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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Scramble eggs


Lately, baru aku perasan most of my post banyak stories about food.
Whatever it is, just continue with my next food story.
Scramble eggs.

This is my emak recipe.
One of my fav chilhood breakfast moments.
She don't use any milk, cream as other western scramble eggs.
Yang looks fluffy and sedikit muak.

And i called it as traditional malay taste version. 
: )
May similar with ingredients for roti telur. 
If korang perasan.

So, all we need are:
-1 spoon of margarine/planta
-'Lil salt.
-1 onion. Potong nipis-nipis, ikut suka.
-2 eggs.

First of all. Panaskan kuali. 
Put a margarine. Biarkan cair, some salt. 
Onion... and sampai naik bau. 
Smell good, then put eggs. Plus with the black paper. 
Mixed it well, until well cook as your prefer.

Here we go.