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I guess I'm pretty cool person. I likes be positive, helping others, writing and exploring.  Also a fan of happy ending. Even life is too serious as it is. This blog i called as my second heart. Everything with Allah blessing, i'll share those awesome moments in my life. Overall i think is a lot about my family. 'Cause i love them....LOL.

Thanks for all your support! It means a lot. Anyway, welcome to my life.

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Showing posts with label hari yang teruk. Show all posts

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday blues Disease: Hari Isnin yang teruk!


Monday blues-itulah yang aku alami maser keja tadi. Memang teruk! Tak pernah aku alami macam tuh. Huhuh… Bukan terlebih pujian la, tapi biasa everyday aku memang semangat bak Ultraman nak serang Monster-tapi tadi memang teeet, teeetttt….. Awat ye? Sampai Doctor and other colleague pun bagi arahan 3, 4 kali. Huiiisshh... like something not right over here.

At end of the day, macam tuh jugak la-stress ker? Nak stress bendanya. Bukan ada anak kecik, mertua yang garang nak aku pikir tuh semua. Hurmm... No comment.

If you think you’re too stressing, you probably are. When your gut feeling tells you thatà No time for yourself. Hhahahah… real fake! Masa itu emas, pepandailah nak jaga.

Untuk itu, lets enjoy some music first-We’re young song by Fun.
Happy reading.