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Assalamualaikum and hello, o awesome readers!

I guess I'm pretty cool person because everything is strange. Life. People. And yeah, I don't know what planet I'm on. 

Anyway, thanks for all your support.

Thursday, December 25, 2014



I love my family.
and i missed them so badly.
And it's kill me.

But, I can't go back and see them..
Life is so cruel.
They separated us.
...Morning drama.

But, I hope in next February to meet them.
end of February too more specific. 
And I'm done applying annual leave
5 days a row. 
Hopefully they approved it.

The perfect time I choose to deal with my sister delivery date.
Gonna see a baby,
Welcome on board.
Shahrudin's generation.

Babies..  they are too cute as ribbon!
: )

So, two month to go...
Get ready and be prepared. 

And it's true...
Feel it, cause you can.
Cause you have them.
Your parents. Your siblings.
You love them.
And they love you too.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Morning drama.


Now, i can't sleep.
'Cause i slept too early yesterday.
And usually after enough 4-5 hours, i will awake. 
Normal habit.

About my morning drama, 
Lately, i felt so lazy to wake up in the morning.
It's like satu beban yang yang di-paksakan diri.
And i don't like word 'paksa'.
I should do something about it. 

The only reason i wake up in the morning is...
The only one.

it's silence strengthen you.

p/s: First thing in my mind early morning is how i gonna do today is better/excellent than tomorrow???

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My family @ malacca, yo!


Last week, my friend (I called her, Emy) and I met my family at malacca.
Mereka gerak pepagi daripada johor. And arrived around 2pm.
I pulak baru gerak daripada kerja kol 2 pm, and sampai there about 5pm.
But I'm faster than my older brother yang stuck kat highway lagi...
Even we're from same place...kl.

And as I know ...
Malacca trip nih special treat tok both of my parent..  bagi diorang hepi hula-hula setelah asyik dok umah jer.
And they spent time there until monday...
Me? not sure.
Orait, next...

Memandangkan kami out of plans, we're just flow the heart... and I called it, makan time!!!!
Tempat makan yang femes op kos la umbai/umai???
Donno how to spell it.

Memandangkan lagi kami just terjah and not do any reservations...
Kenalah, tunggu..
tunggu la weihhh...
And it's freaking Saturday evening plus school holiday...some more.
Oh my stomach!!!

After fifteen minutes (tepat) ... we get a place and chair to eat
(cam trauma jek bunyik nyer).
And q up for ordering the food... seafood actually.
And the kids lagi seronok with their bubbles pistol. And cucu Atok Din kini bergabung!

Last portion yang tukang perabis is me.. and my friend, and my sister in law.
that kind of vegetables paling banyak,
ni sape degil sangat malas makan sayur???

But, whatever it is,
I like this panorama...
my family (not included abang aku lagi 2 orang yang tak dapat join) and me.
We talk each other, we smile like an idiot, we joke unnecessarily...

After that, we all lepak kat river cruise side.
My emak and ayah da balik homestay... penat.
Biasa... orang tua.

Just spending welfie with my friend there yang nak sangat naik kapal situ, but
You know, night time not open.
keshian dia.

And sunday morning, cik ziqa and mr apiz da bangun awal-awal pagi.
And its not ramadhan lol .
5am... I go downstairs and joined them.
Just make my day.

Later on, mr adam and cik tina bangun gak.
And cucu Atok Din kini bergabung lagi sekali!

After breakfast...I packing balik ku-ul.
My friend had an urgent matter.
I don't mind that.

And I need a long rest too...
next plan, go back home and tidur.