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I guess I'm pretty cool person because everything is strange. Life. People. And yeah, I don't know what planet I'm on. 

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Meh kongsi makanan


Lately i'm quiet malas untuk masak.
That i don't enough bahan-bahan untuk ketang ketung dekat dapur.
Because all of my weekend are full house.
So, nak gih pasar time hari biasa memang tak la kan...
Just deal with it jela.
Lantak la.

Macam hari ini, Sunday.
I'm oncall.

Untuk ini. Reason yang masuk akal.
I'm fasting.
Alang-alang masih ada dream untuk bit kurus sikit gih. Hehhehheheh....
So, here i am.
Teruskan berpuasa terutama hari Isnin dan Khamis.
Best gak lama-lama practice camni.
Prep untuk coming Ramadhan gituuuu.

Alhamdulillah sepanjang berpuasa. My rezeki about foods sangat melimpah-limpah.
Ada one day tu, i bought bubur MCD.
Plan that is my food untuk buka puasa.
Then, petang sikit. My friend cakap dia ada beli me laksa for lunch.
Oh key.
Then, petang lagi. Other friend ask me to take her Pizza part.
She's on vegetarian diet.
And masa time nak buka.
One doctor belanja pulak. Mee udang and nasi goreng ayam.
I just like.... which one i'm gonna eat first?

Hasil carian imej untuk i love foods

So, i just share what i have.
I just ate any foods available... 
Because everyone love foods! No worries. Hahhahahah...
And i'm the one who like to share with you all.
Because i don't eat much.
Syuhhh, i'm on diet too.

Talk about kongsi makan nih.
Even time tak puasa pon. Or i only have that food untuk makan pon i still share with others.
Sebab again i said.
I'm on controlling my diet.
Because i'm not exercising. So this the way lah.
Nak lari sangat dalam department pon tak boleh dah.
Kaki dalam pemerhatian.
Tak boleh lari sesuka hati.
Mau terseliuh lagi plak.
Nak bagi dia betul-betul cure, baru i start run, baby, run.
= )

Okeih, start kerja lorh!

Saturday, September 12, 2015



When i talk about one of the basic of life,
I happily want to share about it.
Mostly i appreciate how delicious it is.
The way their making it until serving style.
The best part is where, enjoying sits in the five stars hotel .
'Lil amount to taste, more expensive but still too precious to us.
And be proud of it.

In the mean time, 
While i had fun in other world...
There is one side world where they truly no food to eat.
Not even a slice of bread.
Sometime, no water to drink.
And the children sleeping in hungriness.
How survival they are.

Why i talk so emotional about food is when i found this quotes:
"There is more fruit in a rich man's shampoo than a poor man's plate."
It's so trueee...
Even i just simply not rich ever, but when i read this quotes, i feel like one.
But i don't know the other richest than me.
How they feel.
Are they feel bad as me or ignoring the facts.

Really, this quotes is directly touching my heart!
I gonna cry, but i don't know how to help them.
Blame myself...
How i can be so selfish!

I pray to Allah... He's to bless them.
I hope one fine day, they have a freedom in food.
Like me.