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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Don't bargain to them


When i'm scrolling around at my Facebook home wall.
I like searching something that will inspire and motivate me at that time.
And to know how my weirdo society doing related the meaning of "kindness" and "humanity".
With no barrier toward any religions.

I found this last weekend.
: )
So amazing stories i can said.
And i like to share it here:

Even this incident looks like she passes and do nothing.
Nothing major rather than her giving RM 20.00 instead of RM 15.00
But what make me proud is that she post what she felt...
And her statement, how sad is your life until you have to bargain with the poor... are the best quote ever.
Until I can imagine the whole situation.
Sis, you rock!

May Allah bless you sis, and your family.
And that Cobbler too.
You all deserved it.
Because, this is where the part of society who understood the meaning of. be a good person but don't waste time to prove it.

And this also link to my previous post about, The plate.
Click there if you want to read.
How i'm express of quote, there is more fruit in rich man's shampoo than a poor man's plate.
Also really touch my heart.

Conclusion of what happen is all person who live in this earth must fully alert the words of "kindness" and "humanity"
Two words only.
As a starter for harmony.
I pray for it.
'Cause they all also human where some are may Islam.
And we praise the same God.
We reaching for a same peace.
But we still fight and war for stupid reason.
And be a victim because of it.

It's all are nonsense.

All people have their right to rule their own life.
But, why need busier applied some freaking bitchy habit.
When we can happily live and die blessedly with spontaneous good manners.
Go for it.
It's your life.
Think again...
When your last time,
You close your eyes and treasure the feeling of making someone else feel protected and so happy with your existing?

: )  continue tomorrow.