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Saturday, February 14, 2015

My breakfast story


When we talk about breakfast,
my routine intake is bread.
Only bread stuff.
Yeah, white bread or roti gandum.
Gardenia or Massimo brand.

Jangan salah faham.
I like nasi lemak, roti canai too. But i'm not their fan kipas susah mati.
My mind will rewind about how much cholesterol did i will consume di pagi hari. And how about plus minus my lunch and dinner later?
No way, man.

p/s: Sekali sekala maybe can.

My favorite deal for my bread is... Nutella.
No words can describe how perfect it is.
Love it!
Make my day.


If Nutella nil in stock, i prefer peanut butter.
Another my ideal choice.
No sweat.
Plain bread dip with a cup of hot chocolate also i can take it.
Or a tea.

Just gimme the bread dude.
I know what to do.