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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Big project: This is my decision


So, back to stories about
... My answer for that kind of question.

This big decision. Is from my own. I decided it.
And i'm willing to do it.

My first tought untuk pergi sana when i had that special dream. Which i already post in here long ago. Silalah selongkar balik kalau nak tahu.
Thats adalah titik perubahan untuk segalanya.
Where i started to think about the purposed of my life.
Which i wasted to much time, and i have to deal with it.
And then it changes me personally.

Hasil carian imej untuk weheartit

In my routinely baca Quran terutamanya. I not only baca, but i start to study every meaning.
In solat. Dah rajin pergi berjemaah. Beranikan diri pergi alone time subuh-subuh.
Kalau habis kes awal, kejar Magrib and Isyak berjemaah.
Sempat lagi, gi majlis agama. Tambahkan ilmu.
If that month i'm not too busy, i penuhkan dengan berpuasa.
Full it with amalan baik, Banyakkan buat charity, And think and also care about others. Even they only your friends. Pray for them too.
Also in my cara berpakaian jugak.

With all these, it doesn't bother me. But mostly, i felt happy.
That, this is what i should do actually.
From the beginning.
Alhamdulillah, Allah still give me a reality hope.
And I'm only His slave.

This plans, I nak visit rumah our Creator, Allah, dan para nabi kan. Pengalaman yang paling menerujakan sangat.
My top bucketlist!
So. Hal duit ni belakang kira.
Fikirlah. Rezeki Allah ada dimana-mana.
Masa muda, ada tenaga nilah gunakan sebaiknya.
Mantapkan iman. Manfaatkan masa sebaiknya. Worthy!

Pemikiran gini patut diterapkan dalam community.
Buat dia as a perkara wajib.
Baru lah mereka yang muslim tahu the purpose of life.
Nak kejar duit pon dengan maknanya.
Baru berkobar-kobar semangatnya.

Just my twenty cent comment.

Ajal maut di tangan Allah, so mana tahu umur tak panjang. At least kita dah tunai apa yang kita patut buat as a hamba Allah.
Moga Allah merahmati kita semua.
Sambung in next post.