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Thursday, December 22, 2016

What types of friends i truly want


Not gonna said that my friends now are suck.
But just some moment where, if they added some good reason for me to be there for them.
Perhaps, because...
Some are more like to be too selfish.
Some too count for what they do.
Some cannot others be more than them.
Some likes others do bullying them.
Some even do back-stab.

Why can they build good relationship between each others.
Respect own right.
Keep me live in a positive air.
Too make me feel easily to mingle around too.

And be the one who are nicer reminder.
Remind me to my Creator.
Ring a bell, cover for me may be.
I will dua for you too.

Or may be i'm just too much in asking for what i want?
Am i?
May be.