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Friday, September 06, 2013

Example of resign letter/ Contoh surat berhenti kerja

(Your Name)
(Tel: number)
(Employer Name)
(Address)                                                                                                                (Date)
Dear Mr......,

SUBJECT:  Resignation Letter.

I am writing this correspondence in order to inform you of my decision to resign as ....(position).... from the .....(company name)...... My final working day will be ....(date last working day).....

I wish to thank you and the employees at here for the support and assistance I received while working here. I have been rewarded by my experience of working at this facility which has enabled me to foster new skills in the field of .....(department).Therefore, my decision to leave was not hastily made nor an easy one. I only decided to leave this facility after a good deal of contemplation and consideration. Because I want to advance in my career, I have accepted a job as .....(position at new company)..... with my new employer.  Nevertheless, I will always be grateful for the experience and skills that I have acquired while working at here.

Again, thank you for your assistance and support during my tenure. I wish you the best for the future.

Respectfully yours,

(Your name)

P/s: so sorry sebab surat ni dalam bahasa Inggeris. Kalo nak bahasa Melayu, korang gi Google translate pastu copy and paste. And jangan buat-buat lupa change ayat-ayat dia sikit, kang jangan sampai ex-bos korang ingat korang buat lawak di pagi hari.

Masa aku nak anta surat ni kat bos aku dulu, kemain siap kena duduk sebelah dan dia siap check grammar and spelling lagi tuh! Berdebar gak la wa cakap lu. Itu yang dinamakan bos yang sungguh berdedikasi. Aku jek pekerja yang malas dan tak berdedikasi. Sebab tu aku tarik diri demi kebahagiaan bos aku. Hahahha....*aku tak ingat aku dah ubah ke belum, dua tiga grammar error. Kenapa grammar? Sebab aku paling benci grammar!

Ini contoh macam mana ianya look like la kan...