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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spec baru la plak


My spectacle dah more than two years actually tak tukar.
I donno how can it happened. Busy tak bertempat agaknya.
Or maybe sebab this company tak provided yearly ophthalmic or dental checkups like my previous one.
So, tu yang sampai terlepas pandang. Agaknya lah. Hahahaa...

And, this month ada rezeki lebih. Alhamdulillah. So, I'm gonna change it on the spot.
Usually my ayah and emak or any sibling  will accompany me, more pada nak choose the frame.
New spec, new style!

But sebab dah dok Kolumpo pon sorang-sorang. Kenalah gi alone.
Nak ajak kengkawan kang kesian plak diorang kena tunggu lama. You know, procedure nak check mata, test lens, balancing and all those things.
Oh my, only spectacle people will understood.
So better tak payah susahkan sesiapa la yer.

Memandangkan gitu, i randomly pick Klcc je la. Sebab i know, my lens part will take about a week to prepare.
So lagi dekat lagi senang.
Pastu tetiba fikir yang i will away dalam masa terdekat. And someone may behalf of me untuk ambil bila siap.
Lagilah I surely nak buat kat situ.
Macam i mentioned above, tak nak susahkan sesiapa.

Then, Saturday afternoon after cake session. I took an express train to Klcc.
And jalan sana, pusing-pusing sampai sesat.
Lastly, i choose Focus Point as my usual tempat untuk my glasses daipada dulu sampai la ni.

I liked Focus Point teams. Sebab they're friendly, and always helped in choosing frame, even korang gila cerewetnya.
And paling penting they give you lot of tips about spectacle.
The distortion, reflecting and if you asked questions yang rasa diri sendiri pon annoying, diorang tetap giving most logically answer.
They respect all their customer as a special guest.

Promo tak berbayar.
Hahahaaa ...

Btw, cecah riban gak buat spectacle kali nih. Melayang lah duitnya...
Tapi bila fikir, what better for my eyes and choosing most I'm comfortable with. Bayar jelah.
Not too surprise sebab i know, my lenses power memang mahal.
Plus, frame pon dah mahal.
Ber-huhu jela.
I will snap a picture of me with my new spectacle really soon.

Good. Bye.

Sedih melihat zaman sekarang actually yang zina ada dimana-mana.
If mereka yang pada Zaman Nabi  melihat umat sekarang, geleng kepala jela.
I'm also included. That's why i tried my best to avoid much society.
They are more weird and gila.