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I guess I'm pretty cool person because everything is strange. Life. People. And yeah, I don't know what planet I'm on. 

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Akhirah Investment: Hold my hand and lift me up

When i did calculating throughout my financial file.
I always in dilemma afterwards.
To think carefully about the better way of "akhirah investment".
Because it's not like my others investment, which I can  planned it very well... 'cause it took me long period.
But in this case,
I have to plan everyday!

Everyday investment, everyone...
Called me pro investor then.
Wow, and just wow.
Did you realized it?

My first thought when included this in my top list of investment is i planning in volunteers thing, gift to orphans...
Umrah, Hajj.
As simple as cupcake.
But after  I heard wonderful speech from Mr Nouman Ali Khan... my investment about it is getting bigger.
Too much to do, to much to take care of.

Daily routines investment...
Surely risks,
And ignoring it is just a bad move.
Because i have to kept it valuables day by day.
And please bless me, Allah.

How about yours?
Did you already starting or just starting?
Whatever it is let's face it.
And kept ourselves valuables.
: )

Sunday, November 29, 2015

I can't explain


Last few days, my friends introduced my number to one of her boy friend.
After my 50:50 permission.
And he started to WhatsApp.
I'm not replied.
Any of his message.

Next day, 
He rang up.
Small talk and I ended by saying I'm busy.
And really... i did something on that time.
After that, i forget to call him or message back.

This all after I regret about the permission.
I shouldn't do that.
Not because i "pilih kasih" dalam berkawan.
Not that.
But, i forget that...
Stranger always a stranger.

Some more, I realize that this guy is one of her lover friends. 
Not her truely friends.
Her lover, the man, that i hate so much...
He dumped her many times.
That's why i hate him.
When i hate him,i also hate his friends.

Because the meaning of friends is he or she bring the best of you.
But not in this case.
Or maybe it is just my imagination.
I dunno.

To that man...
Sorry dude.
I take my relationship as serious as my religion thoughts me.
And before it starts with no sincerity.
Better not bring the hope here.

: )

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jihad on it's own


For myself, when i talk about "Jihad".
It's such a big words.
And what i understood about jihad is these thing only related to holy-war or military action.
Like others always said... Jihad di jalan Allah. 
And those who in action towards jihad, being called as "Mujahid".
For that, i know i'm not one of them.

After the #Parisattack story about two weeks ago, the words of jihad seems very interesting to me.
Others than ISIS thing.
So, i start googling and investigate about it.
You see i found that, jihad/ jahadu is a very manipulated influence words.
It's basically more towards those who struggling and striving towards God.

As per say,
Commit in the way of Allah. 

For ISIS things, when they spread they been jihad,
I can directly sound that jihad is a bad jihad.
Because the truly jihad is expecting something good will happened for both side.
If they start killing innocent society, it's not jihad.
It's revenges! 
And Islam prohibited this revenges things.

Keep on reading, when i alert that jihad have many division.
Then the most i like is Jihad al Nafs.
Battling against yourself, the ego and psyche...
Atau dikenali sebagai jihad ke atas diri sendiri.
Looks quiet easy, but watch your mouth!
It's more difficult than do a shopping complex.

Mostly when i'm must struggling with my inner soul.
Even in simple things, some case that can be called jihad.

I remember when some vendors at my workplace invited us for a small dining event. 
And they just said come along, chill out.
Some other Muslim colleague is going, 
Makan free kat tempat high class, who don't want?
I politely declined and at the end i'm happy with my own decision because i heard they served some alcoholic drink.
Astagfirullah al azim.

Same situation when they also invited me along for Karaoke session.
I also decline, and which it's fine for me when they said don't want gathering me for next event.
Like i care?
Because i will gladly to say, 
There are plenty places where i can socialize that fits everyone.
But with whom i will socialize is more important.
Please respect my right.

 : )

Many of my post had talk about this.
Aurah especially.
It's also not only jihad through hijab, another major issue is that the opposite sex,
That boyfriends girlfriends things, 
Come on, you know what i mean. 
Or you can read my previous post about this.
I called this as jihad in relationship.

One more is jihad towards all trendsetter things.
I can do this.
You also can survive this.

