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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Outdoor: Bukit Tabur


Another outdoor activities I did is hiking!
Literally, in this case i suggest that you must have a strong and tough buddy that accompanies you.
Because it's physically so hard if not so.
: )

Not i mean that hot gym guy.
Which have bulging muscle every where...
But some person who are strong and tough in mentally.
That's the one.
That i want.
Included their spirit and survival feeling.
Then, you can let's the game begin.

Why i like if my group member have this kind of aura.
Because what ever sharp stone or high narrow way or you fall later, you know that's are normal.
Not some 'gediks' manners, please.
I can't face it.
And make me gonna not enjoy the whole trip day.
And make it's more drama and nil fun.

Avengers OT staff PCMC fighters!

This Bukit Tabur time, my group around eight person , i can said as details above.
Have this positive aura.
Even included the six years lovely old boy!
(sorry not in picture, because he fighting with his game phone right now)
... very lucky boy.

After 7.00 am we started hike and have three point overall.
All points, have own very nice view.
Like it so much.
And others hikers very helpful.
And friendly too.
That's the most important.

That we really donno who the guy at the back. But, it's ok because he has a look.
: )

This point we really like it. Others side, have this one sister did a cup of tea. Hahhha...
I think that's a brilliant idea.
Next destination, please.

And we came down around 10 am.
Go breakfast, I choose Chicken soup.
: )
And we decided to do 'Terjun Tiruk'...
At Kemensah,
I can said, not really happening because the place is so small and I already go there to celebrate my birthday last year.
So I not hope much.
And okay with it.

After that, we go shopping at Kenanga Mall.
Awesome wholesale you must go, babe.
And arrived at home around Magrib time.
Very tiring day.

But fun!.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Peah buat-buat comel pulak

First picture, she pose like a model. Duh, when you see a model looks straight at the camera?
Matching dress with those shoes. And big pink ribbon headband detected.
Not sure who sponsor this outfit...
Not gonna say anything.
But, can i know meh where you bought it?
My future husband need to know this.
He must, i can said.
Second picture, luckily she's prefer to be a normal kid.
Hhehehhe... so comeh.
Big eyes!!!
Can we change?
= )

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My video from Videoshow


As i like to see nice video at YouTube.
I wish to make and record my own video.
So i started recorded some short video.
Then how i can make it more interesting?

Then after searching and googling.
I found this apps and I thinks I much addicted to it.

It's called Video Show apps.
And it's android.
Can be downloaded at play store and type videoshow.
Donno about selfish Iphone apps, sorry!

And as that, i done three video already.
So... i think i like it very much.
I hope in future they make it more HD and more theme.
And no fees behind it.

So enjoy!
*Sorry, i can't show you my video because my line not strong enough to download it : )

The picture apps look like this.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Perak: Gopeng Part 2


So, after done part one.
I will continue with more adventure of part two.
Our mission i talked about are we gonna spent two days and one night at Gua Tempurung Outdoor Camp.
: )
How can we involved in this activities?
Thanks to PWTC Matta fair.
Rm 140.00 per head.

We check in at 01.00 pm... earlier than expected.
Because too hot outside.
Need to chill down after sweaty noon.
And they seem don't mind.
Hey, i can took a nap one hour!
And i did.

So, first activities... river tubing.
Make sure your outfit is suitable and please wear shoes.
For safety absolutely, even a life jacket will do.
'Cause we donno what inside there. Either piece of glasses maybe.
And hey, your journey still long.

After some explanation of a guider, and how to control the tube we're ready to go.
And did i mention, raining start to pour at that evening?
How nice it sound.

Sorry, we don't bring a camera. Because we still love them. So it's actually looks like this. Safety jacket and a tube for each one. And they also provided a helmet.
Some tips i can give are, please adjust your body as comfortable as you can even you are half lying, if not you will have a back pain later.
And make sure both legs is straight. Others than for balancing is for your own good i think.
Then, how to control this river tubing?
Use your brain and hand.
You think you can't do it. But later... you can. Believe me. I'm felt that too.

I know you will start to think like...
With the harsh river water flow, what to expect?
And they will let you free by your own. Huh...
And you will go round and round at one corner.
How about if no one will help you.
And they miss you.

Get that away.
Have fun and make it more adventure!

... We finished this activities at late evening. Around 06.30pm.
Looks like our sunset trekking will be delay and became night trekking.
Nice idea, duh.
Whatever it is, let our took a shower first and did Asar prayer and get ready.

