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Thursday, December 24, 2015

First aid kit

Today is about medical tips.
As i'm in medical line so i don't really mind about it.
If i'm in any injury situation.
I think i can handle.
But now, i put myself in others shoes.
That how public need to see the important of first aid kit.

May looks simple, not to serious as it should be.
But we not God oh kay.
Remember that.
And , accident minor or major may happened anywhere and anyone.

First aid kit.
Did you have one?
What ever your status are.
Single, married, man or women should have one as a good protection.
If none, i suggest you to have one.

This small first aid kit is from guardian.
The price for now is around RM 12.00-14.00...
I can't remember.

That is my own personal first aid kit.
For my family. I did brought them one four years ago.
The big one.
Quiet impress actually how my family using it when the incident comes.
Everyone know to do it very well.
Good job!

This is the inside.
My small 'lil cute first aid kit...
 Most i like is that Hello Kitty thermometer,
Either i don't fans of any pink color nor hello kitty character but because it's cute, then i don't care much.
: )