Wednesday, July 01, 2015



When i seen some of my friends going travel oversea.
Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Bali, even Sabah or Sarawak.
I feel nothing.
Nothing excited.
Nothing major.
Just happy for them.

If i heard that one of my friends go Umrah or Haji.
I feel woooowwww....
Can you bring me together?
Pretty please.

Mekah, is the top or 1st in my bucket-list i want to go.
By hook or by crook.
I wanna be there.
My master plan.
My dream place.

If i'm selfish.
With my money i had now.
Packing my bag.
I can go alone.
But, yeah... we must bring someone "mahram" or husband if i'm married.

I'm single.
So i decided to bring along my emak and ayah.
So, i have to collect more money.
May Allah bless me and my plans.
: )

After my master plan pass.
I just feel free to go anywhere.
Can't wait!

: )

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Biskut Cheese


Cheese biscuit...
One of my fav dessert in the world.
Simple and so delicious.
As before, my friends will do it for me.
And i just tinggal untuk 'ngap'...

I think why not i did it by myself?
Challenge accepted.
Shopping free at Sam's groceries to get a Tatura cream cheese.

English version
1/2  tin of sweetened creamer
250 gram of cream cheese
1 packet of Cracker Original
1 small box of fresh milk
150 gram of nestum.

Step by step:
1-Combined the cream cheese and sweetened creamer.
2-Beat it until fluffy.
3-On the other side, dip the Cracker biscuit with fresh milk.
4-And arrange nicely on brass/loyang/Tupperware.
5-Cover the biscuit with cheese cream, make one layer.
6-Next, spread the nestum on it.
7-Repeat step 3, 4, 5 as you wish.
8-Put in fridge and ready to serve.

Cheese Milk

Tabur Nestum

Resipi Crakers Cheese

Malay version
1/2 susu krimer pekat manis.
250 gram krim keju
1 paket Cracker Original
1 kotak kecil susu segar
150 gram nestum.

1-Campurkan susu pekat bersama krim keju.
2-Pukul hingga kembang.
3-Rendam biskut Cracker dengan susu segar, jangan sampai kembang sangat.
4-Susun rapat dalam loyang.
5-Buat satu lapisan keju di atasnya sehingga menutupi keseluruhan biskut.
6-Taburkan nestum di atas lapisan keju.
7-Ulang langkah 3, 4, 5 mengikut ketebalan yang dikehendaki.
8-Sejukkan dalam peti ais dan sedia untuk dihidangkan.

And thumbs up!
Really heaven and so cheesy.
Love so much.
Next berbuka puasa can eat again.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Trust issue


When i'm dealing with a very complicated relationship.
(as my previous post)
I can summarize all of it... related to a trust issue.
All of it.

Along with our life,
Trust issue are like phone and internet.
You know what i mean?
Too hard to avoid but has to comply it.
Because always, it's so routine.

You can live alone as you wish.
In the jungle.
Acting like Tarzan.
in the same have to socialize,
May be not human to human.
How about others animal you haunting, plant you ete, natural surrounding.
It all about you trust...
Then, you survive.

Let's we reply this cycle of trust issue in our life.
If you still denying what i'm thinking.
First, Allah.

When i became fetus,
Allah put on soul because He in trust me, for being an excellent muslimah on this earth.
And 'till now i trying keep that to an awesome level.
Day by day,
Nothing change in Allah's trust.
But me, up and down.
O, Shame on you!

When you born,
You trust to your parents to take care of you.
And they trust you too...
Be a good son/daughter, built an Islamic family.
Together we helping each other.

Growing up, you socialize.
Make friends, high school, work, and married.
Involving the communities.
Did you realize, how risky the trust issue now?
Each pace you face...
Came with a lie, stab-back, and until the maximum limit.

You happy as everything going well,
You cry or felt down when it's crushing up.
That's a cycle of life.
Only the cool person know where and when to put trust to.
Life goals.

when you're walking but your shoes are on point.
: )