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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Kindness towards yourself.

As many of my previous post i like to talk about those of, be good to society.
May some people not agree to every of my action.
Included my emak.
She worried about me.
That, why i need to think about others after all they not even care a percent towards me.
Is this worth it?

First, sorry to say to my emak.
I love you too.
No need to worried about what i do.
I just follow my heart.
I will stop after I'm finish the job.
Not because i'm tired doing it.
'Cause my kindness is no limit.

Society always weird ever and forever.
I'm not sad or disappointed if they not care me back.
I don't need anyone so called, care.
But i know society need my care.
... They don't want sympathy roughly, but they need a shoulder.
That what i learnt so far.

I hope my kindness will lift bit their mood.
What i can help, i will do. Even my small smile.
Spread your kindness, spread the peace.