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Friday, December 18, 2015

My new looks:Nude color


Today i will share about fashion.
Did you know, trend reported: Nude is the new black!
I love nude color.
And i love this fact.

Yet anyone will love such a tones for their outfit.
Duh, because sometimes...i can said it's not attractive enough.
Not attractive enough to me?
Fashion goals.
: )

When i googling for more understood of nude color, lots of perception i got.
Nah, get me out of here.
As i built my own style.
Then, so let me tell you what i think about this tones.
In my own words, i like inter-prate it's more to simple, pale, classy and earthy looks.
This is what i felt when i wore it.

This tones also actually give a looks that the lady looks such a good and nice person.
While beige hue looks clean and fresh.
And sometimes, wild.

Mix and match full body with this toner,
I can said, sometimes not always easy getting it right.
People who loves those sexy pale tones can tell you.
We also struggle.
Fashion is hurting me.
But i don't care.
As it's my own style.
I wore which i prefer and match with i comfortable most!

My tips for mix and match.
Good combination that i always choose are with jeans, some black or dark added, and mostly... i like matching it just all plain.
Plain scarf, plain blouse, plain long skirt.
From head to toe.

For those who starting try this tones, welcome to the club.
Enjoy the feel and be comfortable.

"Be the girl who smile politely,
When people look at her.
Be the girl that says the positive thing,
When everyone else is complaining.
Be the girl that gives advice from the heart.
Be the girl that tips generously.
Be that girl."