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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Bubur dan sup ayam


A week on a soft diet not killing me duh.
Lagi rasa excited adalah sebab bubur and sup are my fav foods ever.
I can ate sup likes every year.
Sebab i like it so much.

If korang perasan, when makan luar.
I choose bihun sup mostly.
If really hungry, baru i choose rice.
But mostly sup.

Sup is the most easiest foods yang you can cooked.
Potong-potong. Campak-campak,
Boil kan dia sekejap.
And you're done.
Sedia untuk dihidang. Dan boleh dimakan.
Same goes to your bubur.

Even i on soft diet, kadang-kadang adalah mengelat sikit, makan jugak makanan lain.
Tapi in small quantities.
Tapi kena bear dengan side effect la.
Walaupun on meds.
Padan muka.

Pray when i'm going back in few days, dah tak perlu on soft diet sebab dah cukup-cukup a week.
Please la kan.
Agar semuanya ok.

Nanti bleh melantak my emak punya foods.
Even i know, i sendirik yang akan kena be in the kitchen.
But, one dish from my emak. Special for me.
Tak salahkan.... Hehhehhe...

Love you ma!
= )