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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I'm a thinker

Not sure if it's a good move to post this kind of story here.
Duh, why should i be worried because not that some person o will I mention later would read this. Hahaa...
So let's carry on.

I did realized all these since two, three months ago.
How they're giving me clue , clues actually, that i should closely mingle with this one "man".
I thought they just hu-ha-hu-ha with me.
As i seen it as nothing major or serious for me to take part.

I called them as a small group of "kekomplotan". It's funny duh, how they're making clues in front of your face. And how I tried pretend, nah I'm okay, and giving my blurry mimic.
 And how they, push you,
And how i pull back like matrix.


Now let's see how "kekomplotan" do their job.

When the "man" want a favour.
Others who related with this "kekomplotan" will said, why not you asked Adibah is she free... or...without my knowledge, I think Adibah can do that for you.
I'm not complaining to help, but if in that man case, why choose me.
Like I'm the hero.
Please, it's awkward you know.

Most i like is when I heard my friends said i had a secret admire. And gonna told me later.
So, I tried asked "kekomplotan", is they knew about this.
And they look excited that i know the real story.
But as my friends told who the secret admirer is...who's actually another man.
They advice me quite hard.

Recently, one picture that have spread makes lot of assumptions!
Those who already inside group of "kekomplotan", smirking with joy to me.
And many people who don't know, affected by it, and it's affecting me too...
All because, this "kekomplotan" is getting bigger.

And three days ago, when i seen one of my colleagues wore "inai".
And i said, what if I'm the one who wore that too? Is that okay?
And one men said, it's okay. Why not. Is not another person... a man... in this department wore it too.
Oh, okay.

For this situation. I will stay quiet and hardly say nothing.
I'm a thinker not talker.
Time will tell.
Either that man and "kekomplotan" admit for everything... or nothing happened until the day i put on my resignation letter.
Who's gonna surrender first?