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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Open house 2015


Hai, if i'm not mistaken... today is our last day of Syawal.
Then, just pretty said 'cause there will be no more makan free.
: )

So overall,
I want to say billion thanks for all the invitation.
But for those 4-5 open house yang tak dapat datang, sorry guys.
May be next time.
Really wanted to join, try hard... but paham-paham sajalah.
Sorry again.

And three days ago.
I attended my last open house for this year.
An invitation from one of our colleague.
Her husband event actually.
We're tanpa segan silu, just tumpang sekaki.
Like always.
Bab rezeki jangan ditolak.

The best part?
Appreciate that kind of amazing sate and char kuey tiow.
Ate both two times.
And that dodol.
So soft and delicious!

And i learnt something new.
Kukur kelapa.
First time i seen it.
If ada provide buah kelapa kat sana.... on the sport i will try, duh.
Tradition lama.
I think i should bring that things back home.
And frame it.

Niat murni ini disangakah mentah-mentah.
My friends said... a big no!
Jangan buat benda bukan-bukan.
Goodbye my hero kukur.
'Till we meet again.

My seat had a nice why should be wasted. Enjoy the welfie!
p/s: Same cloth but in different style.