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Friday, July 28, 2017

Part one: Shangri la Hotel to PCMC Raya!


Hari ini, off.
Tapi tak bermaksud boleh tidur all the day.
Sebab kena pergi ke Shangri La Hotel untuk attend 25TH Obstetric and Gynecological society punya conference.
Three days actually.
Hari ini. Jumaat.
Esok. Saturday.
Lusa. Ahad.
Ahad pon tak rest. Huhuhuuu....

BTW, i took public transport.
Just turun dekat LRT Dang Wangi. And naik bridge melintas seberang and buatlah light exercise jalan sikit.
Walked straight jer.
Pastu about five minutes sampai dah.
Malas nak bawak motor. Hhehehhe...

And pagi tadi gak, guess who yang ajak kita breakfast sama?
Orang ipoh mali la.
Hakak Nida ohkey.

So kena kidnap secara volunteer. Pergi Mc Donald and makan-makan. talk-talk.
An hour spent pon worth it sangat.
Rindu sama dia.
Take care Kak Nida, senang-senang jumpa lagi.

And here those pictures. Usha-ushalah sendirik.
Sambung pulak cerita ini di next post Raya part two, yer.