Thank you for reading.
Together we practice a good jihad.
Even in small things.
“Those who believe, and emigrate, and strive (jahadu) in the cause of God with their money and their lives, are far greater in rank in the sight of God. These are the winners.” 9:20

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Belalang hijau

Ini adalah belalang hijau yang aku sempat tangkap gambarnya so perfectly.
When you zoom it.
It's like this thing stare cutely at you.
Yeah, it's cute.

Binatang ini kecil sahaja. Small like half of jari kelingking kita.
Kecik kan...
I'm not gonna to touch it.
Dia akan terbang dan melompat laju.
Because just only of,
Hard wind also make thing binatang pergi melarikan diri.
So sensetif.

Luckily my childhood i pernah tangkap this thing masa petang-petang with jaring kecil.
And put in balang.
And it will surely die in next morning.
Still not know the causes until i learnt that oxygen is exist!


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris and Islam


Sad day for France,
and the tragedy in Paris yesterday should be seen as a wake up call to European nations.
And we can see how they unite with France. 

But this incident will aim the terror attack.
Islam, Muslim of course.
That the climax.
Even everyone don't know the real stories... their mind already been thinking like this.
Looks normal?
Freaking scary!

Terrorist no religion.
They are not Islam.
Even Christian 
Or Buddha.
Or Hindu.
Because i believe every religion teach their followers a good manners.

They are idiots and heartless.
Those war between two idiots, in the end,  innocent of community will get hurt.
By the way,
Only coward attack innocent civilians.
Idiots. Heartless. Coward.

To all the leaders in the world sorry to say but you guys definitely failed to protect the innocent. All I can see is blood all over the world, today 100 innocent dead in Paris, yesterday 500 innocent dead in Palestine, last year 400,000 dead in Syria, 5 years ago 1.5 million dead in Iraq and the list goes on and on. Don't you dare blame my religion for your failure. No matter how much you toughen up the laws on the Muslims your problems will never be fixed. Fix your corruption and take a really good look at yourselves.---"The Australian Muslim FB"

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Get well soon peah!

This morning my sister, Maya, whats app that her only daughter admitted because of Influenza B.
Like flu outbreaks.
More concern is because she still a baby.
And it's scary!
Oh my... 'lil Peah so sick.

Her fever is up and down even after that suppository medication things.
Only interesting in biscuit.
Dehydrate too...

Lorh, she will not 'bambam' anymore if like that.

Aunt here pray the best for you.
Stay strong girl,
Get well soon Peah!
: )

Small talks.

I'm the person who hate to start a conversation.
Especially to the stranger.
Really true.
Like... what if my question or story make he/she become more sad or unhappy.
I care about all these, okay.

But, with the people i know...
Sometimes awkwardness also happens.
Really true.
Like... what if my question or story so bored to he/she later.
I care we will not talk each other in future.

I still not yet found the perfect buddy.
Which i can share and talk about atoms, 
The meaning of life, 
Faraway galaxies, 
The lies I'e told, 
My flaws, 
My favorite scents, 
My crazy childhood, 
What keep me up at night, 
My insecurity with height, 
Who speak with no emotion, 
A twisted mind.

I don't want to know... that nonsense story and words of ,"What's up"
I'm different.
And also weird.
So, enjoy my weirdness.
I hope you say, yes!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Tiga beradik

This is Ziqa, Apiz and baby Anas.
They are Yam's children, my older sister.

New thing about Ziqa are she said her age is 80 already and next year will be 90.
More older than my father, her grandfather.
Even the actual age is only 5!
She also already asked about nuclear... Oh, okay...

Apiz, i seen the video how he's bullying and penyekkan si adiknya, Anas.
This pix also can be interparate it,
See how he hold that baby hand?
He pinch or what...
But muka ada geram.

Baby Anas. Still don't have any teeth.
Cannot walk yet.
Bubbling more and like to smile.

There all are the happiness in our family.
Stay healthy, cute and make our life like bomb with their mind and playing time.
Keep on guys.
: )

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Human behavior. It's complex

I like to do this things more seriously since i was at the end of High School.
May because that the moments where my soul started be matured. Hahhaha...
At these time not much i can related with the complex of life.

The introduction of life is when i in national service, PLKN. Where for the first time i'm staying away from my lovely family for three months.
And after that, away again for studied.
Three years.
Keep it down when i work at Johor.
Heat it up again after one year until now, where i staying at Kuala Lumpur.

