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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wedding talk: Two-piece wedding dress

Any brides that counting days will sort of crazily excited when talking about wedding dress.
Even me too.
That not counting days but have plans towards this.
So give me a space, please.
: )

For me, my goals... I want later that my catwalk piece will inspiration for any bride.
Not i'm gonna wear a bikini!
If i did, i'm sure my ayah will run after me and no wedding ceremony will happened on that day.
What my kind of idea is i'm not choose those a long one piece safe dress.
Mine is, better than this.
I know this is most freaking of 50:50, whenever come to decision maker.
The hardest part,duh.
'Cause me and you deserve a perfect outfit for our big day.

I like the idea of two-piece wedding dress!
'Cause hello, after all there's no wedding rule-book that says you have to wear a one-piece wedding dress o the big day.
As i like how people prefer 'baju kurung'.
But a truly baju kurung? Not so me.
I will style it with my own style.
And that's called: versatility.
I built my own look.

Matching separates have been en vogue for quite some time now, 
And later, this of my wedding dress i might actually wear again.
Big benefit of this two-piece outfit, duh.
As you realize, many brides shudder at the idea of spending a small fortune on a dress that they'll never wear again!
I hate this fact.

As two piece dress,  I will also can maintaining the modesty and only a slight deviation from the conventional wedding dress.
Top will bit longer that can cover your bum.
Definitely as  what i imagine.

I like maintaining the classic and elegant silhouette on any bride.
Also may applied for make up too.
Trust me.
It's like giving you a blow and affection of bride days.
As i like it looks earthly and not too over.

Not sure yet, if i will pick the lame white things.
But with a two-piece wedding dress... why stick to one color?
Mix and match the top and skirt for a fresh and fun wedding feel.
What's think suit me, it's mine.

About the design, i may give you some idea about this things:

Perfect drop dead gorgeous long skirt that i wanted most from Oscar de la Renta, silver pleated silk blend lame maxi skirt.

And for Malaysian designer that i like the most is Nurita Harith.
Nurita Harith website.
I already go through her page.
So perfect and very talented.
I like her skills.
How modern and stylish every of her design.
You all should check it out!

And more info for this topics. Can googlig more at The BuzzFeed.
Not gonna lie with their 36 gorgeous ideas.
You can check it out at here: BuzzFeed two piece wedding dress,

So guys!
Whatever your choices are, make sure its comfortable enough. That's more important.
Happy treasuring.