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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Duplicated of her


I baked a butter cake yesterday.
And today i terima satu bekas rainbow cake di awal pagi
This is the life.
Eat. More. Cake. Eat. More. Cake.

She is a good friend of me.
She is from another department. But we are close enough.
And because of this, how i wish she is my neighbor one fine day.
Mesti bahagia lah. 
Ada orang hantar makan. Kan?
Yelah, if im a man, dah lama i purposed. Nauzubillah nak jadi lesbian.
Lempang nak?

Sebab kenapa i praised her? Sebab she always akan bekalkan me something.
Kek. Or any cookies and ada gak dengan lauk pauk bagai.
Where can i find a duplicated of her?
She is so amazing.

Our tukar-tukar makanan started from i give her my chocolate cake.
And her family love it so much.
Segan gak bila tahu dia bawak balik dengan kek yang tak seberapa itu.
Then, dia pon balas lah. And kami terus balas membalas.
One friend of her department pon sama.
Dia pon ada join sama gak.
So one versus two.
Peluh gak dahi pikir nak balas apa.

Satu lauk yang make me so touching adalah apabila the next day I'm oncall after received a bad news about my brother in law.
When he passed away...
That day i tetap puasa. And she don't even know anything. But that morning she message me. Datang kerja ambil bekal kat dia.
She makes satu jenis mee berkuah. Which she know my type of foods.
Masa buka tuh, sayu jer sebab teringat semalam. This is the time he tinggalkan kami semua.
Becauseof that, i just don't have a feeling to makan.
I rasa one two suap. And suruh my colleagues habiskan.
Diorang yang rasa bersalah. But I'm ok.
Rezeki bagi-bagi kan.

Ok lah. So which this rainbow cake, i donno what i'm gonna give later.
Apa ya?