College and working time, there the real human behavior i learnt.
And surely it's complex!
When i only analyzing...there started judging me.
Big difference here.
'But that's what keeps me going up.
Not going down.

This how i said, we life is the same world.
Be slave for the same God.
But through it with different way.
Bad or good... we choose because it's our chapter.
Our pahala.
Our books.
So please choose wisely the way you live.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Go nature part 2: Sungai pisang, gombak

Continue... Go nature part 2...

Plan tempat yang nak gi adalah Sungai pisang, gombak.
Aku memang tak pernah dengar and tahu akan kewujudan tempat nih.
Quite interesting lah.
Bab supply makan, part aku ialah membuat sandwich!

Then, kami seramai lapan orang bertolak tepat 7.30pagi...even janji 7.00pagi.
Biasalah...malas nak komen hal-hal camni.
Sampai dalam kol 8.30 pagi. Around that aku rasa.
Sebab aku tak tengok jam, even pakai jam tangan.
Sebab excited nak masuk hutan.
Aku nak kick pacat and lintah yang memang musuh dalam lipatan sejak azali lagi.

Sampai sana. Parking dalam... bahagi-bahagikan barang, sumbat mana muat.
'Cause better korang jangan pegang apa-apa dekat tangan.
Sebagai tips untuk senang trekking masuk hutan nih.
Mula-mula jalan terus, jumpe parking moto and jalan lagi. Jalan mati dekat muka sauk Sungai Gombak.
Maka bermulalah pengembaraannya.
Get set and go.

Lalu bawah, ada arus sungai. Kena seberang. Part nih, kasut memang basah lah... tak leh elak.
Pastu naik trek darat.
Ikutlah kau trek semak-semak tepi sungai.
Hati-hati sikit, jalan lecak.
Jalan sampai jumpa terowong berkembar bawah Lebuhraya Karak.
Ada two choices...nak ikut bawah atau teror sikit, bab nak elak kasut basah, lalu titi tepi tuh. Mata kena tajam...
Keluar terowong, kasut basah jugak. Hahaaaa... pastu naik tangga besar ala Batu Caves, yang menghala ke highway Karak. 

Nih part depan terowong. Ada senyum sikit semua.

Pastu jalan la tepi highway Karak.
Time nih, orang yang hon-hon tepi tu akan bagi semangat.
Kau layankan jek la.
Sebab diorang pikir korang adalah pelarian sesat. Refugees.
Muka sememeh, basah sana sini.
Nak tumpang? Bangla pon tak hingin nak tumpang.

muka pasrah
Jalanlah antara matahari mula memancarkan sinarnya.
And, sampai jumpe KM 28.7...
Naik trek tepi tuh.
Time nih before masok boleh take five dulu.

Jalan masok dalam dalam lima sepoloh minit... sampailah dengar bunyi yang ditunggu-tunggu.
Bunyi air terjun.
Bukan bunyi beruk menyanyi.
Hah, dengar tak?
Time nih highly recommend janganlah pepandai pakai earphone.
Sampai ke sudah kau trekking tak jumpe.

Kami pilih port atas sikit daripada air terjun besar.
'Cause aku rasa, aku nak turun pon kena tulis wasiat dulu rasanya.
Curam nauzubillah...
Sebab tu aku rasa aku tahu kenapa diorang support activities flying fox and abseiling...
Nah, perfect reason aku bagi.

So, set up tempat.
Ni semua dilengkapkan oleh tour guide kami.
Si Apez and kawan dia, Lan.
Dioranglah gi pasang khemah, bakar arang, buat air...dan yang lain-lain termasuk aku lama dah terjun mandi air.
Kejam gak la kalau flashback.
Tapi diorang cam ikhlas bebeno and tak kisah pon.
Orait lah tu kan...

Naik-naik, ayam dah masak.
Sosej and daging burger pon ada.
Tapi ok jek...
Apa lagi... makan sampai kembung. Pastu mandi lagi.
Hahahha... air dia memang...
Tempat kami tuh tak dalam macam air terjun besar bawah tuh.
So, tiada acara terjun tenuk dapat dilakukan.
Sepanjang mandi manda adalah moment yang membuatkan aku gelak sampai nak gila.
Tak boleh citer, aib orang.
Tapi memang kelakor!

