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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

MLM, network marketing, pyramid scheme or scam?


Actually, aku bukanlah pro to talk about all this. But recently, it's happens to me.
And... Yeah.
It's true.
Someone want's to make me become one of them.
So scary.

And in the end my answer is nope!
Said, Alhamdulillah for a great choice.

When we talk about business, in my point of view... it's something very serious matter.
Obviously, no one like take a risk.
And this is related to money. Fine, but how much money needed to be invested.
Logic or not with the return of profit. And how long to wait? Tick-tock-tick-tock.
Mainly, are the company/business/product good enough included locally and internationally. Did you trust them?
Your future, maybe in 10 years ahead. Can this business change it?
Or one mistake steps, you just listed with other bankrupt C people.

MLM, network marketing, pyramid scheme or scam?

The way you talk.
They way you think.
The way your body language is.
I'll take note about it.

And i can said, it's not easy.
To me, if it's not interesting...then i'm not interested.

So, whatever your pilihan is... just make sure it's dibenarkan syarak, halal, a good choice, you trust it, and big confident should be there.
Then, barulah you and me can talk more about the business plan.
: )

How MLM or Pyramid Scheme Works

Monday, March 09, 2015

IOI Mall Putrajaya-ice skating

Yesterday i went here with these girls.
And just play only for two rounds.
Not so active as last one i skated at Sunway Piramid may three, four years ago.
Where i played for six hours straight!

Here, i like how new it is.
The ice not easily wet,
And the couch or guard there very friendly.
They smile a lot , duh.

I not pro enough, still carry on fall for few times.
The enjoyment is more i treasure.
So, keep on falling? I don't care.
Oh kay.

My tips here: Eat few hours before skate.
Bring along few cloths, just in case.
And don't push yourself.

And last but not least, safety!
Try balance how you want yourself to fall.
So that you not knock yourself until fainted like two girls yesterday.
What a scary how they fall.
I hope they fine.

Enjoy skates!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015



I like how cute the word is.

Riding a bicycle is one of my top hobbies.
You can felt how free you are and how wind blowing to your face.

My last ride... two months ago at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.
Around RM5.00 for an hour.
Look expensive, but even after half hour pon rasa nak pancit.
Luckily, i ride masa morning time.
So kena sunburn tu berape percent jek la.

Usually after finished school/sek agama... we together grab our bicycle and pusing-pusing depan halaman rumah. 
Together with my friends,
Or my sibling.
And who want bonceng belakang?
: )

I love my childhood moments.

p/s: My related cerita is when one of my brother pergi lenyek a kitten with his bicycle. Tak sempat berhenti katanya.
That's how the story why my house don't have any cat after that.