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Monday, February 20, 2017

Texas Chicken: honey butter biscuits


My friend said he really likes this honey butter biscuit.
Looks like a small bun but they called it biscuit.
I donno why.
So he give me one to try out.
And i said, why not.

It's smelt good and yummy.
And at the first bite, it's lovely.
Their sweetness is just nice.
After a few minutes. The softness inside make me so boring.
Overall, i finished it all.
But, i still prefer their crunchiness at the outside.

Because of this, i think why not they make it in a bit smaller portion they what they did.
Then, it's better.
Just my comments.
Not i said all this to my friends.
Later, he don't want to treat me again.

To Texas chicken company.
Never mind. Those chicken are still my fav!
= )