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Friday, April 04, 2014

Sheikh Hussein Yee


My routine, i will upload Islamic video every Saturday or Sunday from You tube.
Yeah, Alhamdulillah.
I using the you tube in a good way.
So, between Saturday or Sunday... it's depends on my working time schedule.
'Cause at that time, i just work half day.

After that,
Feel free to focus on hospital free wifi,

My reason i upload Islamic video is because i wanted to motivate myself.
I know i'm not a perfect person who everyday can go to mosque.
Take a sweet time to hear speech from great Imam.
Even to know any updated news about Islam.
Malaysia and oversea especially.
Or joining a charity.

Just there, here i'am.
To keep updated and fixing myself.
Even take whole week, on that day... i will upload at least five.
Enough per video a day.

Slowly, really worth it.

So, my friends...
Please meet my new inspiring,
he is from Malaysia okay!
Sorry, i just realized about him.

Called him, Sheikh Hussein Yee.
And from his video, overall i like it.
May be 'cause from a same country.
So, the chemistry... umph!
I love how steady and cool, plus sense of humor he is.

Such an amazing person.
May Allah bless him.

Mu dengar baik-baik aku nak cakap nih!