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I guess I'm pretty cool person. I likes be positive, helping others, writing and exploring.  Also a fan of happy ending. Even life is too serious as it is. This blog i called as my second heart. Everything with Allah blessing, i'll share those awesome moments in my life. Overall i think is a lot about my family. 'Cause i love them....LOL.

Thanks for all your support! It means a lot. Anyway, welcome to my life.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

This is so confusing

My sister sent this picture.
I'm so confusing... Anas at the middle. Tidur ke apa?
She said, Anas actually at Hapiz side then tetiba jer dah lie down elok landing kat tengah-tengah.
Kids always be a kids.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Adidas water bottle


Yeah. Nak beli someone hadiah ni memang susah.
Not my fav things to do.
Rela sangat suruh orang lain beli, just hulur duit jer.

Then, after round and round,
Smpai tak larat,
Dapatlah grab something... here the present for my lucky lady.

Hasil carian imej untuk adidas water bottle price in malaysia
Adidas water bottle.
The green one. Better?

I bought this item. 
Why I picked this? Which quite affordable for me.
Because i think she likes me.
... We always carried a big bag.
Beg Doraemon, we called it. Macam-macam ada...
Which absolutely has a water bottle inside.

So, here, i just tambah collections lah.

I hope she likes it.
Because i like it so much.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Kau ku gengam dalam hijrahku

(hope i can shared this in my other social media before my #2018bigproject)

Hidup ini ada pilihan.
Selitan putaran dunia antara kau dan aku.
Menempuh hari, bulan dan tahun.
Detik masa saksi segalanya.
Menghimpit dari jalan ke jalan.

Kerana mati itu pasti.
Adakah kau yang akan pergi dulu?
Atau aku mungkin?
Aku terjaga... saat nafsu menarikku untuk terus tidur.

Hanya saja, aku kini telah mengambil keputusan yang berlainan.
Tiada halangan untuk meninggalkanmu.
Kerana sudah berkali ku cuba mengajakmu bersama.
Tapi niat baikku terbang begitu saja di sapa angin.
Benarlah kata orang, Menaruh harapan di hati manusia, ia akan mengecewakanmu.
Menaruh harapanlah pada Allah, Allah akan memberikan hal di luar akal fikirmu.
Aku pergi.

Pada saat kau membaca coretan ini, aku telah pun beberapa langkah darimu.
Aku ingin mengejar kisah akhir bakal tempatku beradu.
Restuilah dan doakanlah perjalananku.
Ingatlah, Allah tidak memanggil orang yang mampu. Tetapi Allah memampukan orang yang terpanggil.

Tetapi sejenak aku berhenti,
Melihat kau cuba bangun payah untuk mengejarku.
Permainan apakah ini?
Kehambaan ini yang harus diperjuangkan bukan padaku, bukan pada manusia.
Tetapi kehambaanmu pada Allah.

Aku masih percaya padamu. Perbetulkan niatmu.
Yang mana membuatkan hal yang nampak buruk di hadapan Allah,
tetapi tampak indah di hadapan manusia.
Sambutlah huluran kata-kataku buatmu...

Sudikah kiranya kau ku gengam dalam hijrahku?
Agarku dapat gengammu kejanahNya.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Not enough ka?


After working two weeks without any off, then last Sunday is my time.
So, i thought i can rest for a full day duh.
Just makan, tidur, makan, tidur.
Don't blame me.
It's a best options ever that i needed.

But on Saturday night, my friend WhatsApp, that she wanna hang out with me.
Anyway, i owe her a birthday treat... like a month already.
Nak tak nak kena jumpa gak lah.
Wake up, wake up. Jangan malas.
And we makes a deal to meet on 10 am at KL Central.

That morning, pergi lah ke LRT from Damai to KL Central.
Not too crowded.
But seat is full. So i just stand at end of the train.
Where you can see the rail.
Because malas nak tengok orang keluar masuk, keluar masuk actually.
Yeah, likes few station to go...

Suddenly on the ride, after Masjid Jamek station to Pasar Seni...  
Something wrong with my body.
Not right in every part of it.
... I felt really cold.
Dizziness attacked.
My both hand became numb.
And my view are blurred.
Looks like no blood rush to my brain. Hypo!
I gonna faint, and i knew that.
But i tried to be stronger than the Hulk and think something positive.

Alhamdulillah, in a minutes. The train stop at Pasar Seni.
I quickly grab my bag, and took a seat there.
I inhale and exhale like there is no tomorrow.
Don't really care about people around me.
Or i missed only one station more to my destination.
I can't really move, just only can put my hand at my chest.  And continued to think anything positive.
I need saving those energy.
Or i will faint and there will a big trouble.

