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Sunday, August 02, 2015


P/S: This may be continued from my 555 stories, check it out.

This a bad things.
None should do this to anyone.
I don't like it.
Really hate it.
Even in Islam...all this are truly not right.

I thought i will never see something like this, but last two days, it happened in front of me.
With both of my eyes as a witness.
I felt so sad.
Especially for the poor victim.

He just want to paid the hutang!
For Allah sake.
But you treat him like rubbish.
His pride they cut down like those line in the 555 small books.

How dare you said he's a cheater!
Please put yourself in his shoes.
Can you see the soul of sincere in his eyes?
The anorexia he looks.
How survival he is... Working so hard for a meaning of life.

Shut up if you don't know anything.

I'm so sorry.
I also felt so stupid.
Because i'm not helping him.
I too speechless to act.
So unpredictable how the tone in the conversation.

For that pity guy.
I hope can help you next time.
May Allah bless you and your family.
The 'halal' is more important.
If those money you give is more than enough.
They are responsible for everything.
They will find you next at akhirah for apologize.
Believe me.