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Monday, March 23, 2015

Taman permainan/playground

when you realize your childhood is over ��


I get this picture from we heart it page
And like always.
Every picture i seen and i posted here has a story behind it.
Kalo post sesajer, and no moments of it.

I think aku pernah buat cam picure atas nih.
But cut down the broken tiang over there.
Masa aku main semua benda kat playground time tuh all items still looks good.
Before and after.

It happaened about two years ago.
Time we all take a stop at R&R...kat mana? Sorry, tak hingat.
And you know how a feeling after duduk lama dalam kereta.
And you need a fresh feeling before continue journey.

And kebetulan at that time, sampai jek... cik Ziqa terkedek-kedek mahu main playground.
Aku pon tak tahu kat R&R ada playground.
And aku jugaklah mangsa peneman. 
Sebab semua orang serbu toilet.

After a while jadik pak guard tak bergaji. 
Aku join sekali.
Sebab semua nampak menarik.
And orang pon nak kata tak ada. Tipu lah kan.
Tapi who cares?
Daripada dok bosan meneman jek. Baik try sekali.
And  i did.

Cik Ziqa lagilah suka. 
Sampai satu tahap, emak aku sampai.
Sambil menggeleng-gelengkan kepalanya.

Udah-udah ler tu, marilah makan.

Ayat kiasan agar aku berhenti main.
Aku pon memang lapar gak. 
Makan tu penting.
So, kami stop and order makan.

Aku makan cepat-cepat.
Sebab aku ingat nak main untuk second time kat playground tuh.
Agaknya emak aku punya sixth sense lagi kuat.
Time balik, dia ikut jalan lain.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Skateboard punya jalan cerita


Nampak thrill tapi memang thriller pon.
Hahhah...if pandai balance badan.

Then my jalan cerita mengenai menatang ini adalah berkaitan dengan childhood moments.
Like, i'm just too cool untuk buat benda baik.
: )
Well, you know me.

So, the picture is my sister stand and me sits on that board.
Our plan is to ride along turun bukit depan rumah.
Macam best bunyik nyer.
Yelah, orang lain zaman tuh gi tarik daun nipah/kelapa turun bukit.
More adventure, guna skateboard.
Maju tahap tak sedar diri.

And masa first turun... smooth, then at the landing part... not that cool.
My sister sempat selamatkan diri.
And poor me!
My forehead tergilis atas jalan tar tuh.
Injured lain included tapak tangan and kaki.
Calar balar badanku jadinya.

What a six years old girl did after that?
I cried.
And when my emak heard about our incident.
She quickly dapatkan kami and tarik my sister dan mine punya telinga!
Dipaksanya balik rumah, and dijirusnya dengan air.

Sambil dijirusnya kami, sambil emak aku membebel.
Tengok apa dah jadik.
Detention, duduk rumah.
Blah, blah, blah...

Sambil bleed, sambil aku menangis.
Menangis sedu-sedu jek la, kalo meraung mesti emak aku tarik telinga lagi.
Kakak aku rasanya lagi serba salah.
Nak buat camner, benda dah jadik.

And pastu my emak sapu ubat. No painkiller given.
She ask me to eat dinner and sleep.
And malam tu, i slept with tears.
Not a happy ending.

But after overall, i'm not trauma to skateboard.
And my sister still love me.
And i love her too.
My emak, i love her more!
Tahnks ma.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

MLM, network marketing, pyramid scheme or scam?


Actually, aku bukanlah pro to talk about all this. But recently, it's happens to me.
And... Yeah.
It's true.
Someone want's to make me become one of them.
So scary.

And in the end my answer is nope!
Said, Alhamdulillah for a great choice.

When we talk about business, in my point of view... it's something very serious matter.
Obviously, no one like take a risk.
And this is related to money. Fine, but how much money needed to be invested.
Logic or not with the return of profit. And how long to wait? Tick-tock-tick-tock.
Mainly, are the company/business/product good enough included locally and internationally. Did you trust them?
Your future, maybe in 10 years ahead. Can this business change it?
Or one mistake steps, you just listed with other bankrupt C people.

MLM, network marketing, pyramid scheme or scam?

The way you talk.
They way you think.
The way your body language is.
I'll take note about it.

And i can said, it's not easy.
To me, if it's not interesting...then i'm not interested.

So, whatever your pilihan is... just make sure it's dibenarkan syarak, halal, a good choice, you trust it, and big confident should be there.
Then, barulah you and me can talk more about the business plan.
: )

How MLM or Pyramid Scheme Works