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Friday, December 30, 2016

Flashback 2016


Rasanya banyak blog will post about counting days ke tahun 2017.
And menggembalikan era zaman kegemilangan start January sampai la ni.
For me, i don't think i will remember all what i am doing and so ever.
My memory space are limited.
Banyak benda lain nak kena ingat.

But, whatever it is... i still wanna do it too.
So, the two common questions for this entries post are did all my plans for 2016 dah tercapai?

I can said, not all guys.
Banyak lagi in my bucket list yang major untuk dikejar.
Banyak lagi ilmu Allah nak kena belajar. 
Pahala nak kena grab.
Yela, dunia kan tempat kita collect semua tuh. Waktu nanti kena hitung kat sana, rasa worth it.
Then, kena mantapkan lagi financial part.
My most awesome umrah project still in progress....
But so far so good, im happy with my life and all the achievement.
Maybe not so perfect. But I'm ok. Dayung sikit-sikit.

And what's my plan for 2017?

Main part, Insyaallah, harapkan bless from Allah untuk tunai umrah dalam tahun ni.
Sangat mengharap dipermudahkan segalanya.
And hidup everyday yang dilalui sentiasa buat benda yang baik at least.
More volunteered projects.
Update more about my emergency fund. And retirement scheme.
Yang sikit terabai. Hohohoo...
Attend my sister punya wedding.
And, doa for my jodoh juga. Sebab it's my turn. 
Seram pon ada.
My prince charming ni sesat mana dah, tak tahulah kita.

Then, tu jela my short stories yang boleh di share about flashback things.
Tak tahu nak taip apa dah.
And i hope you all have a best happy ending for this year.
And dearest happiest day in next 2017.
With lots from His blessing.
Always. And forever. 

Welcome 2017!
Please be awesome to me.
= )