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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why i don't bargain


Continue with my post about, Don't bargain to them.
I don't do bargain.
Not sure if it's because of my big ego or,
I don't like the word.
Or i'm too afraid to do that.

Since i'm kid until now,
All my stuff i paid with the real prize.
Only if the seller offer me better, i bought.
I said she offer me.
Oh kay.
If i be included in this situation, reality is,
Mostly my family member or my friends will do this bargain stuff.
I will sit at the end of the corner and do nothing.
Because i will spoil the agreement.

How can i not do bargain?
This all because as long as i want to buy something,
I calculated my budget.
There and i know my limit.
That's the one finest reason why i don't do bargain.
: )

For this continues topic i like to share a good picture.
Why i'm still remain not do any bargain.
That i like to share.
It's all about the base of "kindness"
And feeling of "humanity"

This picture is so perfect.
And if you want me to bargain over this old lady for 1 billion.
Never in million years i will do that.
If your sympathy, pity sense is fade.
Why not talk to them, do a small chat.
Then where you know how hard is life.
And nowadays kids should expose with it.

As they respect we as a buyer.
We also have a respect to them as a seller.

Sometime i also give them extra.
Especially to those taxi driver, guard, ... even cleaner, gambler, homeless people.
And i'm happy for what i'm doing.

If not money, i give them some bread, or like what i don't think i will use.
I give to who may i think they have the right to that goods.

I received a Christmas gift from Mary Kay. Where because i brought their mask product.
An eye shadow and small teddy bear.
I found it so cute.
But as i'm not to this thing. I give it to one of my Christian friends.
And wish her Merry Christmas.
I believed, no religion will fight over kindness.

Spread the peace because we can.