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Monday, September 21, 2015

Hal Kahwin: Sunnah vs Society


First of all... i want directly mention that if you feel uncomfortable about my next statement.
You can immediately stop reading and log out of my blog.
Yes, i'm not talking a racist things but averagely what my religion teach me.
Just spreading the knowledge and sunnah.
... This is my own post.
And it's my right.

My main focus is about wedding ceremony vs society.
Because i know it's school holiday now...and surely lots of  invitations are on the list.
We go and bless them, and cheers the event.
Truly good.
It's a positive way in bonded the relationship but instead some are unlike in right path indeed.
That i'm afraid of.

Truly, i know that wedding ceremony is a big day in everyone life.
We'll want the best and the greatest.
Me too.
Some may say that this nonsense thing are trends.
Or others may a victim... Being forced to do a decision.
Grand or not or, some may not come.
Duh, hard enough.
Because this ceremony is like a competition contests as i seen so far.
Day by day.
And they became addicted in doing comparison.

My suggestion. For who want ranking, attention liker... just put your right hand at left chest and ask your Iman.
Did you notice, are this follow the sunnah or you only playing part with the society.
You felt satisfied and really no regret later on?
Confident your ceremony will be fully bless?
The soul of blessing from Him i'm talking about.
If you feel so... go on and just do it.

I love this picture. very. much.
Someone who under mid of tight decision. 
Think about them who like 'jaga tepi kain orang'.
Directly... who's care?
Yeah, until Kiamat/end the Day... this things will never faded,
But did you realize or come on, be alert.
This is your day. 
This is your decision.
This is your life.
This is your money.

Crazy, who created this?

In this phase,your can see how supportive and Islamic your spouse are.
How leadership and gentleman, he can be.
You will win every battle if you fight together, and you will lose if every battle you fight alone.
Impressed them, make them speechless.
Do a presentation if needed. 
Nothing benefit if we please surrounding.
Rather than the peaceful blessed we get from Him.

Nikah/Marriage in in Islam is simple.
Bride, Groom, Custodian from the bride side, two witness and akad (qubul).
That's it.
Perfect conditions to build a mosque.
Beautiful and bless.
Then, when we combined it with all society, culture, traditions... suddenly everything becomes long and complicated!
Astagfirullah al azim.

Last words, 
If your spouse... your parents... your society... respect who you are.
They will let you make a good decision.
Because they understood and support that you never could start your new life without Allah's pleasure.
Happy ending.

Please and please prefer sunnah over traditions, keep your wedding simple!
: )