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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Adidas water bottle


Yeah. Nak beli someone hadiah ni memang susah.
Not my fav things to do.
Rela sangat suruh orang lain beli, just hulur duit jer.

Then, after round and round,
Smpai tak larat,
Dapatlah grab something... here the present for my lucky lady.

Hasil carian imej untuk adidas water bottle price in malaysia
Adidas water bottle.
The green one. Better?

I bought this item. 
Why I picked this? Which quite affordable for me.
Because i think she likes me.
... We always carried a big bag.
Beg Doraemon, we called it. Macam-macam ada...
Which absolutely has a water bottle inside.

So, here, i just tambah collections lah.

I hope she likes it.
Because i like it so much.