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Monday, February 06, 2017

Don't touch me


Mood, i hate everything.

I really can't understand why man likes to touch everything they see.
Officially, on certain women body part.
Not say something like sexual harassment, but more too... something likes...
I felt insecure.
and i  don't like it. Okeh.

Can you understood?
Can you get what i think?

This kind of man, 
I just want to punch them before i shout out both in his ears... 
Go away from my life, you freaking weird hobbits.

Please, respect us.
Like you respect your own partner, your wife, your sister, your mother.
Treat us well.
Joking around i'm ok, but beware of your own hands. 
No touching dudes.

And my focused not only them, but to other women also.
Some women like me, they don't like it and afraid with all this.
Some don't really care.

They like it, i think.

This kind of women,
If you think they don't mind, i mind about it behalf of them.
So go away gain you, hobbits.

If you still makes a same habits.
Seriously, i will kill you.
I will kill you and cut your body into small pieces,
And throw it for sharks to eat it.
Try me...

For me, any intention... i'm the only one can touch you, but you never ever can touch me.
That's my rules and regulations.

Obey or not. You must follow that.
Take it or leave it.
Respect each others.
= )