Our night trekking started after Isyak and dinner. Around 09.00 pm.
So, as our mission is not plans well.
No headlight even waterproof bag me and my friends had.
And lucky enough they provided us with small torchlight.
What the fish!
If like this i think i apprecitae more of my beautiful night vision eyes.

So Bukit batu putih... here we go!

Sorry again, we don't bring a phone or camera, because we are so in love with them. And  no scratch allowed. So imagine like this but darker. No neon color in this picture. Replaced with stars and crescent moon. : )
With 45 degree hiking. I also felt the tiredness and exhausted.
The best part is we didn't bring any mineral water.
What so awesome idea.
But, as we on the top... the thirsty gone ever.

Very Masyaallah panorama.
The feeling of you, alone with the stars and light from nearest town.
Plus windy night.
: )
And that make me sleepy.
Believe it or not... we slept there.
Yeah, i don't care. It's my sleeping time i can said.

Next morning after Subuh, we're prepared for caving Gua anak Tempurung.
The most top activities here.
After Nasi Lemak breakfast, we heading there.
Around 09.00 am.
Make it more fun, me and my friends being combine with some of students from some local university.
They have assignment about this place.
So, just mingle around.

This is the outside of Gua anak Tempurung.

And as assignment tour, the guider explain and showing mostly what historical natural phenomena inside.
All stone looks so different in shape and size.
'Cause no wonder, they formed long thousand years ago!
 And it's touching cold too.

What they said is this place not many people know, because outsider only knew the real Gua Tempurung.
Not Gua anak tempurung that more adventure and you can touching whatever milky stone you like.
And they also showing some fish which in white colour from head to tail.
Big questions is what they ate because there only have water but no plantation even i don't seen any fungus.

They are my along treasure, and still we need that headlight and that waterproof bag. What i wore is not mine. All sponsored. Hahhaha...
Yeah, finished!

Last but not least, let me show you our transportation! Cool ok.

Around 04.00 pm after showering, Zohor prayer and lunch... we heading back to Kuala Lumpur.
And lucky us, no jammed and sharp 06.30 pm we arrived.
That's our journey.
At Gopeng, Perak.
So which our next destination?
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Perak: Gopeng Part 1


Last weekend my friend (Emy) and I we're heading to Perak with some mission.
But, before that on Friday morning we're go to Kedah first to collect her taekwando suit.
And show me her hometown, flashback childhood memories in one day.
And that late evening,
We start come down to Perak state.

We exit toll, 135. Gopeng.
And after toll..turn to right side and searching a hotel.
And we pick Hotel Gopeng Inn. RM 88/night.
Beside KFC store.
So, you know what dinner gonna be.
About the hotel, what can you aspect if you only just want to sleep per night, as long the hotel clean and safety no. 1... i think i'm good with it.
: )

That Saturday morning, after Subuh and showering. I start to make a plan.
Much visit before 2pm?
So, the first place is Kellies castle.
RM 5.00 for adult per head.
Even though history is not my favorite subject... but looking at this fantastic building is amaze me.
How can they built such a wonderful building or castle at that century, 1915
But they did.

My reaction!
At the top.

Yeah finally we're here.
After one hours, limited time guys.
We go to breakfast in front of  Taman Herba.
We're not going inside. Just enjoy their lovely healthier food.
Nasi goreng herba/ herbs fried rice,
Serve with the fried chicken and small bowl of soup.
You all should try this... for breakfast?

Heritage house/ Museum Gopeng. Around the roundabout... Nearby our hotel actually.
So, this red shop retail being renovated to make like a small museum.
And again we enter the historical world.
Welcome again!

I like how some unique thing they display have a story about this place.
Tin mining industry.
And most i like is when i can seen some moments from my childhood.
Even i know i'm not that old, duh.
But, yeah...

Registered first, ladies.
This is what i'm talking about. Okey, where the powder and let's the game begins.
I think my mom gonna proud if i show this picture. 
Oh yeah, after you done did a tour and some donation at Heritage house. Don't forget to looks at the right side.
Where have a small coconut stall.
Tried their fresh coconut water. RM 3.00 each.
Even though you can get at any place but this stall, is where i can said...You must go to complete the tour.
Very refreshing your throat at this sweaty noon.

Some said, you should also go to Gaharu Tea Valley. Just around the corner.
But after some searching.
I think we're fine with it.
Because they said, the tree we gonna want to see where they believe can heal/ transfer some disease already died.
Maybe because that tree cannot afford the disease loaded. Or i can said, modern disease.
Pity that tree. RIP.
Nah, if you wanna kill the time.
You can go.

Now, i think it's time for our mission!
And let me said that i will continue in next post.
: )