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I guess I'm pretty cool person. I like be positive, helping others, writing and exploring.  Also a fan of happy ending. Even life is too serious as it is. This blog i called as my second heart. Everything with Allah blessing, i'll share those awesome moments in my life. Overall i think is a lot about my family. 'Cause i love them....LOL.

Thanks for all your support! It means a lot. Anyway, welcome to my life.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Perak: Zoo Taiping


Two days ago, i went to Zoo Taiping.
After paid RM 17.00 per head adult and passes the guard, there are free photo booth.
They said free, i donno.
I jalan terus aja.
And after little walk. You can decide whether to straight walk or used their tram.
... for us,
We decided to walk,
More adventure because sound crazy to wait for three full long line... wasted time!

Even it's so hot.
We just redah and terjah.
But around the corner, the jungle sound make our adrenaline rush.
Beware to look around behind the tree.
Someone may watching you.
My sister said, looks like we're in a scary house but open roof.

That's sound makes by two speaker monkey type.
Very funny and their sound will reply by others animal.
So natural.
Like, duh.

And long trip to go...
As i seen, this zoo is different from my Johor zoo.
Zoo Johor is bit private and lots of gate.
But here, the gate is short even you can pick up the animal and put in a bag.
If you dare do that.
Plus, none guard around...

Luckily there is bus stop and toilet in the middle of zoo,
Also after few hours i felt like i'm in the Madagascar movie.
As i seen a zebra, hypothalamus and sleeping lion and giraffe.
But no four penguin detected.
Too bad.


Here, what i like are,
I can feed some deer and kangaroo!
Interact with some of them face to face...
And make some sound, like they will understood?
The fish there really big and diversity.
All animal well treated and no skinny type i saw.

My advice before you enter is, bring along a small bag.
And put a mineral water bottle.
And some small snacks, prevent when hypo came.
If you have a umbrella or cap, bring it on.
You need that.

And please, don't be so kind by giving these animal your food.
Because our kindness may effect the animal digestion.
Like you want to give kuih bahulu to kangaroo!
No, no, no...
Prevent this thought from happened.

Little Arissa/Peah in the house.
Overall, this is awesome place to go.
Awe-somatic if your children can join.
They will learn and expose more.
And you need to answer their question too!
Good luck for that.
: )
So, bye.
See your in next trip.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Perak: MAPS, movie animation park studio


My younger sister and me,
And my sister and her 'lil family excitedly plan to go MAPS.
Movie Animation Park Studio!
At Ipoh, Perak.
Sound big and fun.

As a passenger, my job is to do googling  and checking the price ticket.
So i did.
And understood of sold out ticket at the website.
That's so fast...

But still heading there,
And only saw the started gate of how big it is.
And small parking lot i can said.
And after the welcome gate, we only did hip-hip-horey inside the car.
Because it's not open yet.
Even March ago are their pre launching.
But as facts, according to their website.
Fully launch are this July.

But as i seen, more works and construction to do.
May not be done on time.
I only said.
But so far, it's big theme park.
With combination of  the local and international animation, what can you aspect?
More fun i think.

So, maybe next year we will go here again.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Outdoor: Bukit Tabur


Another outdoor activities I did is hiking!
Literally, in this case i suggest that you must have a strong and tough buddy that accompanies you.
Because it's physically so hard if not so.
: )

Not i mean that hot gym guy.
Which have bulging muscle every where...
But some person who are strong and tough in mentally.
That's the one.
That i want.
Included their spirit and survival feeling.
Then, you can let's the game begin.

Why i like if my group member have this kind of aura.
Because what ever sharp stone or high narrow way or you fall later, you know that's are normal.
Not some 'gediks' manners, please.
I can't face it.
And make me gonna not enjoy the whole trip day.
And make it's more drama and nil fun.

Avengers OT staff PCMC fighters!

This Bukit Tabur time, my group around eight person , i can said as details above.
Have this positive aura.
Even included the six years lovely old boy!
(sorry not in picture, because he fighting with his game phone right now)
... very lucky boy.

After 7.00 am we started hike and have three point overall.
All points, have own very nice view.
Like it so much.
And others hikers very helpful.
And friendly too.
That's the most important.

That we really donno who the guy at the back. But, it's ok because he has a look.
: )

This point we really like it. Others side, have this one sister did a cup of tea. Hahhha...
I think that's a brilliant idea.
Next destination, please.

And we came down around 10 am.
Go breakfast, I choose Chicken soup.
: )
And we decided to do 'Terjun Tiruk'...
At Kemensah,
I can said, not really happening because the place is so small and I already go there to celebrate my birthday last year.
So I not hope much.
And okay with it.

After that, we go shopping at Kenanga Mall.
Awesome wholesale you must go, babe.
And arrived at home around Magrib time.
Very tiring day.

But fun!.