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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Command. Control. Conquer

Salam berhari raya buat semua.

Sob, sob, sob.. Amik mood dulu.
Aku tak tau la apa yang aku nak sharing kat korang ni satu chances untuk up setapak ke depan or unconscious things yang kalau boleh tak nak berdepan selamanya.
Serabut, serabut..
Why in the world is there someone who is suffering??

Suffer la sangat kena assist, scrub nurse for an operation tomorrow !!!..
Aku lagi nak pengsan bila dengor.
Kalau dulu nervous cap kucing bila masuk jadik runner, mood okeh lagi time tuh.
Tapi ni biler dah up sikit.... No comment can describe how i felt right now.
Postpone can ar Doctor???

"You must go for it, dear. You can do it!
Tahik la kan.
Others colleague replied behalf on the Doctor.

Fuuhhhh... Palpitation tahap ke-tujuh dah aku.
Depa tak tahu.
Rrelax please.
Congrats bila diorang said benda alah ni time nak bes keja kol 4.30 pm tadi. Kalau early morning... replies believe or not, i'll be unfocused one day.
Runner ke maner, time punctual ke maner, assist ke maner, aku ke maner...

After i got this command.
Immediately, sense of human become nil.
My colleague given me some advice and support.
Thanks to them, love you all.
Baikkk la sangat.
Tuh nya.

"Don't think so much, just relax and take a deep breath. Now, you are a leaner. Just ask question and do what you know, some mistakes may be consider. Our doctor is good, she understood well. For tonight, take your dinner as usual and relax your mind like nothing gonna happens. Then, slept well and make tomorrow is a great day for you. OK."

Hurrmmm.. Hopefully:

  1. Allah always bless me for tomorrow especially and ongoing.
  2. Doctor will consider for all my mistakes.
  3. My partner teach me very well and
  4. For myself, i will try the best and become quick-leaner. 

*Sorry for uncle or aunt who will do an operation tomorrow because i'm your new scrub-nurse. May be 20 minutes as usually will become an hour for one patient!. Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

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Hanya Allah yang layak ku meminta pertolongan.  Amin.