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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Big bad wolf Mines


Today i don't have any volunteered programs. So, my rancangan ialah to haunt lots of books.
I have two options sama ada untuk ke pesta buku di Pwtc or big bad wolf Mines. And i pick The mines.
At first, i thought i can go with my ex colleagues... but they already go.
And my bff pulak fall sick.
And other friends gi melancong lah and my department pon ada wat kira stock take.
Obviously, it's me and my freaking book haunter habits. Never mind.

As i really don't like merempit too far sampai sana. 
So i'm gonna using public transport and some walks.

I'm ready to rocked it with my casual attire, sport shoes, beg belakang and some shopping bag. If terbeli banyak, may be duh. Standby.
And my 'lil pack of mineral water and bread with nutella spread, some gula-gula jugak to keep me semangat terus.
Makanan tu penting okeh!
Hope everything will be alright. May Allah bless me, 'cause first time pergi sana alone.
I will gerak awal pagi to kurangkan kesesakan manusia. Hate crowded place. 
And plans untuk balik before zohor.

My main purpose adalah untuk carik any yang berkenan islamic version. Not gonna care it's in malay or English version.
Then, if sempat... some kids part. Nak bagi diorang tak tahu zaman bila.

And not forgetting, my niat untuk beli some book for the one yang belikan me gift before this, yang tak pernah balas balik.
Kejam kan.
I donno what types of book, but i know dia suka membaca. Randomly jelah. Ikhlas yang penting.
Even this book much cheaper berganda than dia punya gift, but books are like a magic.
They give you thousand thought, thousand feeling. 
Deal with it.
If may be dia tak nak, i give to orang lain. Apa susah.
If orang lain tak nak, i give to Cik Ziqa. She loves book by the way.

Kiranya, my amout target not exceed than Rm 150.00 duh. If so, bread with peanut butter spread are my best friend 'till next salary.
Even it's my fav for breakfast but not for lunch guys.

Or fasting just a good ideas.

I love books, other than to know the content and take part in their journey. Buku adalah peneman the best untuk part kena tunggu-tunggu orang nih. 
Daripada dok membebel and panas hati, bek habiskan satu bab ker, kan. 
Or untuk masa travel. Tak delah layan smartphone je kan. Save battery. Good kan idea nih.
I will make sure, i have one book at least in my bag.
If not, sanggup tau tak pergi kedai terdekat semata-mata nak beli some books. Pelik tak pelik lah. Tak de buku, newspapers pon jadik.
And if I'm stuck at long case... and not scrub in. Buku sebagai tempat i killing the time.

Membaca nih get it from my parents, yang will make sure pagi-pagi everyday kat rumah will have one or two newspapers, so sesi rumah akan baca.
Still fresh in my minds, every Sunday morning... Tak ada kelas, kami perlu ikut que saper baca dulu. 
So, siapa bangun awal yang dapat. 
The one yang first baca, rasa dialah paling hebat. Tau!
My kids should have this habits duh.

So, with these i will stock balik mine untuk coming next year. Yeah...
I promise this is last one for this year guys.

Alright, too much membebel. Will update soon with my harta karun.
Happy weekend.