After five minute, the numb at my hand slowly dissapear.
My face bit warm.
But not to the dizziness. It became more and more stressing.
I'm ok with it. As long as there is no cold attacked like before.
I took out my water bottle and takes a few sip.
Badly, no candy in bag. Which i forget to top up after a month of Ramdhan.
Looks like i need that later.

I tried to stand up. Balance myself. And looks like i'm normal again. 
Alhamdulillah sangat.
And tak lama pastu, next train sampai. Banyak free seat, and i just go with it.
I can't cancel this appointmet.
Kesian pulak dia.
I just can say sorry to her because of the lateness.
Sempat beli slice of blueberry cheese cake from Secret Recipe's. Her favorite actually.
What a birhday celebratiuon without a cake right?
 Makan together, i belanja la kan. Promise is a promise. And we had a very nice day.
Because i can deal with the dizziness a bit.
I can do it!

She give me this present. So suprising! For Raya she said.
Very nice of you..
And it's a perfume. Thanks my friend.

Balik tuh, around 3 pm dah memang out.
Rasa exhausted gila. Dengan kepala pon berat semacam.
Jalan pon melayang-layang.
Balik rumah. Solat Zohor terus landoing atas katil.
I need my nap time really bad.

My health is decreasing. I donno why i get this cold attcaked again. Because, that morning, i already ate my breakfast. 
Two slice bread and few cereal. Not enough ka?
Hmmm... Memang suddenly benda ini. 
Last time kena ialah masa before Ramadhan.
Itu pon masa kat rumah.
Luckily rumah memang stored banyak food.
So, recover better.

And yesterday, Monday, my last day puasa enam. Alhamdulillah.
Even pagi-pagi lagi before masuk kerja tuh dah rasa macam-macam.
Well, i pass!
And now. Raya time.
Selamat hari Raya maaf zahir dan batin semua.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Can't i just be me?


When diorang said i'm too rough in certain thing, that i need to be a bit sopan about it.
I just...
Muka blurred.
Nak sopan cane tu?
And mostly, perlu ke?

My parents besarkan me to be an independent women.
Which i should not susahkan anyone includes them clearly.... My life visi dan misi.
So, here i am.
I protect what i should protect.
And be positive.
Be possible.
Be strong.
And bukan jadi hulk semata-mata.
Ada paham?

I pernah tried be the sopan they all ever wanted.
A year. Last year sebenarnya.
Which I stopped riding my bike.
Pakai jubah and skirt things.
Tak banyak carik gaduh.
And ada lembut sikit ar.
Tapi tetiba cam banyak sangat issue nya.
Nak cerita pon too personal.
So lama-lama macam, tak boleh jadik ni.
This is not me.
And this sort of problems is not going berterusan.
Boleh jatuh mental.
So i just be me .

Whatever they want to said, 
Can't i just be me?

If I did something wrong, please nasihat and tegurlah.
That I'm too rough and boleh bawak korang sentap menyentap ke kan.
Sebab my action is louder than my words.
Im not gonna perang mulut, tapi sedetik dua tibai je pan keras tu atas kepala.
Bagi concussion pastu amnesia, pastu baru korangnya otak centre sikit.
Heheheee ...

Friday, July 14, 2017

Close up with my adik


She and me is like, C nd S.
Crazy and simple.
And both of us are independent.
.... We support each other from the back.
Even  i know she always kikis my duit.
Yeah, itulah kegunaan seorang kakak yer.
But i still love her.
My adikkkk!

And we not duduk in same house. She now stayed at our house in Johor.
And me at KL.
Only Whatsapp adalah teman terbaik.
And from here we felt like, i touch you you poke me.

So i let you read our conversation.
In this very exclusive post.
Yang private sangat, kita keep close la yer.
So here we are.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Big project: This is my decision


So, back to stories about
... My answer for that kind of question.

This big decision. Is from my own. I decided it.
And i'm willing to do it.

My first tought untuk pergi sana when i had that special dream. Which i already post in here long ago. Silalah selongkar balik kalau nak tahu.
Thats adalah titik perubahan untuk segalanya.
Where i started to think about the purposed of my life.
Which i wasted to much time, and i have to deal with it.
And then it changes me personally.

Hasil carian imej untuk weheartit

In my routinely baca Quran terutamanya. I not only baca, but i start to study every meaning.
In solat. Dah rajin pergi berjemaah. Beranikan diri pergi alone time subuh-subuh.
Kalau habis kes awal, kejar Magrib and Isyak berjemaah.
Sempat lagi, gi majlis agama. Tambahkan ilmu.
If that month i'm not too busy, i penuhkan dengan berpuasa.
Full it with amalan baik, Banyakkan buat charity, And think and also care about others. Even they only your friends. Pray for them too.
Also in my cara berpakaian jugak.

