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Friday, April 04, 2014

Lauk kesukaan aku...


Entry kali ini cerita pasal makanan pulak.
Yey, cause i love food!

Obviously, sekarang ini if u'olls perasan... kemain banyak fast food yang advertise. Just rang up the phone and ordered.
Lima minit kemudian,
Dah ada makanan turun daripada langit dekat depan pintu.
Ding dong. Pizza delivery!

Bila bab ini, don't argue about the nutritional status or your diet routine.
It's become a sensitive issues. Okay.
Makan jek la kan tanpa banyak cakap.
But, bila sebut pasal makanan...

Aku ada another story behind it.

To me,
I paling adore everything about my emak punya food. What ever she cook, i will ate.
100% sure.
: )
She got a magical hand!

Then, the most unforgettable dish is her masakan sayur pucuk manis masak lemak + keledek. And plus ikan kembong sambal.
Tambah ikan masin.
And sambal belacan signature.
Simple, but
Best in the world.

Jangan pelik if aku sanggup hirup kuah dia. Sruuuppp... 


I can ate this type of food everyday and anywhere...
Missed my emak cook!

Cheit... Slowly, tarik keluar kalendar...
Bila nak cuti nih.
Plan balik kampung.