Dalam kol 3petang. Kami ready-ready kemas nak balik.
Lipat khemah, pack barang-barang, clean any rubbish and ikat ketat-ketat plastik sampah tu sebab kena pikul keluar hutan.
Ni bab aku suka, memupuk cintakan alam sekitar.
Four thumbs up!

Actually diorang dua tu nak ikut laluan lain, more adventure katanya.
Tapi entahlah... dah petang, orang pon ramai. So ikut jalan masok tadilah.
Sepanjang jalan balik, rasa sekejap jer.
Sebab dah pro jalan.

Sebelum balik sempat beli eskrim roti.
Pak cik tuh buat eskrim and rotinya sendirik.
Time nih jugak, hujan mencurah-curah.
Alhamdulillah... sepanjang kami atas sana tak hujan.
Manja-manja titisan air jek.

So... itulah aku punya pengalaman tentang sungai pisang.
Best and terbaik!
And, aku hanya jumpa baby pacat.
Tak dapat nak kick.
So, bye!

Oh yeah! Muka saper paling poyo...

Monday, November 09, 2015

Go nature part 1

Tomorrow I'm planning to go camping with few of my friends.
Heading there tomorrow morning after Subuh...
Means spending Deepavali holiday fully at there.
My feeling?
Excited because i will close back to nature and feel free in enjoying what i like most.
Even aku sebenarnya dah lama tak masuk hutan belantara nih, latest ialah masa time PLKN dulu.
Tu moments paling kejam and dahsyat yang aku lalui.
So, this time biler diorang invite aku.
Aku cam... Officially on.
Impress me.

So just see what happens later!           

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Are you single?


I think i don't need any pretty introduction to this subject.
Let's me freely typing,
To make it happen and, 
My pleasure to open the table and talk about this kind of thing...

The most what i hate is when I have to facing conversations that started like this:
"Omg, why are you still single?"
Why society need to bother about my status?
Do you all have a problem with it?
Do you?

One word.
You're annoying.
Do you know that.

If you really want to know...
Let me tell you that,
"Cause i'm mentally dating a celebrity that has no idea I exist."
Good enough?

Oh yes. 
I admit. I'm single.
I'm single AF.
And I'm happy with my status.

Trust me... in this world.
Single doesn't always mean lonely, and relationship doesn't always happy.
Complicated, tears, hurt, lies, broken, divorce is not a nice words.
So single is the answer.

'Cause i hate happy ending up being a stupid.
Be hopeless.

Allah give this single line long enough to me..
I didn't know where the end.
What condition my love story will starting.
In which situation my first love or "cinta pandang pertama" looks like.
How i take next big step for a big day of my life.
I barely don't know.

... That is point of view from myself.

My point of view to all man,
A real man treats his lady the same way he wants another man to treat his daughter.
That's my best impression to all man.
Including if you're a killer or refugee or what.

She will never take you seriously if you flirt with every girl.
Don't be stupid.
Don't be a playboy.
Never play a game with girls heart.
Stop "bajet cool" and seek cheap attention.

And last but not least, 
Be a soleh man. 
Be real and treasure this life with blessing.

P/s/: A man without a woman is bachelor, but aha-aha.. a woman without a man is genius!

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Ugly and judgemental


This quote should be presented to those who "meroyan" a.k.a "perasan dia bajet lawa".
Not be sarcasm, and,
Don't kill me.
I just tell the truth.

Amazing personality is very interesting words.
Not much person have this.
It's like an aura came from the sincere heart.
Did i just type that?
Hehhehehhh... it's around that lah.

So, why need to bother by others life and love story.
Get yourself one!

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Comparing you & me

Without a good reason.


Since last two weeks, i make a small business.
I did a "sambal kicap" with johor style.
Taste spicy with 40 cili padi per package.
One around 350g...
Only Rm 8.00

Limited edition and homemade.
Cook and blended with love.

Lot of my family members and friends ask...
That's so cheap and quite risks.
Small profit, something like that lah.
To me...
Whatever it is,
Can you stop comparing yourself with me!

I just did for fun and not as part time seller.
Just tunaikan some wish and permintaan.
So, because of this, 
I don't see any big profit business i can get.
More pahala maybe.
: )

Maybe i'm at the chapter 1 and you at chapter 20, but my stories may more adventurous and... 90% wishes a happy ending.