With all these, it doesn't bother me. But mostly, i felt happy.
That, this is what i should do actually.
From the beginning.
Alhamdulillah, Allah still give me a reality hope.
And I'm only His slave.

This plans, I nak visit rumah our Creator, Allah, dan para nabi kan. Pengalaman yang paling menerujakan sangat.
My top bucketlist!
So. Hal duit ni belakang kira.
Fikirlah. Rezeki Allah ada dimana-mana.
Masa muda, ada tenaga nilah gunakan sebaiknya.
Mantapkan iman. Manfaatkan masa sebaiknya. Worthy!

Pemikiran gini patut diterapkan dalam community.
Buat dia as a perkara wajib.
Baru lah mereka yang muslim tahu the purpose of life.
Nak kejar duit pon dengan maknanya.
Baru berkobar-kobar semangatnya.

Just my twenty cent comment.

Ajal maut di tangan Allah, so mana tahu umur tak panjang. At least kita dah tunai apa yang kita patut buat as a hamba Allah.
Moga Allah merahmati kita semua.
Sambung in next post.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cereal and Me


Nampaknya this coming months sampai next year. InsyaAllah.... cereals are going to be my BFF.
Not only for breakfast, snack time but for dinner and maybe lunch.
Sebab i like those, more than rice right now and ianya sangat senang dimakan.
Agak-agak boleh consider acceptable tak my appetite nih?
Ada yang akan kecam?

Nih bukan part melupakan asal usul but more pada ikut tekak sendirik.
And don't worry, I'm fine.

I just missed my family!

Selain cereal, i still attached to bread. Oat sihat from my friend. And of course more buah buahan.
Fiber kena ada gak.
Untuk tak de lah tinggal rangka je nanti, i will make sure... dalam a week tu ada lah tiga empat kali kena makan nasi full set.
Or at least Mc Donald porridge.
Remind me please.

Honey star and Coco crunch ni brand normal yang kena ada.
My stock for it dah full, time Ramadan masa tu. 
Siap ada banyak lebih.
Kat my department ada two on standby and kat rumah always two jugak. 
So memang perfect la kan.

Ni food fav sampai la terikut-ikut balik Raya masa tu. 
Orang shopping baju raya, i busy tolak trolley carik creal.
Sampai empat box on standby.
Lastly, anak sedara yang pakat habiskan.
Berhuhu jela.

So, nampaknya memang tak payah diet.
And kena more light exercise.

Next year big project make me so awesome!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

He's sick


Yesterday my colleague yang sakit came in.
Dia fill up dia punya Mc and everything.
Settle apa yang patut sebab dia akan sambung cuti lagi.

So the atmosphere time dia ada kat satu bilik tu akan terus changed.
And everyone looks tried to avoid him.
I feel pity for him.
Sangat kesian.

But come on lah, we all know he's a good man.
And, I know dia punya diagnose disease tu boleh berjangkit.
Dia dah wear mask kot.
Precaution untuk dia dan all of us.
And he's not coughing kan masa tu,

They all still pertikai droplet can out from side of that mask. 
And they don't want be a next victim.
Can he work again?
Better not be in a same team with him.
And ....blah. blah. Blah.
So unfair duh.

Macam lah they all tak pernah stroll around in public.
Berselisih dengan lots of disease surround us. Tu lagi dahsat but we're ok kan.
Just in case someone coughing.
Batuk sikit jer.
And we pon tak avoid kan.
So why bother melampau pada colleague sendirik?

People always weird.
And judge tak bertempat.

I pray he recovery fast.
Always be sihat.
And shut down all the mulut-mulut here.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Tangkap belalang


So, back to Raya time masa i still at Johor.
Time tu nak keluar beraya, semua dah siap-siap.
Then tinggal budak-budak nilah.
Diorang main kat luar.

Jengah-jengah, they all tengah tangkap belalang.
Sekor pon tak dapat.
Vogue je lebih dengan jaring, balang bagai.

Then datanglah aunty dia yang cute nih.
Gi situ, tolong tangkap kan tiga empat ekor.
Apa barang pakai jaring semua.
I pakai tangan ok.

Then, siap semua tangkap.
Ajak they all shower, and later baru boleh tengok belalang tu semua yang da secure in balang dengan jaring as penutup.
Sila tepuk tangan,
Sebab ada aunty yang hebat nih.

