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Friday, October 30, 2015



I tried this rollerblading yesterday night after my cycling at Taman tasik Titiwangsa.
Just said... why not i tried, kan.
Memang scary at first.
Tightening my shoes... sempat think again and again.
But lastly, i dare myself to do it.

So far,
That was pretty hurt when you felt.
Trust me...
But very addicting to do more.
: )

I tought it's look same as what i did when ice skating time... but this more adventure!
Ice skating, when you fall,
You fall on that hard ice.
Rollerblading... i felt on road which that hurt at my knee.
Luckily I'm not falling backwards.
If not, say bye-bye to my spine.

'Lil scar not bother me anyway...

Maybe i will attempt to do next time.
I can rollerblading!
More skills to achieve.