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Monday, December 19, 2016

Different point of view


This stories happened masa tengah makan at pantry of my department.
Makan Kenny Roger's chicken, yang dah berapa hari simpannya.
And btw, i change their sauce with my homemade sambal kicap.
Western meet traditional...
Don't blame me.
I like this way more.

So, the story began when i tengah panaskan in microwave the chicken.
And one of my colleague minta sikit.
Really i tak cakap apa-apa.
Not even care untuk balas because some reason, i'm not like him too.
And because, how can i given to him if my meals still not ready yet.
My quietness, be replying with two girls yang ada dekat situ.
Mereka yang tolong jawab on behalf of me.

They said about how rude he is.
Not make his own food.
About why not he bring his own food.
About why not spent money on his own stomach.
Amazingly, that guy still sat there after kena tembak bertalu-talu.
Poor him.
Sorry dude, tak boleh tolong.

And I just keep quiet and finished my food.
Niat untuk given half to him pon tak berani.
Sorry again.

As anyone know me, i tak kedekut about food.
If i have even a piece of bread... i can share to two lagi ohkey.
Not really count about food.
Because i believe ianya rezeki from Allah.
I just maybe sebagai penyampai.
For my foods. A sip or bite sudah cukup to me. Berhenti sebelum kenyang kata orang.
The more i share, the more i feel grateful.
Alhamdulillah ya Allah.
For this food goals relationship.

Pernah one night, after penat buat cases.
We took a break with some nasi goreng kampung.
As i don't really fan of late meals.
And my friend complaint she still hungry, pregnant mood duh.
I share half of mine.
She looks to me if i orang gila.
I just said she take it or i will throw away. And she accept it.
Besides i enjoy their sup kosong.
No big deal to me.

And pernah gak one day, at that time we don't have time for lunch.
I only have a chocolate bar with me, my usual standby.
And when someone offer me their balance proper foods.
I keep it, but not for me.
For my other friends who don't have even any, even a chocolate bar like me.
Not also big deal to me.
I'm life happily ever after with my chocolate bar.

I'm just the person who don't like the feeling of too full.
I felt bloated.
I trained my stomach to think of others.
Think about Syrian people contohnya.
That's why, i limit my own food.
That's why juga i can survived with bread for whole week without our makanan ruji, nasi.
I'm ok.
I'm cool.

Not like i'm not a fun person to bring for buffet or hang out.
Just believe that, in my latest dinner... i ate six plates?!
Because i know, this foods will have no end and gonna waste if no one ate them.
So, there where my beast or saka akan keluar.
Even i ate all those six plates, i still not felt full duh.
Did i forget said Bismillah?
Did i?

From all of this, even my opinion seems like different with others. Especially like people of this two girls...
I can only said, I'm not really cares duh.
As my fav quotes said.
Be kind, have no reason.

Kena pandai know your condition lah.
Be smart.
In the same time be generous.

I will be me.
= )