon ok jer.

Muka control macho.
After that, we're planned to go to strawberry farm.
And like it's a wrong way.
Because kena tempuh traffic jam about freaking three hour to reach there.
Oh no.
Why, why?

Because of that, kami sempat makan another bekal bihun goreng.
And tak tahu nak buat apa, aku tidur balik.
Bukak mata jer... baru sejengkal geraknya.
Stress. Stress. Stress.
Pastu nampak payung pasar yang besar tak jauh daripada situ.
My younger and i pon ada idea best.
After clear, we together jump out from the car.
And beli sebanyak makanan yang boleh.
Puas beli kami patah balik, carik our car and sambung makan reramai.

Sampai strawberry farm.
Kami ada dua choice.
Nak diorang petikkan strawberry or petik sendrik.
Eh, of course kami nak rasai experience pick our own strawberry...
Tapi sebenarnya... if korang nak tahu.
Farm yang korang akan petik.
Dia punya strawberry kecik sikit compare dengan strawberry yang diorang petikkan.
Nampak tak permainannya di situ.
Tapi whatever la kan.

Si Peah nih semua strawberry yang dia jumpa, dia cabut. Kena control lah.
Mau botak farm owner nih.
Gunting kat tangan dia gi gunting daun strawberry tu. Haiya.
Pening la layan ini budak.

Kat sini, kami sempat makan lagi.
Memang makan jela kerjanya.
And makanan dia, officially aku boleh cakap not so sedap.
Sorry guys.

Pastu kami on the way ke hotel.
Dalam perjalanan, kami jumpa another like pasar looks.
Sini, strawberry yang diorang jual more cheaper.
And besar-besar.
Five big paket, RM 25.00...
Compare dekat strawberry farm. One big packet, RM 25.00...
And all corn and those keledek yang manis-manis pon sangat murah.
Vegetables pon ada yang boleh dapat one packet, RM 1.00...
Ada kerja kosong tak sini uncle... cam best jer.

Kami pon lengkapkan all pesanan jagung mutiara or strawberry part.
Setelah kami laksanakan.
Smabung lagi tempuh traffic jam and baru nampak sign board hotel.

Sampai hotel, kami solat jamak and all night long my younger sister and i malas keluar.
We just stay at our room and menikmati tea yang pihak hotel provided.
With some popcorn.
And their free wifi.

This place memang sejuk sangat-sangat.
Floor dia pon sama sejuk.
Luckily i bring my sweater.
But no socks.
Poor me.

Bangun pagi tuh rasa keras kejung.
Air dia pon lambat panas.
Sebab too cold.
I don't want to stay here.
Cancel my request nak kerja dengan uncle sayur tuh.
I can't.

Selesai solat Subuh kami gerak balik.
Too cold to stay here.
No lah, actually we rush because my younger sister ETS ticket is at 11:00 am.
So, make sure it's on time.
And kami nak elak traffic jam there.
Tak sanggup!

I returned back to KL on the next day.
Tuesday morning and arrived around 10:15 am.
Memang lambat gila masuk kerja.
Tapi aku dah informed person in charge.
So kept safe.

Some tip yang aku nak kongsi yang bagi aku most important are, jangan pergi Cameroon time cuti!
Cuti yang rakyat Malaysia akan ramai-ramai naik sini gak.
Mood korang nak jalan-jalan memang akan spoil.
That's all.

And if korang rajin masak macam my sister, kol 02:00 pagi goreng bihun.
Memang hidup dan perut korang akan sentiasa happy.
Cameroon adalah tempat pelancongan yang setiap tempat banyak jaraknya.
So every bekalan yang korang bawak even ubi kayu cecah sambal ikan bilis pon akan sedap.
Sebab korang akan always hungry.
Or itu hanya focus to me?

Orait, bye!
Happy holiday.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Akak Nida


Dua hari lepas, aku telah kehilangan my best colleague ever.
Akak nih, aku panggil Akak Nida.
Dia memang sempoi.
Gila pon tak sempoi cam dia.
Aku rasa aku boleh kutuk lebih-lebih kot, sebab bukan akak tu baca blog aku pon.
Blog aku kan private.
Evil smile.

