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Friday, October 23, 2015

Other woman and you


Quotes above is a very good one.
Fans of it.
... I called this as inspiration.
Like when i see my idol, start to follow her, update everything about her... just to be like her.
Inside and outside.
And continued of this, 
I deeply think that... 
Until when i want to follow her.
Why not i be the one that others follow?

Super dubber big dream.
May be will take around three to four years, but better try than never...  right.
So, bring it on.
Welcoming those society.
And make my life spinning 360 degree.

You know... society.
With weird manners and minded.

But that's a real treasure.
Where i will how hard life is.
Experience teach me best.

Oh Allah,
Let me take this baby step,
Keep me guided and right way.
Tranquilize me.
And bring the peace upon me.
: )