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Friday, December 23, 2016

My new harta karun


Seperti mana yang dijanjikan, this post tentang what i bought from big bad wolf Mines 2016.
So, my total books are dua belas, and net price, Rm 103.00
Big clap for me please. 
Not exceed from my bajet.
Hehehee... suka tau.

Here i want to share some pengalaman and awesome tips for korang.
First. Make sure eat dulu before go here. Because after masuk pintu gerbang tu, rasa rugi if kena break between your exploring, kan.
And also prepare a bottle of mineral water at least.
Or may some gula-gula perhaps.
Prevent hypo!
= )

And for someone yang used public transport, I suggest you all kaji dulu before heading there.
Can check out some webs like...
This site, click here. Second trip big bad wolf.
Anyway, added from what she wrote, the Heritage hotel is inside that building. 
But you just passed that hotel through the side of it. And few walks you are at the back of the building and see the tunnel or boat waiting area.
This really helped me untuk bab kat mana nak mencilok after turun Ktm Serdang.
Thanks duh.

And tips lain adalah tolonglah guna trolley or basket yang disediakan. Even korang aspect tak akan beli banyak ke apa.
Just to maintain your body posture.
Ni penting, please also bawak any bag galas, bag belakang, own shopping bag or even a luggage to loaded your books.
Selain untuk kesenangan bersama, care for your books too. Rabak gak kalau guna plastic dik non oi.
And, when pilih-pilih tu. Please respect each other...
If rasa tak nak buku yang kita pick. Return it pada tempat asal. If still remember or give it to the dayang dayong yang jaga.
Don't mess around.
And watch out your kids too. Sesak kan.
Sometimes all the trolley and basket can hurt them too. Sebab semua mata tak tengok depan or bawah.

You will bertemu dengan macam-macam ragam manusia. So keep well your belongings guys.
May ada yang will ambil kesempatan. Just beware.
Tak ada orang yang nak kisah pasal sesama kita dah.
Semua dalam alam fantasy land.
Even some ada gak yang fight with his own books.
Jumpa tau.
Well... nerds people always weird.

Tak lupa, for someone yang looking for islamic version. They're quite limited.
Jika lucky, dapatlah jumpa 1,2...
Even dah gi diorang punya religion genre pon still limited.
Their books more to novel with different genre and kids collection.
Sebab tu bawak budak lagi best.

So, that's my tips. You're welcome babe.

I not yet distributed some books to my colleagues.
And a book for Cik Ziqa too...
I hope she will like it.
Ok, bye!