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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Resepi nasi ayam


Today i want to be a chef!
And the special menu is nasi ayam.
And it's very simple recipe. It's like kinda you cook nasi goreng di pagi hari.
And that's why i cook my nasi ayam di pagi hari.
Because it's so simple.
And just took plus minus, an hour only.

So, the ingredients:
2-halia, bawang putih, bawang merah, salt.
3-bunga lawang, kulit kayu manis, cengkih.
4-kicap manis
5-majerin/butter/minyak masak (ini ikut suka)
7-chilies. Cili besar warna merah.
8-vegetables...potato, carrots, salad, tomatoes, cucumber.

First, all we need to do is buat dia punya sup dulu. Masukkan chicken, segala rempah di no.2 and no.3...
After that, take out the chicken, dry it.
Kept some of soup, and heat back with a potato and some carrots.
Balancer soup then combined with the beras. Adjust amount of soup fairly enough with your beras. If you rajin, some chicken can joint together in it. Plus no.5 and put at rice cooker, tunggu hingga dia masaklah...
For chicken, i just use kicap manis. And halia. Chop the halia, masukkan halia and kicap. Gaul-gaul bagi rata, peram kejap if nothng to do. And goreng.
The sauce, bland the chillies. And some opinion, you can serve like that, some prefer masak kejap. Up to you all.
And lastly, you can put all of it on the plate. Decorate with their vegetables.

I'm not sure is it nasi ayam hainan, nasi ayam negeri mana. But who's care?

i'm sorry, mine is terlupa nak snap. So, gambar hiasan...