Akak tuh leaving atas sebab family things.
If aku in her shoes pon aku akan buat benda yang sama.
Family first!
Nak halang or bagi komen lelebih, not good la kan.
Kesian pulak.
Biarlah dia kept her own decision.
Kita as a friend just give her best wishes.

Akak ni banyak tolong aku.
Banyak ilmu saka ehh, bukan... ilmu, skills untuk aku tak boring ngadap muka surgeon hari-hari.
Aku memang 'zero' kot masa mula-mula masuk sini.
Yelah change job duty.
So, cilok-cilok, cekau-cekau la ilmu siapa yang sudi bagi.
Antara yang pemurah ilmu, cam akak ni la.
Mekasih kak.
Kau memang ohsem.

Akak ni suka main beskal kat Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.
Tu hobi pelik dia yang aku perasan.
Asal dapat pegang beskal jer,
Senyum macam dapat Lamborghini sebijik.
Asal dapat tengok orang men beskal jer,
Tengok macam Ferrari lalu.
Haish, suka ati kau la kak.
Asal kau bahagia.

Lagi, akak ni jenis hantu durian.
Aku bukan big fan sangat lah kat si durian.
Tapi if ajak... aku makan.
Aku ohkey jer.
No probs.
Join sekaki gak.

Dan akak nih la antara manusia paling rajin anta aku balik.
After aku bersara jap daripada nek moto.
Ajak aku kuar makan lah.
Belanja makan kengkadang.
Aku segan gak la sekejap.
Bab nih aku terhutang budi banyak kat dia.

Other things, if aku tak sihat sikit.
Akak ni la rajin gi tanya kabo...potong buah orange bagi aku makan.
Even aku bukanlah minat benda masam-masam nih.
Tapi aku telan gak la.
Sebab aku hargai usaha dia.

Anyway, disebabkan aku post call hari tuh.
A day before, aku sempatlah patahkan kaki merayap carik some hadiah untuk dia.
Banyak suggestion actually aku mintak daripada mereka-mereka yang terpilih...
Tapi aku modified ikut tekak sendirik,
So, akhirnya aku beli Adidas bag sac untuk dia.
Kaler biru putih.
Tak la mahai mana...
Just nice.

Sebab aku beli bag tuh adalah,
Aku pikir if akak nih tak sudi accept my gift...
Dia boleh bagi kat anak dia yang dua orang lelaki tuh.
At least diorang akan guna as simpan sport things.
Gila pondan lah if seseorang lelaki tuh tak minat bag yang aku pilih, kan.
Lagi, boleh gunakan... isi apa-apa yang simple as travel bag.
Or boleh letak barang-barang antik and simpan dalam muzium kat dalam rumah ker kan.

Nasib baik, masa aku bagi gift tu akak tu bagi ayat yang sejuk hati aku dengar.
Nak buat bag bekal ke tempat kerja baru nanti.
Alololo, so sweet!
Nanti time makan tuh ingat-ingatlah aku kat sini yer kak.
Jangan melantak lebih-lebih plak.
Bukan kata nak slim-slim ker.

Macam panjang berjela plak aku menaip.
Macamlah akak tu pindah kat Afrika nun gayanya.
Ipoh jer kot.
Naik ETS, dua jam jer.
Drama jer lebih.

BTW, aku doakan Akak Nida akan always happy.
Always sempoi macam sekarang dan selamanya.
Kept spirit as a strong women.
Moga Allah berkati hidupnya include keluarga kecik dan keluarga besarnya juga.
Allah tetapkan jiwanya sentiasa dalam iman.
Allah sayangi dia setiap saat.
Allah cepatkannya dapat jodoh, and cepat kahwin...ehhh.

Halalkan lah makan minum antara kita.
Segala hutang if ada.
Minta maaf andai ada tercalit perasaaan or tersinggung.
Tergumpat mana-mana.
Terkasar ker.
Always remeber...
I love you kak!
Thanks for everything.
= )