Monday, November 30, 2015

Akhirah Investment: Hold my hand and lift me up

When i did calculating throughout my financial file.
I always in dilemma afterwards.
To think carefully about the better way of "akhirah investment".
Because it's not like my others investment, which I can  planned it very well... 'cause it took me long period.
But in this case,
I have to plan everyday!

Everyday investment, everyone...
Called me pro investor then.
Wow, and just wow.
Did you realized it?

My first thought when included this in my top list of investment is i planning in volunteers thing, gift to orphans...
Umrah, Hajj.
As simple as cupcake.
But after  I heard wonderful speech from Mr Nouman Ali Khan... my investment about it is getting bigger.
Too much to do, to much to take care of.

Daily routines investment...
Surely risks,
And ignoring it is just a bad move.
Because i have to kept it valuables day by day.
And please bless me, Allah.

How about yours?
Did you already starting or just starting?
Whatever it is let's face it.
And kept ourselves valuables.
: )

Sunday, November 29, 2015

I can't explain


Last few days, my friends introduced my number to one of her boy friend.
After my 50:50 permission.
And he started to WhatsApp.
I'm not replied.
Any of his message.

Next day, 
He rang up.
Small talk and I ended by saying I'm busy.
And really... i did something on that time.
After that, i forget to call him or message back.

This all after I regret about the permission.
I shouldn't do that.
Not because i "pilih kasih" dalam berkawan.
Not that.
But, i forget that...
Stranger always a stranger.

Some more, I realize that this guy is one of her lover friends. 
Not her truely friends.
Her lover, the man, that i hate so much...
He dumped her many times.
That's why i hate him.
When i hate him,i also hate his friends.

Because the meaning of friends is he or she bring the best of you.
But not in this case.
Or maybe it is just my imagination.
I dunno.

To that man...
Sorry dude.
I take my relationship as serious as my religion thoughts me.
And before it starts with no sincerity.
Better not bring the hope here.

: )

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jihad on it's own


For myself, when i talk about "Jihad".
It's such a big words.
And what i understood about jihad is these thing only related to holy-war or military action.
Like others always said... Jihad di jalan Allah. 
And those who in action towards jihad, being called as "Mujahid".
For that, i know i'm not one of them.

After the #Parisattack story about two weeks ago, the words of jihad seems very interesting to me.
Others than ISIS thing.
So, i start googling and investigate about it.
You see i found that, jihad/ jahadu is a very manipulated influence words.
It's basically more towards those who struggling and striving towards God.

As per say,
Commit in the way of Allah. 

For ISIS things, when they spread they been jihad,
I can directly sound that jihad is a bad jihad.
Because the truly jihad is expecting something good will happened for both side.
If they start killing innocent society, it's not jihad.
It's revenges! 
And Islam prohibited this revenges things.

Keep on reading, when i alert that jihad have many division.
Then the most i like is Jihad al Nafs.
Battling against yourself, the ego and psyche...
Atau dikenali sebagai jihad ke atas diri sendiri.
Looks quiet easy, but watch your mouth!
It's more difficult than do a shopping complex.

Mostly when i'm must struggling with my inner soul.
Even in simple things, some case that can be called jihad.

I remember when some vendors at my workplace invited us for a small dining event. 
And they just said come along, chill out.
Some other Muslim colleague is going, 
Makan free kat tempat high class, who don't want?
I politely declined and at the end i'm happy with my own decision because i heard they served some alcoholic drink.
Astagfirullah al azim.

Same situation when they also invited me along for Karaoke session.
I also decline, and which it's fine for me when they said don't want gathering me for next event.
Like i care?
Because i will gladly to say, 
There are plenty places where i can socialize that fits everyone.
But with whom i will socialize is more important.
Please respect my right.

 : )

Many of my post had talk about this.
Aurah especially.
It's also not only jihad through hijab, another major issue is that the opposite sex,
That boyfriends girlfriends things, 
Come on, you know what i mean. 
Or you can read my previous post about this.
I called this as jihad in relationship.

One more is jihad towards all trendsetter things.
I can do this.
You also can survive this.

Thank you for reading.
Together we practice a good jihad.
Even in small things.
“Those who believe, and emigrate, and strive (jahadu) in the cause of God with their money and their lives, are far greater in rank in the sight of God. These are the winners.” 9:20