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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Aidiladha 1436 H/2015


Today we celebrated the biggest Eid.
And today i cried so much.
I try to pretend i'm okay but i'm cannot.
I'm so emotional lately.

Firstly may because the live video from Mecca and Madinah, i seen in my phone.
This apps is really good.
I touch the screen. 
I cried and cried.
Such a beautiful view.

I hope one day i'm the one of them.
Be there and had a word with Allah.
Serve Him and pray a lot.
Until my body cannot bare anymore.
I want that feeling.
I want to felt it.

Then, i cried when i had to celebrate alone.
Here in KL.

Yesterday, after work i planning to go back Johor even for one day.
But i'm failed.
Too many people had a same plan with me.
Long q even for a food.
And i go back home with a sad heart.
In the mid of walking, i cried too.

Such a weak person i'm.
I know.
I donno how to stop this.
I already bought a plenty of ice-cream.
Hope to stop my emotional status.

My parents said, everything will be okay.
My brother also invite me to celebrate with his family.
But i reply, it's okay.
But indeed i'm not okay.
Then, i cried again.