Lets get your kids enjoy the grass, sand and all of it.
Biar kotor pon tak pe.
Pastu mandi lah.
Baru la menarik childhood depa!
= )

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Hadiah Raya


Sorry senget pulak gambarnya. Nak betulkan malas.
Anyway, ni my doc bagi before Raya. So sebabkan cuti awal. Raya keempat baru ambil.
So cute and interesting!
Dalam dia ada kuih raya empat balang yang cute bangat!
Thanks doc.
Selamat Hari Raya maaf zahir dan batin.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Raya. Raya. Raya.


Alhamdulillah. Tahun nih diberi kesempatan cuti lama lagi untuk part Raya.
And Alhamdulillah jugak sebab cuti nilah banyak dapat tolong mak ayah prepared apa yang patut.
Banyak kena buat ohkey.
Phone pon tak sempat nak jengah apatah lagi nak dok depan Tv layan drama Tamil.
Jeling pon idoookkk.

Part kena gosok langsir, paling tak terdaya. Daripada 0730 am sampai pukul 0300 pm baru siap.
Ni berpeluh bacin semualah.
Nasib ada fresh air yang pump every beberapa minit tu. Tak dolah kepam bau rumah tu. Hahhah.

Pastu vacumm karpet. Nih surrender gila. Tak buat pon.
My adik and kakak yang buat. Korang tahu diorang buat bila?
Masa pagi raya, and siap before orang lelaki gih masjid untuk sembahyang Raya!
Hebat tak?
Fast and furious gamaknya lah.

And part masukkan kuih raya dalam balang, nih i did.
Senang jer.
Sumbat selagi boleh.

Pastu teman beli baju Raya. Oleh sebab, tau jem and takde parking lain dah.
Gi parking bawah pokok. Balik shopping, habis my car kena tahi burung.
Ceret ke apa burung tu semua?
Nak drive pon geli tengok meleleh jer kat cermin dashboard tu.
Pastu sebelum balik pukul 1100 malam, gih car wash sebab takut kena parang dengan ayah.

Lain-lain tu banyak nak stories.
Macam lepak depan rumah tengok diorang bakar duit, main mercun. Pong pang. Pong pang.
Kami men bunga api jer. 10 sen 20 sen jer bakar. Jimat. Jimat.
Lagi, layan anak buah men keyboard.

Belajar dengan diorang buat pizza sosej, pastry nutella sendiri.
Spaghetti bolognese gak.
Haru biru pon lantak lah kan.
Janji bonding time, achieved.

Time before raya sempat gak hulur tak seberapa untuk charity part kat sekolah terdekat.
Anak-anak yatim. Selamat hari Raya buat mereka.
You're stronger than you think ok.

Lima beradik dalm keluarga kami.
Memang kebetulan pulak tema pestel-pestel color nak dekat-dekat sama gituh.
Link mind kuat.
Hidup gegirl!

Kemuncaknya, time petang nak Raya.
Nih, just ambil port untuk cutting apa yang patut. Tak involved dalam any nak bagi tips or resepi.
Sebab mereka masak lagi sedap daripada me.
Jujur. Tak riak.
Antara lauknya, ayam masak merah. Kuah kacang. Lodeh, rendang.
Tak masak banyak pon.
Sebab Raya kedua dah breakfast Paratha. Hahhaha...
Tambah.tambah.tambah. Jangan malu-malu. Ohkey.

Thank you emak jahitkan my baju raya.
So comfortable like always.
You're the best tailor ever!

So tu jela kot. Ada lagi, kita jumpa next post.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Kuih raya 2017


Citer pasal cuti Raya lagi best kan. Sebab mood Raya still on.
So, as i took a week and a half untuk Raya jer. Banyak benda memang boleh buat.
Sampai tak terdayalah.
Cuma tulah, satu jer dalam banyak-banyak list yang tak tertunai.
Beach part!
Tak sempat nak gih pantai... huhuhuuu.
Sebab busy benor.

Dah busy dengan buat kuih raya berjenis-jenis. Itu amik masa at least sampai pukul 0200 pm.
Pastu zohor, nap jap, and gih pi pasar nak beli lauk untuk berbuka.
Balik pasar, kena masak.
Lepas buka, tak boleh buat apa sebab time nih wajib buat acara kacau my adik and anak buah.
Gaduh-gaduh sayang. Korek hidung berjemaah. Paksa lipat baju. Pakat tarik tudung.
Pastu bunga api time. Hehhehe.

Hahahhaha. Kasut pon terbalik Peah oi.
Takut mercun ar tuh.

