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Assalamualaikum and hello, o awesome readers!

I guess I'm pretty cool person. I likes be positive, helping others, writing and exploring.  Also a fan of happy ending. Even life is too serious as it is. This blog i called as my second heart. Everything with Allah blessing, i'll share those awesome moments in my life. Overall i think is a lot about my family. 'Cause i love them....LOL.

Thanks for all your support! It means a lot. Anyway, welcome to my life.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Death, clarifies your life


After i finished seen a very nice Ted talk from Candy Chang about, before i die i want to... topics.
I just stares at my phone, and,
I looks out from my window.
And started to think deeply.
How about me?
Before my time comes, before i die,  what i want to do, to be?

That one thing i must do it without no regrets later on.
It's actually a very easy question but difficult and complicated answer.

If only one thing i can do before i die.
I think it's obviously related about my Creator...
Because i want to die in peacefully Islam ways.
Even i have a chance to do that's good thing... i will still wonder,
Do i ready inside out to face to face with Him?
That are my pahala good enough to be in His heaven?
And if i missed or less in something, will Allah help me?
Or anyone will help me?

Then, all of this issues, 
Thinking about death clarifies my life.
Because in this world you may be a billionaire, a celebrity or an icon.
But to the Angel of Death, you're just another name on the list.
Death has no time limit.
No age consider.
Death doesn't have expired date.
Death will surely comes...

Have you been prepared for death my friends?

May Allah bless us.
Together do the right things, because i want us to be a neighbor in Jannah.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lelaki sekarang


Let's talked about some guys thing here in my point of view.
I can said, lelaki sekarang banyak dah perubahannya.
Like 360 degree.
Too different from my expectation, duh.
In a good ways or sebaliknya... korang hadamkanlah sendiri.

If you want to compare me with two three guys in one competition.
I think, i won with no pressure.
I donno why they are doing in there. Baru nak gosok baju or basuh baju ke.
Tapi, tolonglah.
Tak payahlah nak handsome-handsome sangat, kalau muka dah memang muka pecah rumah. Pasrah jelah.
Time is clicking you know.
I always said, lambat tinggal. I hate waiting.

Yeah, when i still in my fav bread spread with peanut butter and chocolate... and a cup of milk.
They more prefer for those cereal, all types yang entah pape macam. Konon sihatlah tu.
Selang dua jam, masuk pantry balik haunt makanan.
Berdekah jer.
And no rice at lunch time.
Where the hell they will get all those energy!
From their cengkung face?
Geleng kepala.
Not my money, not my stomach. Not my issues.

Sorry. This one cannot cover.
They all memang kecoh, menyebuk and menyemak sometimes.
Annoying obviously.
Their reaction uncontrollably, and their comment lebih pedas menusuk.
Wa cakap lu...

Not gonna lie.
Some guys are rude melampau.
They likes to sendawa kuat, kentut even bersepah, and not wash own plates.
Nih I really rasa nak tendang keluar tingkap jer.
Gih duk hutan and kawan dengan all those animals there and can lives with us whenever you know meaning manners tu apa.
Geram gila.

After all, they are more open. Where it's good. Too good in some part.
And, needs more manly.
Lagi-lagi part diet melampau.
Like, seriously guys...
Wanna join Malaysian next top model ker?

Wednesday, January 04, 2017


Hujung dec masa tu, ada sorang kawan sekerja telah berhenti dengan jayanya.
Ayat dengan jayanya tu memang tak boleh blah la kan.
Tapi berjaya la dia berhenti, dapat better offer dengarya.
Congrats, bro.
Rezeki anak first.
Alhamdulillah for him.

Dia ni, nak puji lebih-lebih kang... mahu kena pelangkung dek bini dia.
Bini dia sama tempat kerja.
Tapi, dia memang baik.
And, i like him.
As my unbiological brother jer la. Gila nak lebih.

He's the one yang i can trust.
Maybe sebab kami sama-sama Johor. Orang batu dipahat katakan.
So bonding tu kuat.
Yeah, Bangsa Johor in advanced.
Kibarkanlah benderamu, Johor!
Tetiba semangat patriotic terlebih pulak.

Most i respect gila adalah cara hardworking dia kerja.
Systematic tapi bila bab ajk kebersihan dia tu, tak boleh nak tolong lah.
Kadang-kadang if my gauze terjatuh masa tengah lap-lap, sanggup cepat-cepat kutip dan acts like normal.
Tapi kantoi banyak kali.

And dia jenis tak berkira. Ni barulah team mates yang best.
Kadang-kadang if busy, dia tolong tuliskan untuk hard copy, some system and charges. Ada minat nak blaja.
Tapi nanti i recheck back la.
And paling tak terbalas budi adalah tolong cover untuk solat time. Mekasih buddy.

Dia gak jenis orang yang you can share openly bab agama. Ni yang i most admired.
Next time, kalo korang nak carik partner... carik camni.
Sebab agama tu penting.
Bila dia sayang Allah, kasih pada Nabi.
Dialah manusia yang tahu pendirian hidup. Sebab you tahu the reason why you're born.

And, dia ada bela saka.
Dia kuat makan. Tapi masih melidi.
More slimmer than me.
Not adil ok.
Dia orang yang spesis kena sumbat makanan ruji, nasik, at least two hours per meal.
Jika tak... sawan dia datang. Hahhah...
Sorry, kutuk terlebih.

Sorry i cannot stay at your last working day. Sebab i very punctual bila bab mencilok balik awai.
Terima kasih untuk segalanya.
Ilmu, dan segala apa yang diberi dan diterima.
Halalkan makan minum.
Terkasar, terguris ke apa ke. Maafkanlah.

Pray you the awesome happy ending life. With your wife, Diana and 'lil baby on the way.
Semoga semuanya sentiasa dalam iman setiap saat.
Be a cool father, please.
Bye. See you in next rambut pacak style!