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Friday, February 24, 2017

Tunjuk rajin lah tu

Nih sambungan pada post semalam.

So, bila rajin tu lebih... ada la tolong clear up.
Then, ada suara sumbang cakap, 
"Tunjuk rajin lah tu."
If pandangan itu boleh membunuh... you the one who said this, will die first.
I'm serious. Deadly serious.

This kind of words yang paling banyak I received and I don't really like it. 

Terus terang lah kan, 
If you don't really like what am i doing, or rasa jengkel or tak puas hati kenapalah i'm too helpful... please continue all this.
I let you do.
Part tolong masak, part basuh pinggan mangkuk, part cuci lantai, part kemas-kemas, part keluarkan duit sendiri, part sendiri tak cukup tidur, part sakit pon kerja jugak, part bla.bla.bla.
I'm leaving all to you because you know what i have lots of thing to do actually.

But bila hanya pandai talk nonsense. Suka sakitkan hati orang.
Please don't give me that words.

My niat, I just want to help.
Ringankan apa yang boleh.
This is my usaha sendirik nak grab pahala kat dunia yang kena face orang macam korang.
Not i used your energy, your sifat kerajinan or some part of your body
Why you always have a problem with it?

Manusia. Pelik. Forever.