Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Angan-Angan/ Bucket list Sang Ultraman

Don't judge me by my name, if sang Repunzel ada jer angan-angan terhadap putera rajanya.
Aku a.k.a Sang Ultraman pun der gak.
Really, Ultraman?
Yeah, 'cause he's cool!

And we can called this is my bucket list...
And kerana aku ni jenis yang berdikari tahap tarzan maka aku ingin semua angan dicapai dengan hasil titik busuknya peluh dan penat sakit aku sendirik. Tanpa bantuan, simpati, buruk siku dan even in dirty way. Biar hati lebih puas and aman sentiasa. Keberkatan daripada Allah is more important, okay.

So, this is my bucket list but in my way... The angan-angan are listed  as below:

1.       Umrah and Haji: Misi paling penting. The first and only. Yeah, as we know, kita hidup hanya untuk Allah. Only for Him... so, Allah blessing is more important. Whatever i did, syukran for His first. So, other bucket list can wait if this you cannot achieved. Aku tengah kumpul sampai sekarang... and still mencari my mahram *cough. Hopefully soon. Wishes can tunaikan together with my parents. Amin. *** and i declare that my first oversea travel flight is this place. No other else. 

2.       Saving: I can talk about it like a day non stop. But just simple saving is aku akan pastikan, aku masuk bank paling minimum adalah RM 500.00 sebulan. Kalau boleh 20% daripada gaji korang (paling baguih 50% la). And for now, as aku tahu money cannot run away from infalsi... aku tengah convert all my money to gold. But still saving a side for emergency cash fund also. Retirement planing still no ended.

3.       Spend happiness: Happiness to me is when i see people around me is smile. And I will make sure balik kampung sekali and not exceed 3 month berjauhan. Called my parents everyday if possible. Treat them well. Cause i know they all actually just want your care...like me when i'm kids. Tanya khabar among your sibling. Best buddies with all your friends. Don't forget your neighbour too. And community-especially those anak yatim and kurang berkemampuan. FYI, I like to be a volunteer.

4.       Sedekah: I just applied a monthly charity project with my own salary. Deducted it. Just starting last month. Akhirat investment... And i'm in planning a program where i hope my friends and family will support me later to make it happens. Amin. Wish me luck!

5.       Rumah or a car: Not main part, but still put it in... In planning. A house sound interesting, but a car is not too interesting for me. 'Cause i don't like something where the value will decreased.  May be because i have a cash motorcycle in hand. Lagi-lagi travel ulang alik daripada rumah ke hospital? In KL some more? What else you prefer. Mencilok lah. 

so, that's all my big bucket list yang aku fikir sampai sekarang... more matured that the previous one (delete already). Nah, some i already make it. You want to know? Like... blood donation where i did it twice. A mp3, aku beli last year. A laptop, Licensed, visited an orphanage, work in prestige hospital in Malaysia, and blah-blah-blah....

Then, see you in next post. if i rajin. Hehhehe.....

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friends: Hadiah kahwin!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Hai, semua.
Aku tak nak comment for any question yang nak tanya why aku dah lama tak update... just leave it and go on with this post, okay. : )

So, one day aku dapat whats-app mesej from my friends at previous hospital.
Ingatkan aku tentang my promise untuk belanja kasut kahwin dia. Aku cam 0_0, ups!
Lupa la pulak tentang my promise tu... And FYI, she will get married next month  (October). End of that month if i not mistaken... Congratulations dear. I'm so happy for you.

And as not disappointing her, aku terus goggling untuk haunting a 'wedding shoes'. And its take about two weeks for me to choose the perfect shoes! Like... what the freaking susah sangat la nak pilih. But if your in my situation, you will cakap ianya memang gila hard. Nah, maybe sebab semuanya me-lampau cantiknya and too gorgeous...

My focus of course- high heel types. And aku adalah jugak try mintak dia punya pendapat. Is it she had a own dreaming shoes ('cause she don't want to bought it together with me cause she said its will not surprise anymore). And she give me some pictures (randomly). So, from there...aku goggling lagi. Sampai la last two days, aku got a cute and suitable shoes for her.
Thanks God. *thanks also for anyone yang terlibat dalam memberi pendapat.

Then, here it comes:

I pick a Charles & Keith shoes. Why?

Firstly, I like the shining part and how simple it is. 'Cause i don't want menenggelamkan kecantikan her wedding dress yang tentunya ber-lace bagai nanti. 
Second, the design is easy pakai and cabut. 
Third, i like the gold colour! *even tak menepati calour yang dia nak...white, silver or light brown. And i think the light brown and gold-is looks a like, right? so no sweat! 

So, you want to know how her reaction:

You're welcome! and lega gila she like it so much... 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Senior versus junior


Biasalah orang kalau baru pindah tempat baru, jangan dok berlagak pandai... Nanti diri sendiri yang susah. But, wut ya want to jadi mangsa bully?!!!!! ... It's really...

No way.
I tak rela. 
Go away from me, you vampire jadian lagi huduh Dan takbur. 

So, senior versus junior... What's gonna happen? Apa pandangan setiap orang. Tentunya banyak makan hati berulamkan air sirap.

Aku nak cakap banyak pon rasa... ****Tak baik kutuk-kutuk orang nih. ****

So, aku tunggu next week for real drama. Coz next week I will take big step and big decision in my carrier. And then baru aku dapat episode untuk korang. Dari situ just hati dan perasaan yang memahaminya, jiwang tak. Berapa karat emas agak-agak? Heheheee...

So, see you next week. 

P/s: Met them, 

-en apiz Dan cik ziqa-