Sunday, October 19, 2014

Perbelanjaan kewangan mengikut Quran


I like to share a very nice video with you'll.
It's about bagaimana kita perlu belanjakan wang mengikut Quran.
Spending your money in Islamic ways.
Good, huh.

And FYI,
it's from Youtube-NAKcollection,
(subscribed it if you like)
....cause all his video are so amazing.

It's simple but a lot of meaning.
; )
Check it out:

Spend Wisely | Quran Gems

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Laptop dan aku

Hai semua. Kabare?

Hari ini, aku sangat berbesar hati untuk update my blog.
: )
Tepuk sikit.

Actually i want to talk about how i missed my family. But.... this stupid notification always pop up on my screen. And i felt so annoying!
Low disk space?
Who cares?

I realized this since past few month, and i still okaaayyy with it. But lama-lama, can you stop it!

The part is, i had a lot of video that i uploaded from you-tube (obviously) and kept inside.
Sayang nak delete!
This is my video list look like...

And i'm proud of it.
Penat tau i carik and everything are wonderful motivation i can said.

So, i jugak not too hidup zaman batu.
This why a hard disk came from.
Tapi masalahnya, aku tak beli lagi...
When to buy?

InsyaAllah, in this month aku try dapatkan.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pandangan Nabi Musa terhadap orang yang meninggalkan solat


My friends, i like to share an article that i got from whats app few days ago. 
And yang bagi aku sangat mendalam pengajarannya. 

p/s: Share if you like it.

Maybe that the reason Emak's food is so amazing! 
And now i knew it.
Her magic touch.