So, adalah macam-macam kejadian kuih Raya yang terhasil.
Ada kuih semperit dahlia kesukaan ayah. Nih limited gila. Dapat tiga balang jer. 

Pastu ada kuih tart nenas fav my abang, 
Nih doh dia ada lebih... gi bantai buat daisi jem blueberry. Dengan jem yang senget benget bagai. 
Ada hangus sikit ar. 
Ingat kalau tak laku, nak sedekah kat ayam belakang rumah boleh diorang jamu kat kengkawannya.
Tapi, habis masa first Raya. 
Huahuahua. Siapalah pandai pikat hati i nih.
I like.

Pastu ada kerepek pisang my emak, penat sagat slice-slice tuh. Memang homemade betul.
Ada gak red valvet cookies resepi kakak nombor dua. Nih lagi kedekut. Sebalang jer. 

Almond london permintaan kakak yang first. Permintaan jer, tapi yang buat siapa? Adik dia jugak. Haish.
Untuk bebudak ada popia nestum. Yang nih time tu gak habis. Tak boleh kata apalah.
Budak nilah habiskan. Pastu senyum-senyum muka innocent, nasib cute.

Malas layan dak kecik nih.

Dodol. Kerepek and lain-lain kuih, beli jelah. Buat yang wajib jer.
Tak larat benor dah.
Perkakas boleh kept siap-siap, sebab tahun depan kita sambung buat yer.

My house memang camni. Kami love buat kuih raya sendirik. 
First sebab we're comfortable this way.
Second sebab boleh adjust sukatan. Bab tang gula paling penting. Diabetis genes.
Third sebab bonding time more lagi.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Sambung busy


I thought before nak cuti Raya jer i busy, sanggup oncall. Post call. Oncall. Sambung post call. Cuti weekend, sambung oncall lagi.
Belum bab tolong cover untuk stay back team yang kena balik lambat.
Sampai my colleagues pon risau tengok my roster dah berconteng macam-macam colour.
Tutup lubang sana, tutup lubang sini.
Itu belum face to face dengan empunya badan. 
Dah serupa binik si Shrek duh.

Bila ingat counting days nak cuti seminggu lebih time tu, sebab mau celebrates Raya. 
I sanggup ohkey.
Ikhlas. Ikhlaskan diri.
Nak wat camna, even jual dah my oncall, and hari kena stay balik lambat tuh kat orang lain.
Tapi dah Allah tetap nak bagi rezeki lebih tu datang.
Terima jela. Alhamdulillah.
Orang mintak tolong. Soh tolong cover.
I do what i can... lah kan.
Mana tau time kita susah, ada orang sudi tolong balik.

Then, nih after i naik Raya.
Still Allah nak gak bagi rezeki lebih lagi.
Marilah kita cover mengcover.
Alhamdulillah sangat.
Ni nanti boleh lah buat duit jajan untuk my next year big project!
And sorry for those invitation untuk rumah terbuka, or vise versa.
Memang tak dapat join sebab straight two weeks I'm packed.
Oncall yer.
Sorry again.

If kat Johor bit lazy nak gih beraya-rayan nih.
Kat KL Allah bagi rezeki gih soh ngadap kerja. Hah. Hamekkk....

My colleague pon ada tegur.
Dib, are you human or not? Cover semua oncall and yellow orang. Biar betul. Better take care for yourself, makin kurus nengoknya. Takut badan tak terbawak bebannya.
Even single. Bujang. Pon still kena ada life tau. 
Tu dia, kena nasihat. Insaf jap.
Touching duh.
Thanks my friend.
I will tried to say no next time, insyaallah.
... Not promise.

She still donno that i also need to cover another job than as a scrub nurse this month roster.
Stnadby sebab ada dua orang cuti on another anesthesia part. Heheehee.
Ni kalau dia tahu. 
Mau berlarian lah keliling bilik bedah!

As you know me, i cepat kesian kat orang. I can't say no.
I tried, but i can't.
Just because i tolak, ada orang lain kena susahkan diri. Bersalah pulak rasa.
So just ikhlaskan diri jelah.
Ucap Alhamdulillah.
Apa susah.

Anyway, rajin-rajin pon. I still ada cuti ohkey.
Don't worry.
I ada conference nak kena attend masa hujung bulan July. Nih boleh cekau makan banyak. Rest lebih.
And in three days row and ada satu cuti bonus sebab ada PH time tu.
Claim. Claim. Claim.
And mostly, i will off for a week again at the end of August.
Yahooo. Sampai national day, sampai Raya Haji.
Hamekkk. Dapat ke tak tak taulah.

Ok. Cayokkkk!
= )