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Saturday, December 24, 2016

What i learnt from volunteer things


This so teary stories came from when i'm just finished my first kids volunteer attempt.
The gap between handling an adult and kids things are so big.
Your feeling and their feeling are light earth and the stars.
Which means, 
I can still stand still in this earth but they still hoping upon a star.

Previously, i more focus on teenager or an adult part.
But, this time i'm face to face with the kids.
Children who are trying to make a small space alone may be in this world to growing up.
Their background stories more tragic,
So tragic until makes them to have no feeling.
Besides that innocent face.

Because sort of this, why i want to be a volunteer.
If not in money things sometime,
May a time they needed for you to hear what they feel.
To borrow your shoulder.
A hug too..
To stop the tears.

My 'lil man. So handsome, i believe in future. But... He deaf and can't speak.
May Allah bless his life.
They not strong as you think they are, because we're human.
I just helping what i can do.
Even no one one day will appreciate my not so small effort.
I will continues do this.

I have a dream.
That one fine day, when i have kids... they will be BFF with this kind of things.
It's a must by the way.
No shame or standard count.
Your kids also should duh.
Make their know the real life is. 
Make they learnt how to survival like them.

Please, discarded what my husband will said later.
He better follow me, if not... i know what to do.
= )

Sometimes Creator give us more than we have,
Be grateful by looking down for what others don't.
Help them.
Maybe a micro, perhaps.
Not gonna harm.